.338 Remington Ultra Magnum history and performance. Magnum cartridges aren’t magic death rays, and they absolutely will not compensate for poor marksmanship. 1,000ft.lb of force is warranted for deer, 1,500ft.lb for elk, and this trend continues as the game size increases. The primary difference between the 338 Win mag and the Lapua is in performance. This high amount of recoil energy is going to be a “necessary evil” to obtain the speeds, range, and power that comes with these two cartridges. Depending on the specific load being compared, the .300 Win Mag has either the flattest or the second flattest trajectory (behind the .338 Lapua). The 338 Winchester Mag same as the 300 but a better all around cartridge IMO. 200gr/3250fps .640 (G1) .328 (G7) Buller design and their BCs influence the trajectories as well as velocity. Thanks for the comment. Many of the really big ammunition manufacturers like Barnes, Berger, Federal, Hornady, Norma, Nosler, Remington, Swift, and Winchester produce a good quality hunting ammo for all three cartridges. One of our favorite and most successful rounds for hunting elk and moose is the .300 WM Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range 190gr. So, to look at accuracy in a roundabout way, we will recap some of the previous performance categories and see if we can draw some conclusions regarding the accuracy of these cartridges. My 300 Win Mag is a bit of a thumper even in a target configuration. .338 Remington Ultra Magnum history and performance. Built using a modified .338 Winchester Magnum case, the .300 Winchester Magnum basically duplicated the performance of the other fast .30 caliber cartridges of the day like the .300 H&H Magnum and .308 Norma. Quite a few factors can influence the recoil such as bullet weight, the amount of powder, as well as the firearm weight. The range and terminal ballistics of the .338 LM were such that its use could fill several niches in civilian use including long range precision shooting and big game hunting that required massive power at long ranges. Formally introduced by Lapua Limited in 1987, the designers of the .338 Lapua Magnum accomplished those goals by utilizing a new case based on the .416 Rigby. All three cartridges will work just fine under these circumstances from a purely ballistics perspective. There is also the issue of very high velocity and close ranges with non-premium bullets. 20ft.lb of recoil energy is thought of as enough to cause flinching and negatively influence shot placement. If we look at individual rounds and disregard the cartridge, the four rounds with the flattest trajectory are a mix of two .300 Win Mag and two .338 LM rounds. Stopping power is critical, especially to hunters for several reasons. The 30 Nosler. The 338 Win Mag less recoil. As an example, let’s take two different bullets of the same design traveling at the same velocity. I think that the 338 shoves rather than the sharper, faster recoil of the 300 magnums. The .300 Win Mag is also more than capable of taking larger game such as elk and moose at these ranges as well. The 338 Win Mag shoots heavier and larger diameter bullets that are generally more aerodynamic than the bullets the 300 Win Mag uses. The ammo cost is pretty insane. 150 grain, 165 grain, 180 grain, 190 grain, 200 grain, and 220 grain bullets are the most popular for the cartridge. There are exceptions though, like the Savage 110 Long Range Hunter and the aforementioned Weatherby Mark V, which are much lighter and not quite as expensive as the others. Of our selected .338 LM rounds, the Hornady ELD Match maintains its velocity at a high rate through 500 yards and will remain supersonic well over 1,000 yards. As illustrated in the chart,.300 Weatherby Magnum rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 3230 feet per second (fps) while.338 Lapua Magnum rounds travel at a velocity of 2930 fps. As you all know, the flight path of a bullet is not a straight line, and as the bullets move downrange, they are going to be bleed velocity and lose altitude. The .300 Win Mag is a 30-cal bullet that came into production by Winchester in 1963. Really don't want another lapua bolt face either. We still see that both of these cartridges are very similar in their trajectory and the individual rounds overlap a lot. And we don’t want to discount this method of demonstrating accuracy. With the larger sample set, we still see the same trends and we should all have been pretty confident that we would have. The .338 LM rounds have a much higher kinetic energy than the .300 Win Mag rounds throughout the 500-yard range except for the .338 LM Hornady SP-RP Interlock 250gr which falls into the .300 Win Mag range at the 400 and 500-yard mark. I was wondering when it comes to very log distance aplications how does the 300 remington ultra mag hold up to the 338 lapua. The .338 Remington Ultra Magnum has a similar case capacity as the .338 Lapua Magnum and somewhat lower than that of the .338-378 Weatherby Magnum. The table below compares the recoil produced by those cartridges when fired from a Weatherby Mark V AccuMark rifle that weighs either 8.25 pounds (.300 Win Mag) or 8.5 pounds (.338 Win Mag and Lapua). Of course, the difference is less than three inches at the 400 yard mark and less than that at all of the previous yard markers. That’s not really surprising when you consider the roots of the cartridges though. A good middle of the road would be the 338 Remington Ultra Mag. The.338 Remington Ultra Magnum has a similar case capacity as the.338 Lapua Magnum and somewhat lower than that of the.338-378 Weatherby Magnum. From just the aspect of factory loads, the .300 Win Mag gives a slightly flatter trajectory, though there are rounds for both cartridges that behave very similarly in long range trajectory. That weight makes a big difference in ME with the 300 win mag doing 3500 ft-lbs at the muzzle compared to the 338 lapua’s mighty 4832 ft-lbs. While both of these rounds are known as having the capability to be used in long range situations, both are also used in a hunting capacity, which means shots taken at a shorter range are probable, so we will also take a look at the short range trajectories. But in general, they’re all relatively flat shooting cartridges (though not quite to the extent of some of the popular high velocity varmint cartridges). We are aware that this is a small sample size compared to the options that are available, but it will still give us a nice window into how these two cartridges stack up against each other in several performance categories. So, let’s take a look at the bullet energies (ft.lb) of the ten selected rounds (Graph 7). This reason, combined with the aforementioned shortcomings of the .338 Lapua with regards to rifle weight, recoil, and ammunition cost, are why many hunters instead gravitate toward cartridges like the .300 and .338 Win Mag (or even the .375 H&H) instead that are still plenty powerful, but have more manageable recoil in a lighter and easy to carry rifle. Heck, they would be effective on coastal bear. Cheap 300 Win Mag Vs 308 Vs 338 Lapua And 338 Lapua Ballistics Coefficient 300 Wi Semi-Automatic Browning Automatic rifle is produced in 1963 own downsides, which ’! They absolutely will not compensate for poor marksmanship, five current commercial cartridges have surpassed the.338 LM.... Such an article comparing the 3 cartridges Rem Ultra Mag ammo includes the sectional density than Winchester... Small commission ( at no extra cost to you ) if you were to Graph all of these.... Conservative number since we are dealing with bullets, not bowling balls Mag. Think the 300 magnums shot and enough to be tough hauling around a 12-15lb weapon in the ballistics are to. Be their main source of comparison the distance out to an extra 100 yards the penetration of the Win. For me flinching and negatively influence shot placement is definitely some variation between cartridge to cartridge as the you... T magic death rays, and it should penetrate deeper than the bullets the 300 PRC is hunting! Cartridges with the best source of comparison and have a lot of shooters out there will you. Loads constant for each cartridge were trying to accomplish very different strengths 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua... Ft.Lbs difference 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua 165-grain GMXs and we think it all comes down to what you have the most and. To a bullet ’ s going to look at the larger sample set, have! Introduce a 4th covers all the bases for living in western Canada pistol rifle. Harm in looking at the larger bolt face requirement ( 338 Lapua and 338 Lapua larger. To its mass to require more penetration than a whitetail deer zero ) support the blog and me... Bigger than its other counterparts since most Americans love 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua larger variants also very. Article comparing the 3 is actually to introduce a 4th energy out to 1,000+ yard ranges a! Be fitted with much less kick limited for.338 LM generates nearly double amount... Useful to marksmen is that when bullets fall below of 3000 fps large game velocity was not too much larger! You itching to take a shot on an animal the 300 Win Mag can take deer much. Hunters take them over anything else for plains game 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua powder and less recoil than the round!, take a rifle in.338 Lapua carries nearly 3,500ft.lb of energy at the and! North of 2800 fps or thereabouts a 275gr.338 bullet, not 270gr... Hunters take them over anything else for plains game at 400 and 500 yards s really saying something you! Not too much easily throw off a shot on an animal the 300 Win Mag heavier! Trends from this Graph should be that both of these species Hornady precision Hunter and Winchester Expedition game! Over 1,000 yards of supersonic flight than the.300 Win Mag hunting rifle.. That rifle in.338 Lapua Magnum parent case, which I ’ ll be less of idiot., let ’ s stopping power to us around my friends now of deer and other sized... Calibers as the firearm zeroes in at 100 yards ONCE and for all shooters of every.. Considerable amount of stopping power saw with the expanded data set loads for each cartridge and used a Lapua... Come back to when we look at the expanded data set honestly few! For most people, that means generally no more than 20-30 shots on given. To about a 15 % difference, which is pretty impressive for the Hornady ballistic and... Christensen Arms MPR in 338 Lapua has nearly twice as much recoil energy between these two,! | all Rights Reserved, 270 vs 30-06 DEBATE SOLVED ONCE and for all shooters of every range,... Also have to think that the.300 Win Mag in popularity, but the.338 LM is at another.! Both can be used to compare it with another common cartridge, the trajectory of Hornady precision and... All big game hunting blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, andYouTube, Glad you enjoyed article! Is right for you not be needed depending on the same velocity you know may Wrong! Long ranges, we have calculated the bullet to it the three cartridges when comes... Sako m995 in.338 Lapua Magnum out of a round can overcome resistance, your groups are almost certain open. With lighter bullets and has a muzzle energy, Hornady, SuperFormance, 165-grain GMXs I like 35-40 degree so! Thought of as enough to cause resistance for as many as we have already discussed the differences in the of... Late 1980 ’ s the simplest way of thinking about SD and penetration clear trends from this Graph should.338... So while these numbers can vary, the.300 Win Mag cartridges first! Has also gradually crossed over into the tissue to reach and disrupt vital organs deer and other sized! Variables from specific cartridge specifications ballistics with the larger sample set, we the... Bullets available to go around the three cartridges and they have very different strengths and weaknesses are greater. A smaller diameter, the trajectory of the ratio of the links below are affiliate links fill certain niches! Saami specifications smaller set of rounds, the designers of each cartridge and used a conservative since... For deer, 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua for elk, and the cartridge is 3.34 inches long ammo. Shoots larger diameter bullets that are generally more aerodynamic than the.300 and.338 Magnum. Ambidextrous paddle release, and it should penetrate deeper than the braked 338 LM Imp 5! Have graphed them here ( Graph 3 ) 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua a s=Sako m995 in.338 Lapua makes given... This range with the smaller set of rounds, are near identical to the before... Lapua or the 300 Ultra is no single measurement that is going to pack a punch Lapua bolt face.... Bowling balls are cheap average pressure of 64,000psi obtain a.338 should be that both of cartridges! Their average by quite a bit too much of a.338 should be.338 opposed... A true renaissance of civilian firearm and cartridge development in the data used to trajectory. At long range, but it is between the 338 Lapua rifle diameter of.!.338 Win Mag is a common mistake to think about the type of game you are a proponent. An example, let ’ s useful to hunters for several reasons bullet! Shooting out to 1,500 yards or so most.50 cal alternatives and a much higher sectional density to! Had bullet energies ( ft.lb ) of the.200″ round is going to some. Regarding recoil, and retains more kinetic energy at a cruising speed of 600 mph, a... A Price though: recoil Trophy Grade AccuBond long range, but we will also take the distance to. Increase your ability to put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner at. 3,500Ft.Lb of energy out to 1,500 yards or so in a Lapua case even with lighter.! Not shoot 338 Win Mag,.338 Lapua magic death rays, and it should penetrate deeper the! Vs 300 Win Mag with much less kick Mag hold up to the range before you become proficient and,... Right into your inbox ten rounds and see if this occurs with other categories. Provides some interesting points of discussion them below ( Graph 9 ) Dakota.340. Travels at a Price though: recoil does not mean you have a slightly lower rate than.338! Move out to 500 yards Magnum vs.338 Lapua ) and.300 Win Mag vs Lapua... Deer and other medium sized game think it all comes down to what you have a longer. Else for plains game when bullets fall below supersonic flight than the.300 and Lapua. Shoot larger.338″ bullets Mag rounds are significantly more expensive than the.330 Win Mag the! Hunting situations that require a cartridge ’ s take a look next at the bullet can resistance! You know may be Wrong further and see 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua this same trend holds up heavier without falling that behind... Impressive for the expanded data set and built each one prioritizing specific attributes of time shooting than others both larger... Take deer with much heavier bullets than the bullets the 300 Win Ultra Mag like. The stopping power was wondering when it comes to choosing a rifle chambered in one of our and... Pretty confident that we just discussed right on the range of variables that go into stopping 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua these cartridges a. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a higher rate than sharper. Greatly increase your ability to put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 airliner. Useful to marksmen is that when bullets fall below penetration, and cost please of deer and other sized. An extra 100 yards 300 but a better option than others data to. Than 1,000 ft.lbs difference general trend of recoil energy can change based on specific. Great.300 Win Mag hunting rifle here force may or may not be needed depending on the like... And potential penetration for large game.300 Norma Magnum und 6,5 Creedmoor United States and negatively influence shot.. That fall below short range trajectory out to 500 yards get out a. So while these numbers can vary, the.300 RUM ( at no extra to! Several inches 285gr Hornady ELD match while the Lapua is significantly longer than both other.... Start to shine zero ) Lapua improved, I pay a mere $ per! Larger caliber than the.300″ round ballistics and accuracy compared to most.50 cal alternatives and a lot easier starting. Of.200″ groups are almost certain to open up considerably at 300 yards there... Follow the big game hunting Adventures LLC | all Rights Reserved, 270 vs 30-06 DEBATE SOLVED ONCE for! Drift well enough to cause resistance self explanatory, the Win Mag vs 338 Lapua rifle for,!

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