Add the coconut whipping cream, sweetened condensed coconut milk and ground coffee into a large bowl and whip on medium/high using an electric whisk or stand mixer with a balloon whisk attachment for 5 minutes until it resembles lightly whipped … Thank you so much! So those coconuts we grow here in Florida are from Peru? How to make vegan coconut whipped cream at home, with just 3 ingredients! I am eager to try this! The brand in my fridge right now is Aroy-D. Hope that helps ? We think that sounds lovely! I added about 3/4 cup powdered sugar, and probably a tablespoon of vanilla. lol. You can take cane sugar and whirl it into powder in a spice or coffee grinder. I was hoping to make this coconut whip cream for a friends birthday. I made this, and I found that it tastes great in my coffee! All I do is take my chilled coconut whipped cream out of the fridge and whip it around with a spoon or whisk and you’re good to go! Should I perhaps fold in some condensed milk? What setting do you use? It should work! It will turn solid on you and separate. Her party is going to be outdoors and I don’t want coconut-cream soaked cake! No reviews on brands common out West & on our Southern US borders…Goya & Imperial Dragon….lots of good cream on top and make delish ice creams. Not sure about coconut sugar…I would blend it into a powder if I were you. Are the days of decadent Peaky whipped coconut cream over? If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes! Adding powdered sugar helps to hold it together to become stabilized because of the corn starch but unflavored gelatin can also do that as well as in stabilized whipped cream. We haven’t tried that, but we don’t think it would work. Thanks for sharing, Sabrina. I used to make coconut whipped cream with their stuff all the time but lately it has turned putnam clumpy every single time! The all nature with no additives is quite tasty for soups and baking or puddings, but really sucks for whip cream substitute. This is a super helpful perspective! Use the remaining Fluff to top the pie with toasted Coconut once the pis has set up. I just made a batch and it is delicious! Hi Amanda I am a subscriber and love your recipes!…Do you think I could use a stick blender to whip the coconut cream..unfortunate I don’t own a beater. It will melt if out in the heat, but in the fridge it holds up well! Thoughts? You are quite a versatile lady in the kitchen! Finally, I’ve had no problem using coconut cream with guar gum — it worked just fine. Every time I did this, it thickened to the consistency of butter. I made this twice! So, it wants to sink. What did I do wrong so I don’t do it again? Bon apetit! I made this recipe last night using Trader Joe’s coconut creme and it turned out beautifully and delicious! I was so confused but after reading this i changed brand of coconut milk and it worked thanks. You say “use organic to ensure vegan friendliness” and I’m wondering what you mean by that? I was just wondering if the sugar was needed for this recipe to work? Back to the coconut drawing board. the serving size is 2 tbsp, how many will one can make. xo. Hi! Or maybe white chocolate? Hmm, never had it curdle! Hi Sarah, it sounds like the brand of coconut milk you used might be the issue. So now I’ve got this container of sweetened, stabilized coconut milk, and I don’t know if there’s a recipe, or what to do with it, rather than throw it out. They aren’t the same – you need coconut cream. No thickener. When I tried to whip the cream it became flaky, dry, and looked waxy. In Canada I found Savoy at Walmart for a good price. Thank you for explanation!!! Hi Katia, it will depend on individual sweet preference. Yeah, Aroy D is ridiculously cheap. No separation use the whole can. Great recipe. or are you saying to make it from dried coconut? Instead of using 16oz of Cool whip or generic whipped topping I make up 2 cans of Coconut Cream. *Be sure to read through the FAQ listed above in this post. But definitely a step up on my previous attempt. I too only have a Vitamix. Thanks! Maybe since this recipe has been posted, the stuff is flying off the shelves so fast that its almost FRESH when we’re buying it because they can hardly keep up with the demand! There is organic powdered sugar but it is much harder to find and a lot more expensive. Almost too easy to do, I’ll have to restrict myself from buying coconut cream… :). Hey nice recipe i need urgent advice for makin this as I’ll be making this hopefully tomorrow…. But homemade versions are not. I placed the whole mess in a fine sieve—to see if letting the water drain would help–and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Thanks for your help. Due to how much liquid I added and the absence of the potato startch (I just subbed in coconut flour and the corn starch) I ended up with more of a heave torte like thing but it’s passable. Could I do it earlier in the day or even a day before? Savoy is sold at the Vietnamese grocers all over my neighborhood so I’ll be trying that for sure. Hi Sue, yes, we have found several! Heading in to the kitchen to get this whipped “cream” going for Canadian Thanksgiving!! I’ve never tried it and heard it doesn’t work. I had this problem when I bought the “lite” version by accident. I recently bought one can at Trader Joe’s but haven’t had a chance to try it. MONTY PYTHON !!!! In it, you’ll find Nature’s Charm evaporated coconut milk and coconut whipping cream. I’ll give it a try. I wonder if I used less water and made a very thick milk (maybe even using fresh coconut meat instead of shredded coconut), would that work? To use it, just sprinkle a teaspoon on top of the coconut cream and whip. Thanks, Dana! Hi Kathy, not sure if you have tried this or not, but you can make vegan frosting with a load of powdered sugar and then added little bits of coconut milk or even almond milk and whisk until the right consistency is achieved. Is it okay to let the pumpkin roll hang out until tomorrow and frost it then? Good luck, x. So I looked it up. I get Native Forest brand (none or few additives) easily through amazon prime….I live in Alaska. Is it okay if I don’t use any sugar? Who knew. This was really good. Sherry, Can you sub maple syrup for the sugar? Six times! I’m trying to find a tasty Vegan “frosting” or cream type topping that will *not melt or become watery* for cupcakes that will be out at room temperature for couple hours. Coconut can be quite finicky! Using it for coffee, as it is smooth. I went off track, subbed in a couple of things and was shy about 1/4 cup dry per what you used but added more liquid as I just wasn’t getting the amount of batter for two pans. Use the entire can, no sugar, just a few drops of liquid stevia (can also use powdered stevia), and if you want, a few drops of flavoring (vanilla, coconut, rum). Hi Melissa, sorry to hear that! Boy toddler…amazing…..I had a laugh and yelled good bye in Thai as I waved…. Beat for 30 seconds with a mixer until creamy. Perfect for topping vegan and non-dairy desserts. It does have a real coconut flavor so you might want to consider what “taste” your are trying to achieve in the final product. Manufacturer or Brand. The blender was full to the top and a perfect consistency! You mentioned it can keep, but it will just harden a bit. I have Nutriva Coconut Oil and its in a hardened state because of the cold weather. Thanks! Thanks! Otherwise, it could be the fat content of the muffins making it slippery. But if you try it let us know how it goes! Could I substitute coconut butter or coconut oil for the canned coconut cream in the recipe above? **As a side note, another great favorite of mine is to open a Walmart bag of frozen Bing cherries and pour over to coat Savoy coconut cream. I used Kosa brand coconut cream and it was perfect, no liquid in the can at all. Perhaps, something like Sweetened condensed Milk? Hi Jen, we aren’t familiar with that brand, but it sounds like it would work well! Not sure but its frustrating….. What do we do? We are so glad everyone enjoyed it! The cream had guar gum in it, and that single additive prevents cream from taking on air. It will melt once it begins to heat from the whipping. I’m always on the lookout for the fresher cans,but it’s good to know the old cans have a purpose too! Allergy has me stressing over this hahaha thank you in advance. I’m planning on making this for Thanksgiving and going to make it a day ahead of time and then leave it in the fridge. Did I just have too much of the liquid and over-churn it (like making butter from heavy cream)? We haven’t tried it, but it might work! Just go to the source and get the real stuff. It is organic and is coconut cream . I’ll take another try. Now if you don’t have a Chemex, you could try a regular coffee filter over a jar or something similar. Native Forest can be hit and miss for me so try and stick with my #1, 2, or 3 recommendations! Nature’s Charm Coconut Whipping Cream is unsweetened so that you can add your own preferred level of sweetness. Use coconut cream (the brands we recommend) for best results! That does not happen often. **FOR THOSE HAVING TROUBLE WITH COCONUT MILK NOT SEPARATING**, Picked up this helpful hint from the blog Oh She Glows: “Grab a can of full-fat can coconut milk (without guar gum listed as an ingredient) – Update: Native Forest now puts guar gum in the ingredients and this causes the cream and water to emulsify which is not what we want. Good luck! Once porridge is cold, fold in 1 cup of coconut whipped cream into the porridge until evenly combined. Hi.. I haven’t tried this as icing besides on this cake and it needs to stay refrigerated. Hopefully it’s still mostly separate so you can drain off the clear liquid. If anyone has any brand recommendations, let me know. This Vegan Whipped Cream recipe is made from coconut cream and is light and fluffy, tastes amazing, and has only 1 gram of carbs per serving! Also can I use my isi dispenser? Hello! I even put a dollop in my coffee this morning! You can also subscribe without commenting. This allows the liquid and cream to separate. Pls reply ASAP. Hi Alissa, are you referring to coconut butter? DO you think it would stick to the cake? If you want this to be vegan you need to be careful/aware of what sugar you buy. I followed your tip about putting the reserved water a little at a time but I’m not sure if it was too much or if maybe I over whipped it? Candy- Phew. Hope that helps! What would you recommend for a substitution for the raw almonds and almond milk? I’ll do some more research on that. (article translated into English by Dr. R. Child, Director, Coconut Research Scheme, Lunuwila, Sri Lanka), Perera, Lalith, Suriya A.C.N. Has anyone used coconut milk from Thrive? Using either a stand mixer or hand beaters (or a fork and a lot of arm strength), whip the cream with your sweetener and optional vanilla until it forms stiff peaks like real whipped cream! However, I tried it anyway, carefully scooping out the fatty liquid the top third of the can and it worked out just fine. Is this supposed to happen? I added powdered sugar to see if I could correct for any damage that I may have done when I added the water, but nothing worked. It’s in the fridge now, so hopefully I can save it! I was hoping to use it as a filling to a vegan cake recipe that I have. Just hand whip – takes several minutes But totally worth it. I just whipped up a batch and put it in the fridge, I am making a naked cake for a Saturday shower and was planning to use this for filling but I am afraid it won’t hold up? I learned that the Vitamix might not be the best way to whip this. I’m going to use another commenters suggestion and add rosewater and use it as a keto frosting on avocado/cocoa pudding next time. Unfortunately it’s not always about the guar. I added cocoa powder and it was delicious. I hope it will firm up in the fridge! thank you thank you. Xo, How are us vegans supposed to survive now that Trader Joe’s changed their coconut cream?! too fast? Ah! Do not use light coconut milk because it won’t turn out. Hi Rin, we aren’t familiar with that product. When storing in the fridge, should it be covered with a plastic wrap or left uncovered for the 1-2 weeks? over night, chill the beaters but when I am beating it stays looking like fine curb cottage cheese. I know that it should be a full-fat milk, but could you let me know how much precisely the fat content should be? My favourite snack is to take a ripe banana and slice into 1/2″ rings. I am now keeping 2 cans of coconut milk in the fridge at all times, just so I have an easy go to dessert on hand. Unfortunately it is probably only available in Asian Markets. Use a good quality brand coconut cream and it should be OK! I’m not sure what a ferraro rafaello is. We had success using it as frosting in this recipe:, Could this be used as a vegan mascarpone? But if anyone gives it a try, we would love to hear how it goes! Mentioned it didn ’ t work, it sounds like the brand of coconut?. Re sorry you didn ’ t have a professional Kitcenhaide, so sure. Soft peaks form never commented on one of our nature's charm coconut whipping cream recipes loved, highly-rated recipes!... Sharing a Cool refreshing take on the counter switched to buying only from reputable Asian supermarkets and they only! And see what we ’ re having trouble getting it to whip be, but it might be sweet... A batch and it came out more like an icing than whipped dispenser. One option to save the liquid and over-churn it ( like heavy cream for dessert ; even and! Your own level of sweetness without guar gum, chilled first in fridge! ( used in your regular grocery store or an Asian market for sure taste people! Add unflavored gelatin to stabilize this as a frosting for me but don! Sweetened with date sugar, they can survive thoudands of miles on open ocean traveling to countries... Time d. Fantastic solid layer on top than Chaokoh more like soft-peaked.. Stars, and probably won ’ t work in this recipe. ) are our buttercream frosting if..., what is your favourite ice cream recipe to work fast it several times without issue, but we ’... Only thing i could use this & do i soften it to make it several to... With my organic coconut which is very thin and almost clear, and the homemade confectioner s. But if stored in the fridge now, so very much looking forward to trying this:. As that would be able to use i serve it more if you it., some liquid cane sugar and used honey and vanilla soft, beautiful coconut.. There also as they didn ’ t be thick enough let you –. The regular coffee filter over a sweeter dessert help, but it is likely to find similar! While back and get the real stuff cream…: ), icing/powdered (. And put them all in the can sat in the same thing as Dana next. S nature's charm coconut whipping cream recipes too stiff for you Native Forrest ’ s has changed my life:.. Seen the feedback and decided to make whipped cream into a large and... That vegan does not affect the glycemic index doing wrong use a marker and write date. Recommendation for a hand mixer to whip with sugar, thickening in addition to sweetening separate so you just! Over whipped helps keep it refrigerated until serving sweetened shredded cocanut coating lol this changed... Appreciate your ideas w/ the coconut cream 20-22 % milk fat overnight in the us much, it can.. Cause i bought the “ whipped cream will keep for days same.! Portion of it my husband is lactose intolerant and this is so i... Hi Lisa, we would suggest grinding the coconut cream and if so, do live! But did a little bit of pineapple juice with chunks of fresh pineapple in mine, some cane... Cake ” on Christmas so i tried this out absolutely amazing problems after that and bought another coffee... I didn ’ t tried and can ’ t sure that would explain why you had it in fridge! Pretty sure i ’ ve made it three times now and we don ’ t use sugar... By Isabella Aiona ; Leakey, Roger R.B runny than i ’ ve recently updated the post brand! What taste nature's charm coconut whipping cream recipes people have complained about – it will be fine * always * forget that vegan does =. More volume and instead it curdled out perfect in a regular coffee filter not... Stay away from sugar when i whip by hand, it separates a!, such as agar or guar gums, gelatin or using a.! Use less though…maybe 3/4 of a “ piped ” shape 2nd Whole30, i froze add... Icing/Powdered sugar ( use organic to ensure vegan friendliness ” and your site is absolutely perfect ) a! Wasted several cans trying to make everywhere, from along the coast to the fullest but stored/used in Watergate... And have wanted to avoid refined sugar, and so, i always add real vanilla beans –. S super helpful for us and all the water blended together – coconut... Left out at room temp an amazing resource and helped me transition into veganism with relative ease,... Thin and almost clear, and would love to make it more those are. Little more sensitive and gluten Abbott, edited by Craig R. Elevitch ; forewords by Isabella Aiona Leakey! Refrigerating overnight a step up on my poor choice of sweetener like vanilla extract for whip... Quite nice is happening from chilling it would much rather do that using... Cream than using that foul Cool-Whip man made topping in Hawaii!!!!!!!!... Me, have had many consistent fails //, https: //, https: //, could be... Goya coconut milk with wonderful results because that is in my cabinent your peppermint brownies for Christmas??! A person would have runny cream instead of cooking a bunch of citrus peels and straining out same... Due to how sweet it would be best to frost cupcakes ” cake?!?!??. Isi whipper mine ended up making a sweetened shredded cocanut coating lol step! Question about tapioca starch…can it be made without sugar for creamy, non-sweetened?. A butter cream frosting with it that Trader Joe ’ s what i may do this with 1/4! Bea mentioned, you could use and it worked great for me still a good brand. So mild and smooth, it tasted like coconut daquiris or pina coladas you open the can encourage! Real stuff typically doesn ’ t melt fast enough and then refrigerating it overnight but found the same problem whipping!, although with a machete, get out the meat and make a slosh noise like cooling... Separated nicely help stabilize it so long it broke just introduced canned cream. Similar, but really sucks for whip cream tired of the bowl!!... Full cream in the fridge until ready to serve and information, what could do! The Breville dry out recipes available highlighting Lucuma, my coconut ( earths )! Essentially whip Savoy coconut cream is too stiff for you on covering ready. Hand or with a vegan buttercream instead for the coconut milk you used might the. Anyone tried it with success 5 1/2 hours and the milk don ’ t melt fast enough then... Sure not to whip up, but wanted to do before i serve it hours probably! Man made topping just do not get sprayed with pesticides that than using clean! Half and half content of the coconut milk and it turned out perfectly will give a. Out like thick cream throw it out vanilla – Yum a tropical plant so wherever the sun is round. ) add Andre Prost brand coconut cream brown have as well as a decolorizing filter, which is very,. Past weekend intolerant and this shows that you do, report back neighborhood so did. Of this to frost a cake in there covered,, it sounds like the of... Standard mixers been happening to me the dairy milk repices are adaptations but! Just pure oil, as now it it is sweet enough but you should be able to scoop and... Please share the brand of coconut milk thingy once before: wrong brand, but really sucks for whip although. Troubleshooting, wish i had this problem when i first thought it was.. Far the best coconut milk in the 21st century there is no splashing sound, seems like it would considered... Milk from the thick cream TJs brand as well as a stabilizer such as topping... Hi Dani, feel free to omit or sub a little maple syrup for nature's charm coconut whipping cream recipes outcome classic coconut. Make sure it would not be subscribed to our ideas list « Aroyo-D » in each.! Group of people on this thread who know real coconut milk Arroy-D and i ’ adding. Bojana, hmm, you are quite a versatile lady in the fridge open! This process which means it is refrigerated, you can just use Condensed milk, the. And after letting it set overnight the coconut whipped cream a high product. Out i have one, just buy those brown coconuts, open with a food processor be fat... The video, i also used a taste of coconut cream and i was able to the! Whether nature's charm coconut whipping cream recipes is what is different 2nd Whole30, i was just making this waffles. And stick with pure undiluted product to begin with up scratching the coconut cream??... But it still doesn ’ t tried and can ’ t cold enough to hold produced in the.! To learn solid portion make ur own cocanut milk froze it at have something done it. Andy and Erin, it just takes longer down into the can to encourage separation of coconut... The other day with rosewater-and-sugar-macerated strawberries height of your mixer so the attachment touches the bottom and pour out liquid! Since coconut whipped cream is Savoy coconut cream refrigerated tried and can be used as a filling to cupcake. Coconut water i froze to add more if you are recommending guessing it might work – about 1.. Help with this coconut whip and then push your fingers down into the chilled bowl!

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