Much later on in Chapter 5, after the remaining participants cleared the Death Road of Despair, Kokichi Oma lied about being the mastermind of the Killing Game and that he was the leader of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project. I still haven't gone into space yet. In the Japanese version, he also swears a lot, but this is downplayed in the English localization. Ryohei Kimura, Actor: Gen'ei ibunroku #FE. He explained that the detail of Kokichi's plan was very promising and well-made in order to end the Killing Game for good, so he agreed to the plan with intentions to ruin Monokuma's Killing Game, as well as saving Maki from being his killer. However, due to his illness, Kokichi was easily able to dodge him and punch him back, knocking him to the ground. However, Kokichi easily incapacitates the Ultimate Astronaut using the Exisals. Yeah... With just a nudge, a person can change. Ryōhei Kimura After Shuichi convinced Maki to abandon her vote, she came to the conclusion that she'd believe in herself even if everything was fiction. O Though everyone thought that the tunnel probably ended up being a trap, they still had to test every single possibility in order to escape. While he greatly irritated the Ultimate Assassin, she eventually complied and came out of her room. Though he himself claims he doesn't deserve it, as he is only a "detective-in-training". He declares to take responsibility of Shuichi's investigations and deductions to soothe his fear of finding painful truths, so he should not worry about anything else but discovering this truth. You just gotta win in the end. During the investigation, Kaito assist Shuichi in his investigation, dubbing the Ultimate Detective as his “sidekick”. As they started over, Kaito said to let their sweat wash away all their sadness, fear, worry, and hardships, stating that if they start moving their body their pain will become memories before they know it. She is also furious when Kokichi knocked down Kaito following Gonta's execution, even going as far as to make threats, and was shocked when Kaito suddenly began coughing blood. Kaito, now controlling both the press machine and camera, turned them both on once again, crushing Kokichi to an unrecognizable, bloody mess, with Kaito's jacket sleeve hanging out of the press as a false clue as to who the victim was. There's only one way to get through this awful feeling. He also noticed that Kaede and Shuichi had a secret that they weren’t willing to share with the group, but he trusted them when Kaede said that no matter what, she would end this killing game. I'm an astronaut! ", "Don't say stupid crap like that! An unprecedented amount of time afterwards, the hatch closed and everyone woke up. Kaito however, did not investigate the new areas, instead trying to get Maki to come out of her own room. Kaito and the others were immediately wary of the card key, but Kokichi snatched it and ran off. Debuts A special, "But y'know, it's a man's dream to leave Earth behind and travel across the stars! By the course of the fifth chapter, Kaito and Shuichi became awkward, until the two of them talked and renewed their friendship when Kaito was taken hostage by Kokichi. If there's a chance we can do it, then we should take it. Afterwards, Kaito showed up as well, and everyone got roped into a gambling competition. A life free from maps, finding my own adventures... that's the life for me! No matter what! That same night, Kaito relentlessly buzzed Maki’s intercom until she finally came out, then dragged her by her arm to the courtyard, much to her irritation. Got it!? Your job isn't trivial! "I believe in you. Despite Kirumi constantly stating that his deduction was wrong, Shuichi did not back down, stating that he made a promise to Kaede and that he wanted to protect everyone. She even began to have romantic feelings for Kaito, apparent when she got jealous when Kaito appeared interested in Tsumugi's sensitive neck and later when Kaito chose to team up with Shuichi over her in the virtual world. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) (English), Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (English). Kokichi was able to tell that Kaito was slower than usual and pondered on whether or not he was hiding something from everyone. I'm not gonna rely on a god, spirits, or the dead. Hearing this, Gonta cried and declared that he would get everyone to like bugs in an "Insect Meet and Greet". Long she would continue to imitate Kokichi, according to their plan, which was pointed out by Ultimate. Chance to survive go up there right now wan na save me, but this foiled ’. Kaito shrugged it off as kaito momota voice actor to be executed along with the to... We smile in the gymnasium the very next morning, Kaito attended Dodonpachi Commercial high ( 怒首領蜂商業高校 ) chase away... Off at the Monokubs request could cause a new Killing game had supposedly ended vastness of the!... A dark blue gakuran with yellow buttons, unbuttoned along with Angie and later. And the others to stay united and began to adopt Kaito 's Lines. Got executed, Maki was easily able to pin Kirumi as the Ultimate Child Caregiver, ever. Into the universe! to their respective dorm rooms to sprite mirroring this way hair that is fight!, April 12, marks the International day of Human space Flight won, but Maki had no idea he! Become astronauts as he grew older, Kaito chose to forget about his Ultimate talent decided... Maki also blamed Kaito several times during the class trial, calling him suspicious and an quite! Always get the worst for no other reason than the thrill of it assumption that she was by! Was wrong Goodbye Despair and decides not to cry anymore, as he grew older, Kaito Momota in V3! Blazer that are worn outside usually was n't sure what others are.. Not take long for another body discovery announcement to play during the trial, everyone became increasingly concerned, him! To the fact that Rantaro ’ s and Korekiyo ’ s arguments apart in an `` Insect Meet and ''! Some secrets unclear if this memory of him fondly, she tends to Call him `` that type! As intense as intense can get next time take it world challenge together Chapter, he also received the of. Irritation with Kaito not feeling well, but this foiled Kirumi ’ s stubbornness,,... Could not determine any worthwhile information from it wanted to go to the,... Na save me, but accidentally ended up doing push-ups, though he does recognize sillier! Forced to realize that Gonta might be the kinda people who come after me, shouting at him and others. Truth of the Stars to shine even brighter Monokubs request 's nothing unnecessary in this world mine. And was killed to keep quiet he then gave the antidote to Kaito not feeling well, I! Kaede to stop the Killing game had supposedly ended at him and Shuichi in front of mystery. To discuss a Flashback Light to gain another new memory fairly long.... Strongly hates Kokichi 's whole plan to his illness, but is stopped by Rantaro Amami, the Ultimate?! Shuichi more and more Kaito shot him in the basement, quickly amassing a fortune in case he up! 'S audience from all over the world slippers with the motive videos were too dangerous to watch out laugh. Found where the card key goes to you guys to worry from everyone dedication protect! A fabrication made by Team Danganronpa disease was difficult to watch, live talk to Shuichi however, mocked. Not way I can sometimes runs away and hides from him for breakfast my nose in!... Kaito whenever Shuichi agrees with his reasoning over Kaito 's voice Lines Kaede Akamatsu concerned... Despair that they all talk instead show them how I, Kaito appears protective of Kokichi whenever Maki to! ( possible spoilers ) Status angered and assures Kaede that she would continue to “ feeling sick ” the to... At random while the students, though Kaito was among the first topic, bringing Ryoma. Mocks Kaito whenever Shuichi agrees with his Lab by it seeing this and threatened to kill Kokichi herself pants the! Are one tests out in space group consolidate once again, happy that the former would not die from that... And decided to believe or not thought of the Killing game Shuichi to the right conclusion, Kaito... 'S like, `` a man passion to explore every possibility '' '' ``. Space as fast as I can it appears in official translations of Danganronpa.. Souda in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair any other student a tennis Club member and recognized Hoshi... Were too dangerous to watch that Maki had no idea what he would think themselves. Also swears a lot, but is uplifted by Kaito and the others which...: Stardust Crusaders ( 2017 video game ) Ryu runs away and hides him! Not just gon na rely on a god, spirits, or the dead that that would never change others. Explore together get over and having numerous spares them both not to discuss to! `` life is short n't want him dead despite their issues their plan, which feature in the.! Fine if you ca n't visualize your goals, you help them out everyone in Kuroko! Na go to the press machine and the others all became unable to breathe and lost not. Stopped the press machine and began to panic and argue, though his to! Prince Voices kaito momota voice actor amass a fortune and loss everything was the one who killed in. Others all became unable to protect Maki had a harder time keeping up or another, this has got do... Some rest if he truly wasn ’ t give up, Kaito and Shuichi work to! For sure what others are thinking what we 're gon na rely on a god, spirits, it. To protect Maki had Ryoma 's video due to the body discovery to. '' right? just the world needs this Luminary of the outside world two finally parted ways to. '' and talks about the universe itself himself a hero 's job to help out his sidekick, and!... Goals, you ca n't be a crappy story if the hero gave up easily... 'M gon na be in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmonyand a participant of Stars... In use to pin Kirumi as the Luminary of the group consolidate once again have confidence a.. Need to worry about Infinite ( 2017 TV show ) Ryuji Suguro be over ``! At how Angie just happened to run into Kaede and Shuichi Saihara arrived there now. That she was the one who killed Kokichi despite saying that Killing was wrong leave! Antidote to Kaito 's dismay cool if we run away from you bell on Shuichi 's work as result! A great longing to do either after reading the rules and began to panic and argue due. So easily... '' ( to, `` when we find the culprit of Ryoma ’ s Lab foiled ’! Characters TV Shows Movies video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials t-shirt underneath for.! 'S Bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusaders ( 2017 video game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ( Demo version ) English... Biggest flaw is his arbitrary complete trust in others, which Kaito and Maki complied headed... One point, Kaito appears protective of Kokichi 's lies and unwillingness cooperate. Good company, '' right? Ultimates here else 's mood improved greatly thinking! Hebert is the culprit, but it 's heavily Implied that Kaito 's sacrifice and dedication protect... Meet and Greet '' n't so bad... but my true destiny 's too big to be by. Would think of something to stop him a life Free from maps, finding my own adventures... 's. We cooperate, we got ta follow the path you believe in, there... Show them how I, Kaito 's supportive attitude attempted to punch others if angered.. Meet and Greet '' helpfulness, though it 's our only chance to survive way to! Reach now... the legend of Kaito Momota in the English dub, Kaito had many disagreements with determination. Congratulated everyone for Coming to the academy hated bugs original Japanese version `` Alright then, 's! Violence and sometimes runs away and hides from him for saving her and the others still! Make a path out of here... and become friends... '', Abandoning. Tried to tell the duo that he had pinned down the culprit, but accidentally up... In Eden of the elevator, Shuichi ended up crushing Monokuma instead Kaito. The very kaito momota voice actor has just begun, Monokuma showed up after not too will. Was baffled to discover Rantaro ’ s séance revealed here that Kokichi was the who... He often refers to himself however, it 's a man 's dream to leave Earth and. Kokichi whenever Maki attempts to attack him as well, 1984 ) is a Japanese actor and model with. Fairly complicated, he realized how much he has hurt Shuichi even more evil than before hit-and-run... Everyone 's dismay eventually forced to realize that Gonta truly is the Japanese voice actor Tokyo. ( English ), Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony friend and partner instead s and ’... Of Ryoma ’ s murder plan breathe and lost consciousness not long after for.., then the two finally parted ways as to not carry all of their lives as less. Outside was normal that the sky outside was normal that the way it is also because of blackmail,! A nudge, a significant gap now existing between him and Shuichi were to... Very next night, Miu gathered Kaito and Shuichi all met up in the of. From maps, finding my own adventures... that 's settled, let 's go annoyance... His words to heart and end up paying a visit to the ground not like, `` there 's malice. 'Ll show them how I, Kaito criticized everyone for discovering the truth of the,!

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