4. Secondary Form 1 Scheme of Work 2. 5. 2. ENGLISH Form 2: Scheme of Work Weeks 1-3: Chapter 1 - What People Do. 1 Geography schemes Form 1 Term one, two and three. KLB Geography Scheme of Work. INTERPERSONAL: Level 1: Talk about daily routine, talk about friends (Read & understand/Scanning/Spell it right/Note important details) Level 2: Write a simple account on one’s friend’s. KLB Mathematics Form 2 Schemes of Work. KLB Schemes of Work. 3. 6. New progressive primary English schemes of work, Kiswahili mufti schemes of work, Kiswahili schemes of work, NPPE schemes of work, Download Schemes of Work below » Categories. View Notes - English Scheme Form 2.doc from ENGLISH #409 at Kenyatta University. 3 Music schemes Form 3 Term one, two and three. Download (Foundation, KIE). In order to gain access to a particular scheme of work, click order-e … To ease the pressure and take the stress out of your planning, we have gathered together some complete schemes of work for your secondary English classes. English form 1-4 schemes of work are comprehensive high quality schemes prepared using the new course books approved by The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD),they are downloadable, editable and easy to use by Secondary School Teachers in Kenya. The following is a list of the available secondary schools schemes of work outlined as per subject and class. KLB Form 2 Chemistry Schemes of Work. Download (Foundation, KIE). Schemes of work for your upper and lower secondary English classes As the start of a new academic year is on the horizon, you may be starting to think about how to tackle the units that you plan to teach in the upcoming weeks. GEOGRAPHY SCHEMES OF WORK FORM 1 TO 4. Download New Schemes of Work for Secondary Schools in Kenya 2019. KLB Physics Schemes of Work Form 1. Download (Foundation, KIE). in the textbook-based 2020 KCSE FORM 1 2 3 4 TERM 1 2 3 SCHEMES OF WORK ALL SUBJECTS - 2019 KCSE TERM 1 2 3 SCHEMES OF WORK Lesson Each lesson within the Scheme of Work is given a number followed by the lesson type (e.g. ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHEME OF WORK FORM 2, 2015 WEEK THEME / TOPICS LEARNING OUTCOMES SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES OF ACTIVITIES GRAMMAR/ EVIDENCE EDUCATIONAL EMPHASES 1 12/1-16/1 family LEVEL 2 discussions 1.1 2 19/1-23/1 interests, past events, feel experiences and 4 CHAPTER 1 PEOPLE 1.1 GOOD TIMES TOGETHER conversations and you spent y descriptions of Reference Material KLB Secondary English Explore English New Integrated English Available files Schemes of Work 2020 *NEW* English Form 1 Scheme of Work 2020 []*NEW* English Form 2 Scheme of Work 2020 []*NEW* English Form 3 Scheme of Work 2020 []*NEW* English Form 4 Scheme of Work 2020 [] KLB Schemes of Work Biology. Form 2 History Scheme of Work; Form 2 Term 3 scheme of work Geography (1) FORM 3 GEO SOW 2019 – 2020; FORM 3 GEO TERM 1 SOW 2020 – 2021; form 4 term 3 Geography sow 1 2020 (2) Form 4 Trinity History Online Course outline Form 4 Trinity History Online Course outline; Form one Social Studies Scheme of Work; GEO Form 5 Term 1 2020-21 4 Music schemes Form 4 Term one, two and three. Lesson 1 Speaking, Lesson 2 Writing etc.). ENGLISH SCHEMES OF WORK FORM TWO 2018 TERM I REFERENCES: 1. Download (Comprehensive, Certificate, KLB). Scheme of Work Template: Supporting Information 1. KLB Maths Schemes of Work. KLB schemes of work; schemes of work history form 2 excelling in English schemes of work; longhorn publishers schemes of work; kiswahili schemes of work klb; schemes of work for primary schools KLB mathematics schemes of work; chemchemi za kiswahili schemes of work pdf; NB: The Secondary Schemes of Work for Secondary … KLB Form Two Schemes of Work. form 1 2 3 4 schemes of work . Where lessons cover two lessons in total (i.e. KLB English Schemes of Work Form One.

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