There are a number of reasons for when a landlord may evict … These are called unlawful detainer cases in Missouri. The time period for an eviction notice demanding rent is not specified, but the time period in the eviction notice to end a lease is one month from the next date rent is due. When evicting a tenant in Missouri, a landlord must follow specific rules and procedures set forth by law; otherwise, the eviction may not be valid. Many residents in Missouri rent. Missouri state law does not cover late rent fees. Under Missouri eviction laws, a landlord cannot personally remove a tenant from her property. seriously damaging the rental unit or surrounding property. Missouri eviction laws aren’t kind to legal tenants who allow other people to move in with them or take over their leases without landlord permission. Evictions often occur very quickly, and the end result is serious: the tenant has lost a place to live. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. Although these rules and procedures may seem burdensome to the landlord, they are there for a reason. It will be cheaper in the long run to hire the lawyer than to do this yourself. The latter process is for holdovers and for particular lease violations that … It’s not always easy, but there are legal and effective ways to clear your property of tenants even if you don’t have a contract to guide this procedure. Before the landlord can dispose of the property, the landlord must try to notify the tenant. Even if the tenant has not paid rent, has destroyed property, or has violated a term in the lease or rental agreement, a landlord may only legally remove the tenant by following state eviction … The landlord does not need to provide the tenant with written notice to move unless the terms of the lease or rental agreement specifically requires it. In Missouri, an “Emergency Eviction” lawsuit is often called an immediate eviction. If the landlord does not have cause, then the landlord must wait until the term of the tenancy has expired before expecting the tenant to move. Missouri landlords are allowed to pursue eviction for any of the following reasons: Nonpayment of rent – Missouri does not require landlords to issue a notice in the case of missing rental payments after any applicable grace period. As a Missouri landlord, it’s important you understand these laws before beginning a tenant eviction. For state rent rules and procedures on issues such as raising rent, see Mo. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state. The Landlord-Tenant Environment in Missouri . However, the landlord can also evict the tenant for violating the lease or rental agreement or using the rental unit for illegal activities. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Every Landlord's Guide to Finding Great Tenants, Every Landlord's Guide to Managing Property, Renters' Rights Information for Your State,, Collecting and Returning Security Deposits, Rent Rules: Rent Control, Increases, & More, the amount of rent (there are no limits to how much a landlord can charge in Missouri since there are no communities with rent control in the state), where rent is due (such as by mail to the landlord’s business address), when rent is due (including what happens if the rent due date falls on a weekend date or holiday), how rent should be paid (usually check, money order, cash, and/or credit card), the amount of notice landlords must provide to increase rent, the amount of any extra fee if your rent check bounces, and. Copyright © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Nolo ® Self-help services may not be permitted in all states. Violation of the lease terms; Subletting without the landlord’s knowledge; Criminal activities inside the rental property; Types of evictions in Missouri: Rent-and-possession evictions. Stat. If there’s no written lease, a tenant is a “tenant at will” or “month-to-month” tenant. § 441.060). It will probably take him … There are some exceptions to Missouri landlord tenant laws about breaking the lease, in which case the tenant is not required to pay the remaining rent: If tenants enter military service on active duty (Under … Missouri does not have a state statute on the amount of notice the landlord must provide tenants in order to increase the rent or change other terms of a month-to-month rental agreement. Only a law enforcement officer has that authority. Stat. Although these rules and procedures may seem burdensome to the landlord, they are there for a reason. Rev. If your lease or rental agreement does not say anything about late fees, your landlord may not impose one, no matter how reasonable it is. When the court issues an order to evict, known as a … These references were compiled from the Missouri Revised Statutes, and various online sources to serve as a reference and for people wanting to learn about Missouri landlord-tenant laws, Missouri eviction laws, and Missouri … Can you evict a tenant without a lease? Otherwise, the eviction may fail. The Missouri 10-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) should be sent to a tenant in breach of contract for any other reason than the non-payment of rent. Rev. Chapter 535 of the Missouri Revised Statutes lays the foundation of the eviction laws in Missouri. If the tenant does not move out by that date, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant (see Mo. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. Stat. If you simply leave without arranging for another tenant, your landlord can sue you, but this takes time and money just as eviction does. An understanding of the basics of Missouri landlord-tenant law will help landlords and property managers avoid future problems. The landlord must mail a written notice to the tenant’s last known address informing the tenant of the abandoned property and of the landlord’s desire to dispose of it. In Missouri, if a tenant is late on rent, the landlord must issue a … Hire a lawyer to help you evict them. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you should typically be able to deal with legal issues without … Missouri’s landlord-tenant laws offer protection for tenants renting from unresponsive landlords as well as options for landlords to get rid of drug dealers, destructive tenants and persons unlawfully … The most common cause for eviction is failure to pay rent. If you don’t pay rent when it is due, the landlord may begin charging you a late fee. What are Missouri laws regarding eviction with no written lease, no house repairs causing health problems I've rented my house for 3 years without a written lease. This article will explain the basic rules and procedures the landlord or property manager must follow when evicting a tenant in Missouri. Your lease or rental agreement should spell out your landlord’s key rent rules, including: State laws in Missouri cover several of these rent-related issues, including the amount of notice a landlord must provide to increase rent under a month-to-month tenancy, and how much time a tenant has to pay rent or move before a landlord can file for eviction. Your landlord's permission for you to sublet must be in writing, and if your new tenant doesn't pay the rent, you're still on the hook for it under the terms of your lease. Both cities use Missouri’s landlord-tenant laws … Limits occupancy to two persons per bedroom except for children bom during the lease period.

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