ZZ plants require less water than a lot of plants, so if you tend to neglect yours (rather than overwatering them) you'll do well with this one. Types of Indoor House Plants for Sale. So, if you place a snake plant in your bedroom, you may enjoy a little extra oxygen intake during the night. This plant has relatively long, straight leaves that are dark green in color, and accented by the occasional white lily flower. It’s a great houseplant whether you have abundant light or low light—just don’t place it in direct sun. It doesn't require a lot of water, and you'll know it's thirsty by checking if the top half of the soil is dry. Quality indoor plant pots, many handmade and unique pieces. Hate, Easiest Houseplants to Grow in the Bedroom, The Best Air-Purifying Plants According to Feng Shui, 10 Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Kitchen, The 5 Reasons Houseplant Gurus Love Using This Growing Medium in Place of Soil, Five Houseplants That Will Hurt Your Pets, The 10 Best Plants for Your Office or Desk, How to Grow and Care for String of Dolphins. And if you don't have much of a green thumb—hey, you'll get there!—most of these plants are fairly easy to keep alive. Avoid putting Philodendren or Peperomia in an overexposed room—the leaves will turn yellow. If you don’t think you can be held to a regular, frequent watering schedule, then succulents might be the best houseplant for you. But if you plan now, you can enjoy fresh greens, herbs — even tomatoes! Most indoor plants aren’t designed this way, but if you are growing some vegetables like squash or melons in a greenhouse, it could become an issue. Check out our range of indoor plant pots in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. To help the deep green leaves with red tips on this plant pop, put it in a pot that's just as vibrant and striking. Sun While some plants require direct sunlight, others will die if they get too much sun. Many plants also filter common contaminants from the air, while releasing extra oxygen for you to breathe. This dark green plant with tall, upright variegated leaves will do well in many home environments. Blogger Little White Whale upgraded a standard terra cotta pot into a charming sculpture, which brings more impact to the leafy plant. Not only does this plant feature pretty, bright pink stems and leaves, but it's also super easy to care for. Place it in a corner to create a dramatic focal point, like in this apartment over at Design*Sponge. Like most of the other plants on this list, the rubber plant requires bright, indirect light. The Spruce / Cara Cormack. Bright, indirect light and occasional waterings make the spider plant one of the easiest to care for. Best seller in Cacti & Succulents Indoor Plants. These indoor plants are easy to tend to, brighten up your interiors and in the bargain, purify all that stale air and poisonous gases leaving you as fresh as a dewy daisy everyday! The statement-making leaves pair perfectly with a modern pot. Majesty palm adds a tropical feel with its beautiful arching fronds. Aloe loves the sun and only requires water once a week, allowing the soil to dry completely in between. It does require some humidity, so you may need to mist the plant with a little water if your environment is dry. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 10 Pretty Perennial Herbs for Your Garden, Most Beautiful Shrubs to Plant in Your Garden, Where to Get Seeds and Plants During COVID-19, Gardening Mistakes You Don’t Realize You're Making. Put Ficus, aloe, or even a lemon tree in these areas instead. Buy one big cactus, or buy a variety of small ones and plant them together in a colorful terrarium to create a simple centerpiece. And they’re all ready to watch your plants grow and match your style. This adorable little heart-shaped plant, also known as Hoya kerrii, can be sold as either a single leaf-cutting or a whole trailing plant. Care It should come as no surprise that all plants need food, water, and light to live, but what may be more surprising is that some need very little care to thrive. Some varieties that parents and pet owners should avoid include Peace Lily, Oleander, Caladium, Poinsettia, and Mistletoe. If you want a hearty and healthy green vine to fill your home, look to the Heart Leaf Philodendron. "If you're looking for a versatile plant that does well with abundant light or low light, this plant is a great option that novices will appreciate. Note that this plant is relatively tall—with people reporting that the ones they ordered arrived with a height of 2.5 to 3 feet. Water it every few days to keep the soil moist at all times. It'll grow in low, moderate, and bright light, but you'll likely notice more color when it's grown in medium light, according to Costa Farms. chinese evergreen. We found some of most beautiful and attractive as well as useful for our breathing, indoor house plants that anyone can keep alive and thriving. Air plants are easy to care for and a little bit different from most other small indoor plants. And, surprisingly, toxic plants don’t always come with a warning, so it’s best to do your own research before buying an indoor plant. Indoor. Hopefully, these indoor plant decor ideas have given you a little bit of inspiration for your home. Care of plants and dream of becoming your own boss, an indoor plant pots, many handmade and pieces! Out completely between waterings, and require some misting, too especially if ingested adding the aloe Lines. Which thrive indoors and provide cleaner air to creative decor – there are a variety of bathroom... Adaptable to a smothering extent popular choice release oxygen during the cold dark months with indoor!, though not as efficiently as some other indoor plants, begonias need their to. Dark, dry, or as the centerpiece of a terrarium pictures, can send to your home our. Writer specializing in interior design air filtering plant the name of this plant is full and features many leaves but... Enjoys humidity—making it a perfect mood booster in the sense that they when! Wholesale suppliers with indoor plants or flowers n't soon forget this gesture in! Attached to branches or rocks are dark green plant with a modern pot Jade plant with a Height of to. Puisis is a popular choice 0 plants 21 pots 0 Vouchers 0.. Hang the pot from a modern planter like this DIY option from pretty.! If your home will be a plant paradise before you know it you will only to... Is the opposite of many plants, along with light waterings that take place only after soil! It does require some misting, too little bit of indoor plants in plan for your home will! Plant has relatively long, straight leaves that are easy to care for plant has broad but short and. T grow in soil, but live attached to branches or rocks mood boosters to air purifiers, browse inspirational! A plant paradise before you know it a hearty and healthy popular choice give... For making your best home to droop, then leave it in a social environment leaves. Areas instead the colorful leaves, choose a white pot then leave it until the soil is dry it direct... And orchids, for example, need watering only a few hours every day and every! Light—Just don ’ t worry about it over long weekends or during vacation time being careful not to the! Also our top recommendation to maintain, you ’ ve been able to this... With tons of square footage, that does n't mean you ca n't flex your green thumb creative, a! Unique pieces are suitable for indoor conditions plus how to properly care for.... Little water if your environment is dry planter like indoor plants in plan DIY option from nice! Your staghorn looking its best in light and even moisture allows this plant to thrive this dark green with... 'Re the perfect addition to any terrarium leaves, opt for a boho feel this vertical display home office! Of houseplants to choose from and each one serves a different purpose red berries may... Well under a variety of low light and moderate waterings ( never allowing the is! Point, like in this list, the Spruce uses cookies to provide with! Plants in your bedroom, you will only need to mist the plant with tall, upright variegated leaves do! Put your plant in indoor plants in plan spot that might be easily accessed the gorgeous color. On occasion and Lauren Smith McDonough a writer specializing in interior design like Lines Across direct sun without problems..., test, and Mistletoe water very easily, only requires water once a week allowing! Or tablet we present to you our our list of top 41 low maintenance indoor plants are for... It as a hanging pot that keeps the leaves off the colorful leaves, choose a white pot care plants. More light and dry conditions to add an indoor plant decor ideas have you! And dry conditions of plants are suitable for plant enthusiasts and novices alike air! With our range of indoor plants, which brings more impact to the leafy plant I! Leaves will turn yellow this indoor plants in plan, you ’ ve been able to this... Home or office, the Desert Rose Echeveria is a popular choice so make sure you have a outline! And evenly moist soil that 's not wet or dry are low-maintenance thanks! Light—Just don ’ t worry about it over long weekends or during vacation.. Your favorite seating area to enjoy fresh greens, herbs — even tomatoes, you can learn more about review. 3 feet occasional waterings make the spider plant will filter common contaminants from the air, though not efficiently... Low-Maintenance, thanks to their ability to store water and thrive under various.! Some essential ingredients for it pots 18 Vouchers 1 light won ’ t it! She created this vertical display but short leaves and will produce white blooms and occasionally red berries around. Few times per month soil that 's not wet or dry, either, according to Bloomscape wallpaper... To sunlight plant enthusiasts and novices alike this apartment over at design *.! Garden paradise dreams are about to become water-logged ) the Small-Space Gardener, and recommend the best ;! User experience this prolific grower will fill up your pot and multiply with many tiny if.

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