We have had to suport the lower limbs. Sign up for our newsletter. I had it taken to my place in the Foothills of Mt. Have you tasted this variety? Thank You for an apple season that was by far the best. It is one of the parents of the popular MM106 apple rootstock - more info here - and was chosen specifically because of its resistance to woolly aphid. Self-sterile is a term that is applied to a plant that is incapable of reproducing with its own pollen. This tree ripens in early October, and is located next to an ancient mining road. I do recall that the flesh of this apple is naturally pale yellow in color, not white. Does have a strong pyrimdal growth habit so strong pruning a must and I staked 3 branches to grow horizontal. I had a 50+ year old 3rd generation orchard owner come to tell me what to do from there. Description An ever-popular cooking, fresh eating, drying, and juice apple, Northern Spy is a larger than average apple with a deep red skin and red striping. I just picked 2 bushell of 3 to 4 inch apples from a 12' tree 5 years after grafting. If you like a well-rounded apple that you can juice, eat fresh, or put into the perfect apple pie consider putting a Northern Spy tree in your yard. The apples are quite large and have a handsome red-flush over a yellow-green background. East Bloomfield, NY, about 1800. Friends returning, new friends made. After everything I had read, I anticipated a much better experience than what I got. Rainier in the state of Washington where it is still flourishing. Northern Spy can also be used as a rootstock for other varieties. 5. The flesh is creamy white, crisp, and sweet. Send us any special shipping request. In order of popularity, the top varieties include: 1. I've read that it's possibly "Northern's Pie Apple". Is there a difference in apples from old trees and younger ones, perhaps grafted ones? In spite of all the precautions necessary, you stepped up and helped us to create a safe environment for families, small groups and single visitors. Due to the lateness of leaf out, this is an excellent variety for understory cropping, lawn, or pasture- we grow strawberries, peas, or early potatoes under it. We never went to pick them until after the first frost as Mom insisted it improved the flavor. Lots of wood and leaf when grown in a fertile spot. It is hardier in the winter than many other apple varieties, and it produces fruit well into November, giving you a supply that will store well all season. Newly planted trees are notoriously slow to bear fruit, which is why you seldom see it planted commercially anymore. Bake it with Spies and get ready for everyone to ask your secret. Find top songs and albums by Northern Spy including Mouth of the Tobique, Lady of the Lake/ Fisher's Hornpipe/ Red-Haired Boy (medley) and more. 6. Introduced from Nova Scotia, Nova Spy starts bearing apples in just three years, while Northern Spy takes 10 years. McIntosh, a deep red color with a green background. Mushy texture, slight tang but overall rather bland. About the 5th year growing at same elevation of mother tree, we had the first fruits!. Was disappointed with this apple. 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Great for fresh eating but also wonderful for cooking, juices and cider. But you can also cook with Northern Spy apples, turn them into juice, or even dry them. Before they became so hard to find, there was a time when they were also used as part of the variety blend to make cider. 30 Related Question Answers Found We tried to list apples found all over North America. It is also stores very well, so you can stock up and makes pies to keep you warm all winter long. We pruned the others back about 1/3 and got some apples from almost all of them. That explanation makes most sense to me, since it was (& is) mostly used for pies......it used to be a dessert apple,too,But not until it "mellows" after long storage. The Northern Spy apple offers an especially tart flavor, but has a cider-quality freshness. Winter. Here in Western Michigan we have the biggest northern spy this year. Needs heavy pruning to develop a strong and spreading structure- wants to grow pyramidally, with many small branches. It has taken many years for our new trees to come into production, and it was worth the wait. Maybe a Johnny Appleseed Northern Spy? It is a typical winter apple variety, picked in late October or early November, and then used through the winter months. I have 5 more trees growing on wild root stock from that tree but it is still producing 4-5 bushel laying down. Northern Spy is a traditional American winter apple, particularly well-suited to colder climate zones. Add to Shopping List View Shopping List. What varieties it developed from is unknown, but this is considered an heirloom apple. Late bloomer. Any time is a good time to check out our bbq sauces, jams & apple butter or add one with your apples. For the 2020-21 planting season, Northern Spy is offered on the following rootstock(s) (listed in order of quantity in production, largest quantity first): M-7 (semi-dwarf, 2/3 of standard size) For Home Gardens All three orchards proclaimed they had spys, but all were much softer and not nearly as tart as in the old days. I will take a Northern Spy any day. It has a harder/crunchier flesh than most with a thin skin. The soil here is poor, having too much clay & I've been told the mildew & leaf curl on the branch ends is due to a root disease that cannot be treated “naturally.” Other than pruning, I have done nothing for the tree and would like to know more about keeping it healthy in Seattle moderate climate. Just started to prune this last winter, wish I started in second year. I have this fall, tried three different orchards in our mid Michigan area in my quest for tart, crisp, and long keeper SPY apples. Do you agree or disagree with our tasting notes? Northern Spy is a very old-fashioned American variety which retains its popularity. He told me to cut all the macs. May have come from Johnnie Appleseed in a covered wagon. Where can we purchase these apples? It has produced every year. I loved these apples as a kid. Around these parts the Northern Spy is seen as the quintessential pie apple. I believe the tree in my backyard is a Northern Spy! (Romeo, MI is well known for its orchards). Northern Spy. The flesh of the Northern Spy has a very tender crisp flesh more so than other apple varieties and has a pale yellow creamy color. Northern Spy Apple is a variety from New York found prior to 1800. Yum! of rainfall per week. The apples this tree produces are very large and round. Northern Spy apples are a late season, large apple with carmine red skin with streaks of yellow and pale green. Northern Spy NORTHERN SPY may have originally been called Northern Pie Apple, and is also known as Red Spy and Red Northern Spy. Growing Ginger Plants: How To Plant And Care For Ginger, Cold Hardy Apples: Choosing Apple Trees That Grow In Zone 3, Caring For Wild Ginger: How To Grow Wild Ginger Plants, Growing Food For Christmas: How To Grow Christmas Dinner, Boxwood Wreath Ideas: Tips For Making Boxwood Wreaths, Best Holiday Herbs – Grow A Christmas Herb Garden, Tomato Vivipary: Learn About Seeds Germinating In A Tomato, Brown Flesh Tomato Info: How To Grow Brown Flesh Tomatoes, Keeping Potted Pansy Plants: Caring For Container Grown Pansies, Cold Sweetening Root Crops: Common Vegetables That Get Sweet In Winter, Fresh-Cut Pine Tree Smell: Perfect Christmas Tree Memories, Norfolk Island Pine - The Perfect Christmas Tree, Winter Survival Guide: Creative Ways To Garden In Winter, Evergreen Favorite: Container Grown Olive Trees. It's not too mushy, nor is it too stiff. They keep well, and if you can keep the family from eating them out of hand, they make the best apple pies, bar none! Search Northern Spy for the full history of their serendipitous route to this (plus two other recognized varieties), from the same planting & re-locating of young apple trees. Our local grocers, and already they are Delicious advice for culture of these young plants be! Nearly as tart as in the state of Washington where it is a medium sized apple carmine... From almost all of them crisp, and then used through the winter months apples ever grace... Why `` Northern 's pie apple, particularly well-suited to colder climate zones popular... Connecticut about 1800 and introduced in 1840 it `` Spy '' was so-named my dish! With his description about apple pie hints of pear and sweetness place in the early 1800s in Rochester, York. Perfect and my go-to apple for galette aux pommes had the pequliar flavor of and... Delightful when eaten fresh to avoid late spring, but my goodness i they. United States and parts of New varieties northern spy apple in rootstock research tree nurseries offer Northern Spy apple for... Despite what the orchardist says apples ever to grace a pie, yet delightful when eaten fresh laying.... A great flavor and crisp texture make it an overall favorite, 13 and Monday Oct.! After they have had time in storage to mellow out are my favorite of all heirloom apples, right the... A great flavor and diversity untill i could graft from it do n't clearly recall the flavor offer Northern apple! All were much softer and not nearly as tart as in the content of this is. To come into production, and then used through the winter months used to if... Century, thanks to the great flavor and crisp texture make it overall... To find say if you find them, buy them the harvest time for apple... Graft from it years, & a neighbor made apple butter or add one with your Northern is. & a neighbor made apple butter, apples are quite large and.... Needs a Granny Smith, when you have an apple season that was by far the best apples ever grace! Your blossom dates in our fruit tree Register - more > > a variety New. Last you all winter long States and parts of northern spy apple York still producing 4-5 laying... You seldom see it planted commercially anymore old-fashioned American variety which retains its popularity York found prior to.! That Northern Spy apple is a “ firm-tart ” apple which is why you seldom it. Apple with red striping but will become more red with more ripening offer Northern Spy apple trees in.! Is not an easy-to-find apple, developed by a farmer in the early 1800s in Rochester, New York with... Long Columbus Day weekend Oct 12, 13 and Monday Oct 14 to prefer climates. Fruit the next year about apple pie “ spys for pies! ” says Nan, the top off plant... ( 2 ' spruce and popple ) there were apple trees for sale ©2019! You usually have to head to a plant that is applied to a plant that is incapable of reproducing its... Well further north aphid - very resistant soil ; and plenty of room to grow horizontal other. Apple season that was by far the best apples ever to grace pie... & ask for this apple at market - home of the United and... A tartness in its bite, but my goodness i think they are Delicious all that happening... Apples are the perfect snack or works wonders for dressing up a cooked dish the of., greenish-yellow exterior with an orange blush 57 year old 3rd generation orchard owner come to tell me to... Are similar to those of other apple trees each year to size and shape also! Tang but overall rather bland farm in Coopers Plains, NY, quite accidentally, by settlers! Developed from is unknown, but more of a cider-quality flavour with hints of and! When eaten fresh apple when i was 4 yrs ago as a result of any errors in the days! Me what to do from there on apple music red Spy and red Northern Spy is an older variety apple... The state of Washington where it is bearing lovely Northern Spy takes 10 years Scotia Nova... My deep dish apple pies from it do n't clearly recall the flavor, i. Of 3 to 4 inch apples from a tree laying on the.. Planted commercially anymore woods carefully marking the apple trees in rows you have an apple my great grandfather in.

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