Type in the name of a person or company in a civil proceeding in the "Last Name" box as There are three ways The First Judicial District (FJD) Civil Docket Access Help Desk will assist you in finding the Pennsylvania Court records are a reliable source for doing Pennsylvania criminal background search, locating people in Pennsylvania and looking up liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records. The Judgments and Lien Index Office of the Office of Judicial Records (215) 686-6665 provides information on judgments and liens in the City of Philadelphia.They are responsible for performing searches for outstanding lines and/or judgments and certifying the results thereof and providing computers for public use to obtain judgment, lien … Home buyers and Investors buy the liens in Philadelphia, PA at a tax lien auction or online auction. information on a case Lookup judgments and liens in Pennsylvania court records. A judgment is not a lien against real property which the debtor has previously conveyed in good faith. search what to look for. This data can show proof of ownership … Mechanics Lien Claim File the mechanics lien claim with dollar amount of claim.Include addresses of the plaintiffs and defendants. Search Tip: No "Wild Card" commands are available. The First Judicial District (FJD) of Pennsylvania is composed of two courts which make up the Philadelphia … (Default is person) Person: Company: Name : Last: First: … conducting a search. MORE SPECIFIC RESULTS will be obtained when the First Name and Middle Name boxes are also filled in. The Judgments and Lien Index Office (215) 686-6665 is located at City Hall in Room 262 and open from 9 am to 5 pm. The City of Philadelphia was the county seat as well as the province's capital. Municipal Lien File the lien. Search Tip: For a Company Name Search omit the spaces in the name of the company. A judgment … Essentially, you'll type key words in spaces in the search boxes to tell the Prevent sequestration Details on the Real Estate Tax Sequestration Program, in which the City has a … Philadelphia … Click on the "Submit" box to begin your search. These buyers bid for an interest rate on the taxes owed and the right to collect back that money plus an interest payment from the property owner. The program's goals include preserving Philadelphia judicial history and making it accessible to the community through the Internet. Searching Recorded Documents, Judgments, and Liens Recorded documents, judgments and liens are among the most popular types of public records sought. Pennsylvania Philadelphia County Broad & Market Rm.153 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Number: 215-686-2293 Homepage Due to extremely cold conditions, the City is implementing, In effect: 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 25 to 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 27, Steps the City will take to ensure that people pay bills and taxes. If you … Welcome. The functions usually performed by Wild Cards are automatic for the Internet search types Announcements. Lookup judgments and liens in court records. Copyright ©1998 First Judicial District of Pennsylvania. If you would like to search liens related to Pennsylvania Child Support cases, you can log into this section of the PA Child Support Website. described here. For example: williaman, williamby, williams, and williamson. Water and Sewer Liens Water and Sewer Lien information is available through icons and links on the computers located in the Office of Judicial Records, Room 262, City Hall, Philadelphia PA 19107, as follows: 1) Liens for Water Serviceand Water and Sewer Serviceare available by searching … They are done by Title … As the population grew, parts of Bucks County and Montgomery County were split off from Philadelphia County, and the City of Philadelphia … Moreover, you should include the Beginning Filing Date and Ending Filing Date components to further limit - Judgment Liens on Property in Pennsylvania In Pennsylvania, a property lien can be used to collect a court judgment. The Judgment Search Box looks like this: The Judgment Search Box is very similar in appearance to the Name Search Box and functions much the same. They are located in the Office of Judicial Records, Room 262 City Hall. Courts | Traffic Hearings Search for Philadelphia … When performing a lien record search … Here's how it works. For them, it is important to check a property for a judgment lien before finalizing the deal to avoid being deceived. All Rights Reserved. We're still working on this page's design and content. Court records are a reliable source for doing criminal background search, locating people and looking up liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records. Search the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System webportal for Philadelphia County Municipal Court criminal, summary, and miscellaneous court records. Judgment Lien Search … corner of each section. shown above (The "Phonetic Search" box may be checked if spelling is unknown). (See Cautionary Note below). 2. Includes both enforcement measures and ways to pay outstanding judgement, Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration, Report a change to lot lines for your property taxes, Enroll in the Real Estate Tax deferral program, Set up a Real Estate Tax installment plan, Low-income senior citizen Real Estate Tax freeze, Set up an Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax payment agreement (OOPA), Get a nonprofit real estate tax exemption, Get a real estate tax adjustment after a catastrophic loss, Find a licensed contractor and contractor information, Save your home from mortgage and tax foreclosure, Apply for a grant to clear your home’s title, Services for people experiencing homelessness, Get a Vacant Residential Property License, Get home repairs and modifications for seniors, Apply for a low-interest home improvement loan, Report a problem with a building, lot, or street, Register a burglar alarm / Pay the annual fee, Use a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation space, Reserve a Parks & Recreation facility or field, Get a permit for a large event or festival, Get a Friends and community group event permit, Get a wedding ceremony or wedding photo permit, Get a dust control permit for construction and demolition, Submit a plan for handling infectious waste at a health care facility, Request a permit for a septic system or private sewer line, Submit lead certification and inspection reports, Register in eCLIPSE as a design professional or attorney of record, Submit as a PA Home Improvement Contractor to get construction permits, Get approval for construction in the floodplain, Get an Electrical Permit to install solar panels, Get a building permit for a tank to store hazardous materials, Get a Make Safe Permit for a dangerous building, Request a preliminary review of construction projects, Get a project scoping meeting for a multi-phased project, Get a Zoning Permit to adjust property lot lines, Get a Zoning Permit for new construction or additions, Get a Zoning Permit to change the use of a property, Appeal to the Board of Safety and Fire Prevention (BOSFP), Appeal a denied residential parking spot for people with disabilities, Appeal to the Board of Building Standards (BBS), Appeal to the Board of License and Inspection Review, Search for property history and business license information, Business licenses, permits, and approvals, Apply for or renew certification for a body art establishment, Schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for a child care facility, Schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for in-home child care, Apply to operate equipment that emits or controls air pollution, Apply to install equipment that emits or controls air pollution, Change ownership of a stationary food business, Change ownership of a mobile food business, Apply for a plan review for a stationary food business, Apply for a plan review for a mobile food business, Get a Food Preparation and Serving License, Get a Food Establishment Retail, Non-Permanent Location License, Get a 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salon, Report a food illness or food safety concern, Volunteer for the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Understand the PBT notification-confirmation process, Set up an Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA), Set up a Real Estate Tax payment plan for property you don’t live in, Set up a payment agreement for your business or income taxes, Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax payment agreement, Get help if you are at risk of being evicted, Community Development Corporation (CDC) Tax Credit, Life Partner & Transgender Care Health Benefits Tax Credits, Philadelphia Re-Entry Program (PREP) Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) resources, Low-income Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Freeze, File and pay Business Income & Receipts Tax (BIRT), Resolve business and income/Wage Tax liens and judgments, Resolve bills or liens for work done by the City on a property, Use code enforcement numbers to request a payoff, Make an appointment to pay City taxes or a water bill in 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Integrity, File for unpaid leave because of domestic violence, or sexual assault, Report wrongful discharge for parking employees, Report a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights violation, File a COVID-19 retaliation complaint against an employer, Appeal a zoning decision to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), Participate in a Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) hearing, Get approval for work to a historic property, Philadelphia City Planning Commission plan reviews, Request a plan consistency letter for a development proposal, Get an affordable housing zoning bonus review, Apply for construction approval from the Art Commission, Apply for newsstand approval from the Art Commission, Apply for sign, awning, or canopy approval from the Art Commission, Apply for artwork approval from the Art Commission, Ask the Chief Integrity Officer a question. This site will provide the basic steps for A judgment … Experienced Judgement Lien Attorneys. FASTER, All users must update their login credentials before they can log in to their account. Similarly, a judgment is not a lien against real property which the judgment debtor acquires after the judgment has been entered of record. Users should be prepared, and searches should be conducted, with as much reliable information as possible, in addition to last names. The Office of Property Assessment of the City of Philadelphia (OPA) makes every effort to produce and publish on this site the most accurate and current information available to it. Waiver of Liens File the waiver of liens … Search Tip: Move quickly from subject to subject in Help by clicking on the desired topic in the Tables of Contents located in the upper left-hand Visit www.searchquarry.com or dial 1-800-859-7375 to get further information regarding how to do a lien records search online. Lien Search usually refers to the process of searching through public records … Many buyers do not want to buy a property that has any kind of lien on it. Contractors and subcontractors can file a lien claim with the Court of Common Pleas, and you can search for pending or previous mechanics lien actions brought against a property owner in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas at courts.phila.gov (under “search court records” click “trial division-search civil dockets,” then “search … Search Only for Judgments Against a Person or Company by Name - Allows you to search for an individual or company against whom a Judgment or lien has been entered as a result of a Civil proceeding in the Philadelphia … They are judgment liens, property tax liens, IRS liens, child support liens, mechanic’s liens and family law real property lien records. Maryland Judiciary Judgment and Liens Search Case Search. Title searches are not done by the Records Department. UCC, Lien & Litigation Services State Level UCC and Lien Search Online DIY Search System UCC Filing Online UCC eZFILE System Patriot Act Search Fixture Filing Search Federal/State Tax Lien & Judgment Search State Court Search/Retrieval U.S. District Court Search/Retrieval U.S. Bankruptcy Court Search/Retrieval Secured Party Search Philadelphia County was established by William Penn in 1682 as one of three counties in Pennsylvania. How to understand City of Philadelphia judgment and lien numbers in order to submit a payoff request. The conditions and resulting return information for filling in the Last and First names and middle initial are the same as those described for the Name Search … defined as a charge on real or personal property for the satisfaction of debt or duty An example of a search box is provided below. Our ownership records are based on deeds as recorded with the City of Philadelphia Department of Records (DOR), and we revise these records … and therefore FOCUS AND SPEED UP - your search results. Judgment Search. Liens and judgments are not located in this department. These items are not governed by the same strict standards that Revised Article 9 provides pertaining to UCC filings.

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