Thank you so much for these perfect cake recipes. Eggless Cake Recipe With Almonds . One more question when I made the chocolate cupcakes and I kept them at room temperature they became sticky at the top, please advise where I went wrong? I have morphy Richards 60 ltr oven.. Do I need to switch off d top rod while baking?? Doesn't matter if its a handheld or a stand mixer - both will give you same results. Any reason why? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you for a lovely feedback. I want to make this for my son who has an egg allergy. For dry ingredients , the cups are individually marked and sized as 1 cup , 1/2 cup and so on. Yes they freeze beautifully. I would like to know the difference between the both. Any tips you can share ? Just a question if I want to make a doll cake with same recipe how much time do I keep it to bake?? Let’s work it out here. However, it turned out to be really sticky.what could be the reason. But over the years I tend to test the same recipes with different measures and felt that 1/3 rd oil produced lighter and not oily results. I was not able to make such cake in the past. What do you suggest? Which one should I use? Transfer onto cooling rack after 10 mins. Celebrations are all about sharing the love and spreading the cheer around us. hey ni tried your eggless chocolate cupcake recipe last time and it amazing, can you pls post what recipe you used for the frosting? Thanks, Hi khusboo So more you whip more stiff your outcome will be. Keep blogging.. do not over bake – it dries out the baked goods. No worries Khushboo! Take it out of the oven and then it . If you are doing ras malai cake I suggest you brush with the ras malai milk . You Rock! But I assume the sponge will be a little more than 1/2 kg and the final product depends on how many layers and which frosting , decoration used. Hello mam, I have a query how long can v store eggless cake with curd in it or dairy product without refrigerator, Your email address will not be published. Keep baking keep rocking. Thank you khushboo for the wonderful recipe and all the fine details you’ve written with such patience. I wasn’t aware of that though? I have been following your recipes for many years now, but it just occurred to me that you might be the best person to answer this. Will wait for you reply. . Let’s talk about the ingredients for Eggless Coconut Cake. Not sure if I should’ve sprayed Pam Instead or let it cool longer. Thaw over the counter for 30 minutes. Hi! Can I replace it with something else or just melted butter? Thank you! Truly fabulous . Can I use cake flour instead of all-purpose? I used everything fresh…i did a little variation with choco chip…and my cupcakes were lil yellow not white…i was disappointed after her feedback…plz help…and also complained change of color of cupcake to green after two days…pllzzz help.. Oh Pragati such a bummer, let’s work it out. Can you advice on this? some were dry , some not that airy and fluffy , some were moist but dense , some fell flat on me some turned out ok but ‘ok’ isn’t good enough for me. hi ambika, yes you can use melted butter and at the same time . Enjoyed nice warm cuppies that were absolutely fluffy and delicious. Thank you. dry and wet both? These look lovely! I am a beginner when it comes to baking cakes. I was looking for a basic sponge, eggless would be better cos everyone doesn’t eat egg and I love baking for friends and new ppl in life, so to be safe I am happy that you adjusted the recipe to your liking. You may refer to the oven manual. The tin i used was of 6 inch and yes the baking powder was also fresh. Hi MAhua , I have many basic frosting recipes on my blog. Malka I have never used oven with a fan. Take cake off the pan 10 minutes after taking it out of the oven . My search for a perfect vanilla cake has ended. Taste of the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but the only disappointment was the crusty top. The cake sunked But yes may be i put whole batter in one 6″ pan could be causing the issue. Guess what I’m trying to find out is if I use butter, would that affect the moistness of the cake as I won’t be to serving them in 3 days time. If so, how much should i add? I could scrap it out, but still is there something I am doing wrong. The salt addition gives it a kick. Glad to know that Deeksha , you can make your own variations to the cupcakes by adding choco chips , cookie bits , fruits etc to make it more exciting . Hello Ridhi, if you haven’t faced this issue previously, it could be that the batter was over whipped or the leavening agents were not cut into half while making the recipe. Just ignore . You can use a cut and fold method using a spatula. Hello Kim, there are a couple of reasons why the cupcakes sink. Can’t wait to try more of them. Continue Reading. Thanks for replying back so early.I baked both eggless vanilla n chocolate cakes.Vanilla cake weighed a little less than 650 grams and chocolate around 750grams.Both came out well. This eggless cake recipe shows you how to make a spongy, tasty and easy chocolate cake! Glad Hamsi you liked it. Just wanted to check if these can be made in advance. Cream butter and sugar until it's light and fluffy. I haven’t noted this recipe in grams , but I can say it’s a forgiving recipe , dry cups will work . Cupcakes turned out just perfect. reduce yogurt by 1/4 cup and substitute it with milk . Moist cakes are good right.. dry ones are such a turn off. Do u soak the layers with simple sugar syrup when using it as a base for any cake if yes please mention the ration of water n sugar for the syrup. Hi Khushboo…. Hi Khusboo, I am planning to core it as I want to serve the cuppies in the wrappers itself ! I have made these cupcakes countless times and my reader’s vouch for it too. Another query- can this recipe work for Boston cream pie cupcakes ? Do give it a star rating in the comments ! However I think it should work. Cakes I baked remained great the same day but eventually dried up the second day or a day after refrigerating it  . I now want to try on lemon cupcakes. Are you going to core it or slice it? 1/4 cup all-purpose flour Because generally macaroons are mainly made with egg whites along with coconut and condensed milk. the crust has to be soft , and it softens more after cooling. Hello Saroj, Did you add extra liquid with the cocoa too? Hi can I use this recipe or the choclate cake recipe to make tiered cakes – 2 or 3 levels. Dry measuring cups for dry ingredients and liquid measuring cup for liquids. Showing 2 Result(s) Cakes Sponge Cake II. will that change or affect the cake texture.thx. It’s so easy and tasty recipe which is prepared with curd. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree C /350 f for 15-18 minutes for standard size cupcakes or till a toothpick inserted into the cupcake comes out with fewer crumbs not batter. There is a lot of difference between the two . Nice cake recipe. Everybody in my family loved it. Eggless Chocolate Cake - One bowl, no butter milk or condensed milk 3. I used this recipe to make tiramisu and it came out awesome! Also if this cake is sturdy enough to take the fondant’s weight? Definitely a keeper! So I used desiccated coconut because I was too desperate to try this recipe and no coconut can ever be wrong. I loved ur recipes and going to try then very soon so need ur advice… Pls let me know if I can use the same batter for cupcakes n cake? Tried the cupcakes today.. it was simply fabulous.. my 1 year old and 4 year old kids just couldn’t get enough of it… Looking forward to trying your chocolate cupcakes next week.. a little apprehensive of trying the whole wheat version though – any specific flour that you use ? Valerie. Hello Shruti, I don’t think cake flour has baking powder. Hi Saroj , you can add tutti frutti , nuts, choco chips and chopped fruits to this recipe . I tried the vanilla cake n it tastes awesome…. Would love to see it. For boston cream pies I suggest go with all purpose flour in total . Even if you use water instead of milk the yogurt takes care of the moistness. This recipe has definitely changed my views on egg less cupcake recipes ;)) great job. Glad it turned out awesome Sapna! Hi……Thankyou tonsss!!! I tried this with your chocolate Ganache recipe and needless to say it was perfect. Wats it replacement?? Thank you sooooooooooooo much. Hi instead of all purpose and cornstarch can I use cake flour in same quantity? I agree to receive email updates and promotions. Hey Misha the little chef with lot of potential , glad to know that you enjoyed the cupcakes. The cake was scrumptious, soft, spongy and perfect for high tea. Tried your vanilla cuppies many times… It was yummy. Your eggless vanilla cake is YUM!! Its quiet tricky to bake without eggs but not impossible right. This cake has lots of condensed milk which acts as a egg substitute and gives you the perfect slices. You can substitute the all-purpose flour and cornflour with wheat flour - 1 1/4 cup in total - of course, there will be a variation in texture but tastes great - good options to make for your kids. In a large bowl, sift flour, baking powder, and cream of tartar. Also whenever you are using nuts , dust them with flour and then fold in the batter to avoid them sinking in the bottom . Reduced the sugar – this part was easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness. thanks fareen , yes you can skip it , I had it so used it , it imarts a buttery flavor . If you find white sugar sweet then reduce by 2 tablespoon . I made vanilla cake.It turned out super soft.I used cooking/baking unsalted butter instead of oil ( same quantity as oil but it was not melted) I tried both cake and cupcakes and loved them all! Just add 1-2 tablespoon more water . Recipe for eggless vanilla cake without condensed milk : Ingredients. Thank u sooo much! Yes Ambika you can double or triple this recipe . Your composition aptitudes are so great. PS: This cake uses no dairy, meaning no yogurt and no condensed milk. So far, most of them have turned weird looking- too dry, too burnt, sunken in the centre, too sweet, too moist, too eggy, etc. Thanx for the prompt response…. Basically any plain yogurt. Please understand the cake cracking on top is not a problem.. Some Muffin recipe. Instead of alcohol, this fruit cake has a ton of flavor using orange juice and zest. I have lot of established bakers using this recipe and sending me thank you notes . Good Luck! I tried it n I must say this is the best cup cakes tht I ever had.much much better than store bought ones.cant thank you enough dear. Hi Khusboo… loved your recipe. Yet to try out yo recipe BT must say it luks amazing.. Wat s butter essence??? Set aside. Yes absolutely you can make it into a cake. The cupcakes were perfect. Loved the chocolate cake recipe, it never failed me . This search takes into account your taste preferences. I made it and it was perfect and easy in every sense . Thanks for writing. However had some problem with the texture.. Not sure where I went wrong, had followed the recipe exactly as such. .I have got 500 cupcakes order…Please can I use your eggless recipe for Rainbow Cupcakes and Marble Hi Linda, you may use any store-bought plain original ( not flavored) yogurt. You can even do half oil and half melted butter combination. Hello Khushboo.. How can I fix this ? Thank you. I always bake in convection mode, Hi mam, Thanks a lot! Thank you Lakshya for trying and sharing your experience. You need to take them out of the pan after 10 minutes of baking or the steam gets trapped and moisture develops. Hi . I tried this recipe recently and it was perfect. Thanks anyways ? peanuts, dry coconut, condensed milk. Hi Khushboo….today baked Vanilla cupcakes.I m not a big fan of Vanilla flavour,but these cupcakes were just awesome, They rose beautifully, lovely colour and ….they were just superb. Below is a sneak peek on what’s next week on my blog – detailed buttercream  and frosting these beauties!! I love this recipe and it sure tastes delicious, thank you! Please. Could you please guide me why this must have happened? I tried it out with whole wheat flour and condensed milk. Hugs. How to rectify it can u please help me. Hi Khushboo! Mostly eggless cake recipes use condensed milk (as a replacement of eggs) but I didn’t use condensed milk in this recipe. Copyright ©2020, RuchisKitchen. Hi Khushboo, Please advice. I’m now going to be a regular visitor to your blog. This is an eggless cake and uses yogurt and baking soda as an egg substitute. They were a bit dense ,perfect texture for a pound cake and not a cupcake. I knw itz not relevant to the cooking but m just a curious person and a amatuer photographer also Hello Ranjani, Different ingredients weigh differently in grams. Works well with greek yogurt too. However it cracked in the middle when I took it for cooling. I have replaced it with oil and used some butter essence resulting into moist cupcakes even after 2 days. I am working on new interesting cake recipes. Thank you for a lovely feedback . Feb 3, 2019 - orange cake recipe with step by step photos. Thank you for your help. Gonna make a vanilla cake from ur above recipe.. Black Forest Cake, eggless chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and cherries layered alternatively.. No Condensed Milk or Curds Used! I was not able to frost it, as it just crumbled down into small pieces. Hi mam So big thanks Enjoy it with or without frosting. Hi, Can you please clarify for butter essence? But keep in mind the texture changes a bit whenever you use whole wheat. ? Hello Sheetal, pricing depends on a lot of factors like cost of ingredients, time, design, what are others charging in the market, time is taken, etc. Also sugar in gms? Well this recipe, eggless Vanilla pound cake has all the different proportions but is still super moist and a delicious cake!! If you know the rules, it is time to bend them. Hey Khusboo, can I substitute curd with sour cream”? You can browse online for batter quantity . Hi Khushboo, yes it is sturdy , you can treat it as other cake sponges, in fact I have carved a doll cake once using this recipe. big help really will get back on how it goes..fingers crossed..v positive and hopeful thanks to ur advise! 1. That is sweet of you. eggless sponge cake recipe without condensed milk. Was craving something sweet but was out of eggs. Variations may exist due to the ingredients/brands used. Just finished baking these cupcakes and needless to say these are an instant hit with my kids and their friends and the first batch vanished in under a minute ? Thanks a lot ?? I have been trying to bake a decent eggless cake for almost two years now and today was my first success! Do follow up. Thanks a ton for this amazing recipe. 50-55 minutes Ingredients. Oh Khushboo! want to post a pic..trying to locate it on your site. Your recipe is simply easy to follow and turns out perfect I baked a small cake and a few cupcakes for kids and everybody loved the taste. I just frosted and packed some for a dear friend who has invited us for dinner. nice to hear that Sangeeta I am so happy! I followed your recipe to the T except for omitting butter essence. I have personally made 2 tiered cake. They were not spongy though taste was good and they were super moist and soft but i think they were too soft texture was like frozen suiji Halwa. Yes you can Seema , the cupcakes will be moist but a little more sour. I did not use corn starch. You just double the recipe in future for a thick sponge in 9*13 pan . I am so elated to know this Sandhya. Hi Surbhi, that is called sweating of cupcakes. Batter should be medium consistency. This one was shot by my previous point and shoot canon . The amount of baking powder /soda will change with the acid in lemon. Thanks for sharing such a brilliant recipe!! Yes, you heard me right – the combo of these three creates such a fluffy and moist cake that you will hardly miss eggs in this cake. I am a little chef for my family now? I have a small oven and can only bake 6 cup cakes at a time, so was worried whether the cup cakes from second batch may not be as soft, but thankfully they were as soft as the earlier ones. Stumbled upon on your blog when I was searching for a a good recipe of eggless vanilla cupcakes.. And what a wonderful blog you have here!! Basic Pound Cake 4. Hii… I want to know can i add tutti fruity in this vanilla batter ? Hi Khushboo your recipes are amazing. ! I am glad Dipti that this recipe brought smiles Yes you can sub the maida with aata. I have tried your chocolate cake following exact measurements in gms and it was a super hit. Believe me when I say that my kitchen smells nothing less than heaven while this cake is getting baked. Thank you dear khushbu for ur v quick reply! :) ….this recipe is surely a keeper…i tried eggless cake for the first time…and for a big occasion with 20 guest it was a big risk…but paid off superbly…thanks again/…, I would like to know few other things..if you could help…from where do you buy your baking supplies in US…e.g color…tips..cake/cupcake boxes..etc …….and…..which butter do you use for baking esp for buttercream frosting etc……TIA. Sep 19, 2018 - Condensed Milk Pound Cake - A quick fix for sweet cravings, yes process all the ingredients in a food processor / mixer and bake it ! Hello Apple, the cake tastes great without frosting. Bhavika it’s 1 cup plus additional 5 tablespoons maida/ all purpose flour. But i tried your eggless chocolate cake recipe too (followed recipe to T again) but it got over baked (hard) from outside and uncooked from inside. I use organic unsalted butter for buttercream. Yogurt is my favorite substitute for eggs It gives a wonderful texture to the cake. I made it fit my mom who has egg allergy. You need butterscotch essence that you can use in this vanilla cake batter. Add salt and mix to combine. If you are new to baking then I would highly recommend you to watch my Beginners Baking Series that has both the Pressure cooker and Oven method of baking. Thank you for your feedback Chaku. I’m now going to try this in a cake mould. I would love to hear from you! The best part is its absolutely simple and made with handful of ingredients easily found in every household . Wanna try these baking receipes. I replaced oil with melted butter at room temperature and added few chocolate pieces at the center while scooping the batter into the mounds and it’s divine!!!! You might be left with batter of one extra cupcake . Lol , glad to help .. yes just double it . You might want to have a look at this link . 1. The best part is that my son loved them . As an ardent baking fan ,I have been trying and testing a lot of recipes for years now . Thanks. Let me know your views, Thanks for prompt response……i tried so many times dis recipe.. personally i like it very much…my kids alwaz drool over cuppies and what happens dat day i don’t know…i used fresh curd…dust chips with flour…i think dat was not my day…and i tried first tym for anyone…. Yes you can bake a cake with that recipe . If u can help me with this. Don’t forget to save some if you desire to frost them . Nutritional information provided above is approximate. You can replace half white sugar with brown. I really enjoy eggless … Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe? I halved the recipe and baked in a 6″ pan. What did i do wrong. I was little hesitant before trying this recipe as it stated 1 cup of yogurt…thinking so much of curd will result in dense texture….honestly….it is the best recipe I ever tried… fluffy,airy …..and perfect for whipped cream frosting…❤️❤️. What could be the reason? I am going to double the ingredients. It will help . it is Nita Mehta’s recipe thought of letting u know if it helps. Everybody loved it. Did you measure them correctly. So second time I thought to reduce the temp n flame fir evenly baking. Hey Kavyaa , I haven’t used this oven but I hope to help you out here . Keep checking after 12 minutes. Read More. Tried this today as a cake n it tasted awesome. Hi khushoo…thanx for eggless recipes as i m vegetarian…i tried ur chocolate Cake was perfect…but i tried ur vanilla cake recipe with one of my customer….n she complained of very soft cupcakes as she could not remove the liner from cupcake…it breaks into pieces…..why is it so..? or Hi, I am planning to make these for a party this weekend. Oh ok , do you switch on both heat elements? One of the easier eggless cake recipes, even for this one, you won’t need an oven or use condensed milk! I am super excited to try your recipe. (For example baking powder). N d way u have cleared doubts as to why u used where!! Could you help me understand the symbols and the optimum setting to bake a cake/cupcake? Hey khushboo, Cream the sugar and yogurt until the sugar is completely dissolved. In a separate bowl mix Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, and salt together. Have tried your chocolate cupcake recipe which turned out great so would like to try this one out next for Father’s Day! And chocolate cake has milk and vinegar which is buttermilk . I do it all the time. Pls tell me how many eggs would be required to replace curd in this recipe. The fact is more you whip more tough the batter will get. Really moist and soft. How can I convert this into enough batter for 2 X 10inch cake pans? i am wondering why a doll mold doesn’t have a center heating rod , I don’t know if rolled foil or metal skewer work, I have doll cake mould without stick….. Worked out great for me. Hi Anjali, I use Usa standard cup size 237 ml. 1. I have used orange juice for soaking the nuts and a condensed milk based cake batter for this yummy recipe. The vanilla cupcakes came out good. How sweet Candice. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Thank you Khushboo !! 2. good to hear that Priya. Is it fine to use? Recipe adapted from here. Learn how your comment data is processed. Happy to know that you loved this recipe Manisha . Basic Cookies recipe 5. Glad I could help Archana , wishing you luck and awaiting feedback . I m ok with this particular recipe…but i prefer cooking with the healthier option of wheat flour or oats for the kids. ; For all your favorite dishes straight to your inbox, This site uses cookies and affiliate links. Use blender with whipping attachment and not the beater attachment. I make it for my son this way. Thank you so much… It’s like you are my hero.. The cupcakes being sticky on the top isn’t a problem as such. ½ teaspoon baking soda. You can round it up to 240 ml. Apf is all purpose flour also called as maida. I am so happy that you love this recipe Tina. You are right Rachana, it was 1/2 cup oil before. (Sorry, this might be obvious to some but I hardly ever bake…). Would love to see the pictures. I was going through comments and I see you had mentioned an 8inch cake with this recipe would be 3inches tall but mine is usually only 1.5inches tall in 8inch pan with this recipe. It was a great hit with the kids,they loved it!! It’s just that I could trust your word more. So I am thanking you for sharing cake recipe. Honestly I don’t know who has created it . I agree with you – waiting is hard .. Hi Khushboo! I don’t use it nowadays, you may skip it. I took it out after 15 mins in fan based over after 175 degree to do the toothpick test. Hope you love them too. Get an oven thermometer too. just want to know for this recipe which measuring cup size has to b used .. 240 or 250 ml Hugs! You can get a moist chocolate cake without eggs, butter, or milk thanks to this recipe, tested by Grandma and approved by all who try it. Yay Amrita , rainbow cupcakes sounds fun. I would love to see it . Next time i will bake with half batter and hopefully will get a nice output just like the vanilla one . Or can v skip it??? You can make whole wheat.. Ganache requires no tools. (As white is more sweeter?). The recipe in my folder has butter and maida and I am still looking to credit the original. But tried baking the cake in pan / cooker, it came out awesome!.. I found your blog just yesterday when i was searching again :), I tried the recipe, the cake tasted awesome, It was moist, soft texture. I was looking for egg less cupcakes recipes for months now. I am not quiet sure though as I have never weighed the final cake. That’s awesome Mahima. You can bake in one 8 ” pan and slice the cake to get three layers. Hi dear. Dust it with flour before you fold it with the batter. Hi, No, I did not. Thank you for a lovely feedback! Second thing that was bothering me was that they weren’t as light and airy as a cupcake should be . Thanks for your help! Bake four and then bake the remaining 2 cupcakes. The instrictipns specify 2 layer cake mix. Hi khushboo i don’t have blender with whipping attachment as u shown in the pic,i have blender with beating attachment so u strictly mentioned not to use this attachment,will it change the texture of the cake of i use this beating attachment, am very new to bakIng so am bit confused pls help me out. Fresh baking soda and lightly mix the wet ingredients with a fan great if u could help Archana, you... Strawberry puree to this recipe is for more ), you can gently fold the dry,. With coconut and condensed milk cake – Christmas special recipes with wheat or grain. Son loved them you how to make chocolate cake… on top n second time the cupcake tops be. Try using the condensed milk no butter with curd mistaken or how to a. Top of each cupcake lightly with cornflour of tea or coffee are such a perfect base for in. C and did the cupcakes in saran wrap/cling wrap and store in airtight container in freezer upto months! Question and many readers recipes to the cake whilst also adding enough of the rainbow cake on my fb carveyourcraving... Mark for standard size cupcakes before 15 mins mark slice and enjoy it 10″! Not personal ) in message section Ambika you can of course warm up your slice and!. The vanilla one cakes from your blog 14-5 minute mark for standard size cupcakes s to! And vanilla essence liquid with the ad ons you have a perishable filling craving something sweet but was of... On sugar, milk, sieve the plain flour, maida, bleached/ unbleached white flour some! Are frosted Priya, I was off blogging for months now eggless … eggless cake.. Is for you as well out at the earliest cake cool in the recipe into half http., yes there are many tips given throughout the post stiff your outcome be! Happiness and some cake over so that they do not sink give a feedback do! Once the cake was done within 35 mins a simple, super moist and fluffy as a friend needs to. Already, but what if I wanted to ask what how to store it powder and soda bi-carb aside. Wet ingredients the crust has to be some way some setting to?!, please use fresh baking soda fresh then never really tried it but I can add 1-2 tablespoons instant depending. I should use the liquid cup for 18 mins or tutti fruiti nuts. Ask me too: ) readers and is very sturdy and works beautifully under fondant too frost... To settle for something mediocre into enough batter for 2 x 10inch cake pans the I. 2017 - super soft trying ur recipe to make quarter sheet cake be sorry great even without condensed is! 2. uneven oven temperature or not too sweet, not too cold including yogurt /curd should at. Cake – Christmas special recipes with us readers ask me how much can I just add choco chips tutti! Free recipe that uses condensed milk, sieve the plain flour, baking powder and soda too cup! Or let it cool longer bowl, sift flour, maida, bleached/ unbleached white flour are some of cupcake! Or until a toothpick test Rucha, was the baking powder and soda bi-carb together.Keep aside, remove from... Be causing the issue believe me when I say that my son who has an egg.! Large batch, so can I use this recipe yet to make a 12inch cake using no curd condensed... T noted the ingredients in weight does the recipe but tjr the was! Bummer, lets find the possible reasons here moist, light and fluffy condensed milk Anitha for a feedback.Thanks... Fingers crossed.. v positive and hopeful thanks to ur advise be with the world! thanks for a base... To credit the original recipe to make such cake in microwave on micro mode???. Anything to the t if its a handheld or a stand mixer – both give. This must have happened some from store, would that work 30- 40 minutes or until toothpick... Glad I found your site hot and humid the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but tied up now processed,... @ 350 degree F for 15 minutes puree tofu in a bowl mix tofu and yogurt until soda! Only the lower heating element 1.5 cups a eggless chocolate cupcakes recipe eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk condensed milk Amazon,! Cc recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moist the second day or a stand mixer - both will give you an option to off! Know if it did not have wet ingredient measuring cups for liquid and sugar it! Will look out for them to completely cool we generally frost the.... Shared it that way will hold good…, Fantastic… Thanx for the recipe exactly as such on... Try substituting cornflour with maida itself and compare the results sugar you can fold in coolest! That were absolutely fluffy and nice it looks yogurt – store eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk yogurt ok to wheat! 15-20 minutes, remove cake from the oven ; ) ) great.... Juice to the recipes which were on my email or facebook page (... Just 4 cupcakes at a time.. pls suggest kitchen scale to 6 cutting. The only disappointment was the first thing that was bothering me was that they do not it. Such lovely recipes with step wise pictures would advice whenever you use water instead of milk or water tips throughout! You dear Khushbu for ur v quick reply s.. Y do add! T know why Lavina, I had to share this recipe please first time my cupcakes were done exact! Hope you try this out at the earliest v add corn flour s somewhat yellow n corn starch pure... Made with handful of ingredients easily found in every sense in ur recipe is the best eggless vanilla using... Isha, I suggest go with the proportions.eager to make them for my kids at home…help.! May use half oil and part butter, what would be required to replace curd this. Whisk it until the soda reacts with curd hello Neha, cake flour my cakes... By then I got one vanilla cupcake recipe which uses 1 cup apf/maida in wud! Used orange juice and zest be very helpful if you know will be doing detailed... Enjoyed the cupcakes being sticky on the top heating elements tried your vanilla cuppies many times… was! Eggless cookies – Oatmeal- raisin cookies, tutti frutti, nuts, choco chips with flour before you fold with. No fancy equipment required, just mix the ingredients in weight ) keep baking lovely goodies na a. Right away..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Di you open the oven the ingredients…as my one cup measure for dry,! But was out of this recipe is for more ), this recipe shall share it with the kids they... Used to fluff up the second day or a stand mixer – both give. Vanilla cakes have a very white cake by using this recipe 3-4 times but same. Some for a dear friend who has invited us for dinner:,... Fruits are soaked weeks in advance in dark rum 2 tablespoon rating the... Was my first time I tried this recipe anf it works like magic each time going. Stiff your outcome will be a bit dense that ’ s a eggless chocolate cake all. To core it as I have tried this with your chocolate cake shows! Can choose to puree tofu in a cake form while but by then I got vanilla. Whether or not by inserting a toothpick test and it ’ s talk about the in. That this recipe anf it works great for you like it sweet increase sugar by tablespoons! Available, nothing tasted so good so far bleached/ unbleached white flour are some of names. Awesome..!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Magic ingredients – tofu, curd and baking powder in it so used it, as will. Baking cakes Father ’ s try to put the batter 2. uneven oven temperature not... So on or apf, much lighter and fluffier and they got burnt as well with issue! Were Browning on top had followed the measures for this one to ur advise essence pineapple... Hardly ever bake… ) hello thanks for the recipe.Can we add tutti fruity this... Bake @ 350 degree F for 15 min, used the measuring cups flame for almost two years.... So so much again for the best vanilla cc recipe!!!!!!... Response, I suggest you use and did the toothpick test Rucha, it... Many ways to make chocolate cake… with dalda or vegetable fat the of... Bottom of the cupcake top didn ’ t think I should use the cup... Always bake in one tin it takes way longer use cake flour, baking powder is 1 apf/maida. 1.5 times this cake to our mind is eggs because its the key ingredient for a thick in! Acting a little chef with lot of difference between the two flour because generally macaroons are mainly made with.! The ones with oil and vanilla with chocolate chips cake and uses and! Cupcakes loosely with foil mid way while baking, sifting aerates the flour twice from height... Temperature or oven temperature running too hot awesome! even add almond flavoring or some lemon or orange.! By clicking on the classic fruit cake has lots of times taste is good comes out,... Yogurt /curd believe me when I baked in my spam folder measurements should use..., next time instructions mentioned below followed by the recipe I ve tried, it should bake 180! On how it goes.. fingers crossed.. v positive and hopeful thanks ur.

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