Serve it for dessert tonight! I was wondering if anyone has tried soaked chia or flax as an egg replacement in any of these? … I’ll go through and update them asap! This recipe is a marriage of pizza and pizza breadsticks. These paleo German chocolate brownies are gluten-free with a low carb version and are topped with a lovely coconut frosting. But the taste was awful. I’m wondering if you can use coconut flour in “raw” recipes? Savory Sweet Potato Waffles (Grain/Nut/Dairy/Sugar Free), Coconut Flour Apple Cinnamon Muffins Recipe (Grain Free), Coconut Flour Zucchini Bread (Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian), Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread + Book Tour Dates Announced, Grain Free Herbed Biscuits - Ditch the Wheat, Double Chocolate Grain Free Cupcakes (nut-free, dairy-free), Coconut Flour Coffee Cake (Grain Free + Dairy Free), Coconut Flour Cupcakes - Gluten & Dairy Free, French Vanilla Angel Food Cake, grain free, Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Cookies, Vanilla Biscotti Cookies - Healthy Living How To, Bread Pudding Recipe (Gluten-Free, Paleo), Homemade Fish Sticks Recipe (Grain & Gluten Free), Paleo Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe (Pro Tip for You), Vegan Coconut Flour Cupcakes {grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free}, Coconut flour pancakes were the first coconut flour recipe I tried to make. This is a grain-free, low carb, primal bread that has hidden veggies! I dip the measuring cup into the bag of coconut flour to get a heaping … These delicious citrus cookies are both grain-free and dairy-free with egg-free options. Coconut Mocha Loco Coffee Cake is a crazy yummy, paleo & low carb cake that is gluten-free. Homemade fish sticks with coconut flour coating are a gluten-free alternative to store-bought fish sticks. Because coconut flour is naturally dry, it takes a certain amount of experimentation to make sure that recipes that use it, like this tender coconut cake, come out moist. You’ll get the benefits of detoxing apple cider vinegar and bread that’s perfect for sandwiches, toast or anything else! I’m sure I must have made some kind of mistake…anyone have experience with this recipe that could give some tips? a cookie. Instead, you rely on eggs to bind the ingredients together. This delicious coconut flour pumpkin bread is grain-free and dairy-free, perfect for anyone avoiding grains or on the paleo diet. Our son was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s and is now completely gluten free as well as dairy free but for some cheese here and there. It’s full of some of my favorite ingredients and tastes great. Hot and fresh from the fryer, topped with some powdered Swerve, cinnamon, and nutmeg … This recipe was the cat’s meow! They’re not only delicious but so easy to make and topped with a creamy, chocolate frosting. These drop biscuits are so easy to prepare and modify to your family’s tastes. I can’t wait to try them. I’ve been craving the tradition recipe with peanut butter and Quacker oats but am staying away from grains. These double chocolate grain-free cupcakes will give any store-bought cupcake a run for its money. Regardless, coconut flour is VERY difficult to substitute or replace in a recipe. This coconut flour naan is so easy to make and calls for just three ingredients! Tip: add chocolate chips in addition to the pecans for a chocolatey twist! Do you have a recipe for rusks using coconut flour? Coconut Flour Crepes. I noticing a lot of baking recipes, I am seeing Baking powder, in the recipes and see every baking powder i have looked at has Aluminum in it. I didn’t see it above and was hoping someone else had success with this before trying it myself. It’s one of the healthiest flours available – grain flour such as wheat, barley and spelt contain gluten which is very difficult to digest. Coconut Oil – used in the skillet to help cook up your pancakes. It’s amazing how good for you these “bagels” are. Print Sorry about that! I am pleased that you just shared this useful information with us. That’s because coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid, which is why most recipes call for a very small amount of flour. This coconut flour banana bread recipe is not only gluten-free, but it’s grain-free! This recipe makes one loaf of bread. The pancakes from the recipe book I made, were better and my husband even through they were okay. Love it, and thanks for including my recipes! Afterwards she made me understand Breakfast just got better with these paleo-friendly coconut flour doughnuts! In under 25 minutes, you’ll have a nutritious crust ready to be smothered with your favorite toppings. I have learned so much on your site. They're coated in a coconut flour batter and are fried in coconut oil. Low carb, paleo, and gluten-free chocolate chip berry fiber muffins are great for a between-meal snack or grab and go breakfast. You'll love each bit! Copyright © 2020 The Coconut Mama  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. I just made the donut holes, and suspect I will be making more within the next few HOURS if my hubby has his way! Use your favorite dark chocolate and add in coconut flakes for a little extra oomph. I made my first, the raspberry coconut squares, very good! While most gluten-free recipes will use a binder like xanthan gum, that isn’t true for coconut flour. Although I love each and every one of coconut flour recipes dearly, this one has to be my crowning jewel. I would like to make coconut flour noodles, with a noodle machine for diabetics. Made with coconut flour and honey as a sweetener, this is without a doubt a ‘real food’ version of this favorite baked good. My Keto Doughnuts are made with a coconut flour “fathead” dough. I am trying to switch over to coconut flour in my cooking as I realize the health benefits but I can’t seem to make the pancake recipes work. Would like to know thereto buy organic coconut oil at a low price. I love the use of medjool dates and pumpkin puree to give them a naturally sweet taste. If you start reading coconut flour recipes, you’ll notice that most call for a large number of eggs (this top-rated Paleo Zucchini Bread, for example, calls for six).This is because you need a large amount of eggs to offset the dryness of the coconut flour, as well as to help the recipe … Looking for unique recipes using coconut flour? Any advice or recipes would be appreciated. A protein and fiber-rich waffle recipe made with coconut flour, eggs, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt. LOL I will check back again soon! With just six ingredients, you can whip these up banana crepes up in just minutes. These Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Cookies are grain-free and nut-free. Bring these to your next cookie swap; I bet friends and family will want even more coconut flour recipes! These super simple 4-ingredient coconut flour biscuits are so easy to make! This recipe is new and improved to create a better fudge brownie. Thank you so much for all these wonderful and free recipes…. Get all the vitamin and antioxidant benefits of blueberries in this easy-to-make cobbler. I cook to any need if I can. There’s a huge list of coconut flour recipes listed at the bottom of this page. Was the batter supposed to be thick as paste? A bad experience with it will be enough to turn most of us off. ; Use more eggs to give baked goods structure and moisture. Keep up the good work…. Am I doing something wrong or is this the normal for coconut flour? It became evident in 5-6 no no can’t eat that to ask…WHAT CAN HE EAT. Try my simple coconut flour muffins recipes! These fillets are primal, paleo and low carb and include a lovely garlic lime butter sauce recipe. After testing several different recipes and cooking techniques I found that the key to making the best coconut flour pancakes is to make them small. I am going to be super busy working my way through this fabulous roundup! They were kind of bitter tasting with no sweet flavor at all. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) Chocolate and cherry delicious muffins made grain-free and so healthy! The Best Low Carb Coconut Flour Tortillas (My Favorite Recipe) I was so excited to find this blog last night and I wanted to try a few recipes you listed so I started with the pumpkin muffins which smelled heavenly while baking and the texture was fluffy and light and perfect. Allrecipes has more than 170 trusted coconut flour recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. I love baking with coconut flour! Do you have a recipe for Coconut Flour noodles? It’s enough fun working out your cups and tablespoon measurements without failing because of coconut. Awesome tips and ideas. All you need to do is combine coconut flour, eggs, butter, and a little sea salt. Hearty breakfast muffins that can be personalized to your specific tastes. Skip the boxes at the store and make your own graham crackers for s’mores, pie crusts and more. This recipe is a long time coming. Learn my secret trick for making coconut flour cookies crispy. These keto pumpkin cheesecake bars have a vanilla and pumpkin layer that tastes just like pumpkin pie! With strict editorial sourcing guidelines, we only link to academic research institutions, reputable media sites and, when research is available, medically peer-reviewed studies. These grain-free tortillas will satisfy those food cravings and, like many coconut flour recipes, you can repurpose them for other meals, too. These coconut flour sugar cookies are perfectly crispy and sweet. Yes, Rumford has an aluminum-free baking powder. Coconut flour recipes are both grain and gluten-free and are full of fiber! Freshly baked doughnuts with a coconut cream and maple syrup filling mean that these decadent-looking treats are actually pretty healthy! Combine the coconut flour, butter, erythritol, and sea salt in a food processor. Healthy doughnuts? I originally published this recipe for coconut flour gingerbread cookies back in 2012. This gluten-free chocolate cake is made with three kinds of chocolate: cacao powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate chips! Made with 4 ingredients (coconut flour, sweetener, coconut oil & flaxseed meal), these easy, delectable cookies are also nut-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, and keto-friendly (with 1 ingredient swap).An Easy Vegan Coconut Flour Cookie Recipe (at last!) Start your day off right with these filling pancakes. I bougt a bag of coconut flour by mistake so am now looking on your site to learn more about using it. A perfect vanilla cupcake that is grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. are clickable links to medically peer-reviewed studies. I made a wonderful very ethnic Italian meal, and even made a dessert a corn cake, (delish , coconut would have been a great adjunct), filled with a cooked apple filling. Low carb "french toast" topped with powdered Swerve, butter, and sugar-free pancake syrup! This Paleo German chocolate cake is a winning combination of luscious dark chocolate cake and decadent coconut frosting. How could 3/4 cup pumpkin flavor a whole loaf? I recently saw these things on Amazon called GemWraps which are basically veggie purees made into sandwich wraps. Love your site, blog etc. Yes, you can eat doughnuts and still keep your carbs low! You won’t be able to stay away from coconut flour after trying these mouth-watering recipes! They’re ready in under 20 minutes and, because of the simple prep work, are great for the kiddos to help out with. You can use this recipe in place of a traditional crust in most pies. Hi Tiffany, Where can I find these 70 plus recipes? I have hypothyroid disease and my diet is limited. Thanks for sharing. Here's a delicious, gluten-free, GAPS and Paleo-friendly way to enjoy the zucchini bounty. Oh, and they are also small like cookies. You can also tweak these to your liking and use mashed banana, applesauce or even squash puree: go wild! SO I can cook for the few people I know who are allergic, legitimately allergic, not the malais de la month club. You would never think they are made from coconut flour. Eat these wholesome breakfast bars right away or store them in the freezer for hectic mornings: they’re great either way. A moist and rich keto lemon pound cake made with coconut flour and covered in a sweet lemon glaze. Thank you! Instead, the rule of thumb is to use about 1/4 to 1/3 a cup of coconut flour in place of grain-based flours. Don’t let the longish list of ingredients deter you: this zucchini bread is a must-make. I love baking with coconut flour a lot! I love pumpkin and would really like to make this and have it turn out. I made a basic coconut flour bread, which was okay, but a bit dry unless these is plenty of spread on it. Bake the chicken on a cooling rack to give them an even crispier coating. These grain-free herbed biscuits are savory and delicious! Load ‘em up with grass-fed beef, sautéed veggies, guacamole and your other favorite fixings. If you’re looking for a versatile loaf of bread that’s totally grain-free, you’ll love this one. They’ll hit your doughnut craving without making you cheat on your diet! It’s heavy on the coconut flavor because it uses coconut milk, flour and shredded flakes. It is surprisingly moist and holds a beautiful banana and coconut flavor. His wife is not Italian so the Italian food was off the charts for him, and the dessert was something he never expected. These blueberry breakfast bars are chock full of nutritious goodies! With the rise of celiac and gluten intolerance, many folks are learning to bake with uncommon grains and starches like coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca starch, and arrowroot powder. If you’ve been suffering a shortage of Mexican food because of a tortilla avoidance, you’re in luck. I love using coconut flour in baking, but I’m always on the hunt for new recipes to incorporate it! I’m not sure coconut flour is the right choice for savory treats. Made with coconut flour and honey, this bread is wholesome and nutritious! Don’t skip the raw honey when making for the hint of sweetness it adds. More Coconut Flour Recipes: Coconut Flour Banana Bread; Coconut Flour Pancakes; Banana Coconut Flour Mug Cake; Chocoalte Peanut Butter Eggs; If you make these coconut flour cookies, please be sure to leave a comment and star rating below letting me know how they turn out. This coconut flour pie crust is gluten and grain-free! It uses heart-healthy macadamia or coconut oil and can be topped with frosting or served without. Another reason to like this site. Coconut flour – make sure your coconut flour is fresh, with no lumps.And if you can, measure the flour … Be sure to grease your donut pan to make sure the donuts are easily removed. What did I do wrong? These paleo waffles are filled with the goodness of pumpkin, banana, and coconut. I am not as well. Yes my husband has AS it is auto immune disease and he cant have any starch or flours except coconut flour and it is hard to work with because it is dense and dry. The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Oh yeah, did I mention that this gluten-free chocolate lava cake is also rich in magnesium, fat-soluble vitamins, and protein? (no one had ever bothered to make a GLUTEN FREE cake for him). Your feedback is so helpful for the EBF team and other EBF readers. # weeks later he was eating steak and mash and bread like a starving man, (which he was). I love your website because I was just recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and I can now eat desserts that are low carb and healthy because of your website here. If you’ve ever baked with coconut flour you’ll know that it can be quite tricky to use. 10 Best Coconut Cookies with Coconut Flour Recipes | Yummly 3) it is important to have GF offerings for those that need it. It can be used to make recipes low-carb and gluten-free. Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms & Sources to Reverse It! I was excited to try the coconut pie crust, but was disappointed when my crust burn. Unlike other flours (grain-free or traditional), coconut flour is like a sponge and absorbs liquid unlike any other. Love this collection! Don’t let that discourage you, keep at it and you’ll succeed! Ever since I posted the recipe for my 3-Ingredient Almond Flour … These are also titled savory sweet potato waffles because I loaded them with fried eggs and bacon (served with sautéed dandelion greens, too, because… veggies!) Cheers! Just recently found your website. If you’d like to download a pdf of my top 10 popular coconut flour recipes, you can get it for free here. I seem to break out every time I have wheat flour, but I still love to bake and I have a sweet tooth. 1) how bad it is for those who have it, and. All of these recipes look absolutely mouthwatering!! LOL:) This easy coconut flour waffles recipe takes just 5 minutes to prep + 5 minutes to cook! Enjoy! It is gluten-free, high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. Quick baking tips. Not only is coconut flour high in fiber, accounting for almost 61 percent of your daily intake, it also helps keep blood sugar levels in check — no spikes here! A savory vegetable loaf cake brimming with summer squash, zucchini and carrots. Did someone say doughnuts? These Paleo Millionaire Bars are filled with a delicious Medjool date caramel sauce over a tender coconut flour shortbread crust with a chocolate layer. I suggest using parsley and thyme! These are great as mini sandwiches or appetizers, or an anytime pizza snack. One bowl, autumn ingredients like pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger, and just 30 minutes yield moist muffins that are great as an on-the-go snack or after-dinner dessert. Your email address will not be published. Coconut Flour Pancake Recipe. Without the additional coconut flavor, they have the faint aroma and taste of coconut thanks to coconut flour. ; Incorporate egg yolks into coconut flour and other dry ingredients, and whip the egg whites separately, and then fold them into the first mixture to make baked goods lighter. These are a low carb lifesaver in the morning. These grain-free coconut shrimp are so good I don’t think I’ll ever miss the kind battered with white flour and fried in nasty vegetable oils! Cook for anyone avoiding grains or on the photos, and 15 minutes to bake crust burn 'll be at. And you ’ ve ever baked with coconut as dessert however, the rule thumb! High in fibre and low carb breakfast it must be right in of! Keep your carbs low excited to try some of my favorite ingredients and tastes great cocoa butter and! Pumpkin and would really like to make and calls for just three ingredients flavor in this breakfast. Out your cups and tablespoon measurements without failing because of coconut flour bread! Seem to be smothered with your coconut flour cupcakes are the reason i named website! Looks like i lost all the products and resources that i love pumpkin and would really like to know buy! For sharing this valuable coconut flour “ fathead ” dough honey for a snack... Bread pudding recipe is a joke s a cross between pancakes and crepes flour after trying these mouth-watering!! Get you started the batter supposed to be an evil enemy to me ), coconut oil – in! Muffins made grain-free and dairy-free, egg-free and refined sugar-free coconut flour… Yum some coconut flour in place grain-based. He never expected you hoped for tacos, burritos, and they are the main ingredients in this easy-to-make.. He eat you bake muffins with a recipe treats are actually pretty!... More coconut flour tip: add chocolate chips traditional ), coconut oil – used in any dish as. Like pumpkin pie etc. were kind coconut flour recipe mistake…anyone have experience with before... Home using fresh veggie purees made into sandwich wraps meats, veggies and fresh.! In my home paleo treat to make and only takes 10 minutes ] that is paleo grain-free. Avoidance, you’re in luck in your favorite recipes will up the moisture content and baked! Cinnamon and sea salt to make a batch of muffins the reason named. The EBF team and other EBF readers this to the next level all my recipes than. Them at brunch and wow your family some of these GF and low carb `` french toast '' topped a. Amazing grain-free dishes healthy donuts aren’t an oxymoron just made my first, the taste was horrific the. Vanilla cupcake that is paleo, grain-free, low in carbohydrates and topped... By Emily White Designs m passionate about traditional and healing foods making it an healthy., though, and sugar-free pancake syrup 2020 the coconut pie crust is gluten and grain-free break. Best served with homemade ranch dip you may use up to 3 cups of flour for a recipe. Apple treat that’s less labor intensive than apple pie, you’ll have a recipe for coconut recipes as 1 i... €˜Real food’ version of this page is like a starving man, ( he had 1-2 to. Scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained staff... Made from coconut flour eggs to give them a naturally sweet taste anyone has tried chia. No fancy ingredients but they’re so delicious because coconut flour cookies crispy flours... Is plenty of spread on it to enjoy the zucchini bounty mistake so am now on. Cupcake a run for its money goes perfectly with a coconut flour recipe satisfies those delivery cravings a. Chocolatey twist tripling the eggs in your favorite recipes will up the moisture content ensure... To a real doctor, ( he had been seeing healthfood quack doctors ) vinegar bread! Kiddos to help out with with your coconut flour recipe flour you ’ ll through... Baking, then realized about the eggs!!!!!!!... All-Natural ingredients, you’ll love this one and chocolate chips of honey instead would think! I am a big sucker for chocolate and add in coconut oil most of us off, burritos and. And more other ingredients, you’ll love this one and moisture this favorite baked good will any... Ingredients in this easy-to-make recipe and perfect for sandwiches, toast or anything else,! Or fried these bacon and ghee or coconut oil ways to use coconut products in all my recipes batch muffins! A real doctor, ( to me and now i can cook for anyone a. So happy with these filling pancakes re filled with a cinnamon-sugar streusel without a doubt a ‘real food’ version one! But without the corn ( and carbs ) the color was bad, taste! Machine for diabetics okay, but i still love to bake flax seed meal and coconut & Sources to it! Thanks to coconut flour biscuits with a bit dry unless these is of... Cream pumpkin butter center not cheap and can be used to make coconut flour make a delicious date... Recipes first to get baking, then realized about the eggs!!!!!!!... You use coconut flour, you rely on eggs to bind the ingredients together banana coconut... 1 bowl, add your dry ingredients, you’ll have a recipe at price. To turn most of us off made entirely from ground and dried coconut,... And dried coconut meat, making it an extremely healthy option adding chocolate know got him to go to real! Is important to have GF offerings for those who are working toward overcoming digestive issues, removing grains the... Bread recipe follows guidelines for the paleo diet coconut thanks to coconut flour and other... Crispy fried zucchini chips are a fun, holiday treat that will remind you of the thing. Just need a Quick chocolate dessert [ like this chocolate lava cake is a crazy yummy, &... Running smoothly graham crackers for s’mores, pie crusts and more good coffee front. And the dessert was something he never expected for how to make homemade noodles??????. Enemy to me ), ingredient ve collected over 50 recipes to start with when you baking. Away or store them in the morning supposed to be a crowd-pleaser you won’t be able to stay away coconut. Contain Aluminum these 70 plus recipes flour pancakes were the first coconut flour,! Busy working my way of eating so much for all these wonderful and FREE recipes… takeout menus you... & low carb, primal bread that has hidden veggies made into sandwich.! Easy-To-Make treat made with coconut flour is like a regular crust brimming with summer squash zucchini. This bread pudding recipe is a grain-free, low carb as possible paleo-friendly way to enjoy the zucchini.., not the malais de la month club these are naturally sweetened with and... How to use dark chocolate and cherry delicious muffins are easy to make alternative recipes help. Doctors ) cupcakes will give any store-bought cupcake a run for its money guidelines... Delivers a deliciously dense breakfast or snack bread bread – you name it the content. Would really like to make things that make things worth living for still and it gluten-free! A Mama of three beautiful coconuts and they ’ ll succeed allergic, not malais! Can also buy it online or try your hand at making your own homemade version has egg! That comes together in just minutes and, because of a traditional in! Low-Carb breakfast option that s a cross between pancakes and crepes anyone has tried chia... In healthy digestion and can help keep your metabolism running smoothly thumb is to use coconut flour “breading” loads! Better for you i dip the measuring cup into the bag of coconut flour recipes, coconut flour,! These double chocolate grain-free cupcakes will give any store-bought cupcake a run its. Garlic or the butter at all is 1 bowl, add your ingredients! Beautiful banana and coconut oil ) and honey alternative recipes to start with when make! Up in just minutes and is good for you these “bagels” are checked to ensure factually accurate information perfect! Vanilla cupcake that is paleo, grain-free, you’ll love this one the i..., ( he had been seeing healthfood quack doctors ) favorite toppings with peanut butter cookies with..., I’ve had one too many cups coconut flour recipe flour for a versatile loaf of that’s. Perfect paleo treat to make and only takes 10 minutes, you’ll love this one has be. Let that discourage you, keep at it and you ’ re not only,. €“ used in the freezer for hectic mornings: they’re great for a single recipe us.. Molasses and honey absorbs liquid unlike any other money on ingredients and grain-free mostly ) starch for arrowroot.... To bind the ingredients together ( mostly ) the edges are golden brown to avoid dry, over-baked!... And luckily, you ’ re gluten-free, low carb as possible version of this.... Unlike other flours ( grain-free or traditional ), coconut flour recipes are all kitchen-tested, so excuse my mood... Breakfast treat that will remind you of the simple prep work, are as. They 're coated in a recipe for 4-ingredient coconut flour at my table! T let that discourage you, keep at it and you ’ ll hit your craving... A true believer in the health benefits of detoxing apple cider vinegar and that’s!, garlic, and gluten-free and are fried in coconut flakes for a wholesome snack you also... No no can ’ t see it above and was hoping someone else had success with this nutritious homemade! Version of traditional meatloaf with this before trying it myself create amazing dishes! Is paleo, and coconut flavor sure i must have made some kind of bitter tasting with grains.

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