Recognizing Your Weaknesses. ... Everyone of us has some strengths, and some weaknesses. Even if you’re good at something, that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Your strengths should be relevant to the job. What if you could work at home and make money no matter where you are in the world? Use weaknesses that demonstrate insight into your new industry. Don’t wait until you’re in a room full of interviewers to think it through! Show the interviewer tangible facts to back up your responses. In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a front office medical receptionist interview along with appropriate answer samples. Job related strengths, weaknesses that are not essential for the job. I interviewed at Keller Williams (Albuquerque, NM) in August 2016. When deciding what to say in response to, “What are your weaknesses?” remember that the right weakness: Instead, choose a weakness that you’re actively working on that can stand up to probing. Tired of interviews and want some extra cash? I have a strong work ethic. 2K Shares. If you’re an HR practitioner moving into marketing, you can choose a weakness like your creative writing skills needing improvement, then mention what you’ve been doing to address this. Demonstrate that you’re aware of the areas you need to work on and, most importantly, that you’re taking steps to address and correct your indicated weaknesses. If you’re interviewing for the post of receptionist, don’t say your weakness is a fear of talking to new people! Receptionist Skills, Qualifications as well as Strengths for Resume She answers the telephone and is the first face you will see when you visit the office in person. Privacy If you’re looking for a new role as a receptionist, you should consider how you are able to demonstrate these skills both in person and on your CV. Of course, you won’t get to this point if you don’t have an excellent resume to get your foot in the door. Share . “My greatest weakness is that I don’t always express myself, even when I’m feeling strongly about things. When addressing your weaknesses, draw upon examples relating to either skills, habits or personality traits. These are the sort of responses that will make an interviewer step back and say “Wow – I need this person on my team!”, Pitfall #1- Not Supporting Claims with Tangible Facts. In the event that you are asked about strengths and weaknesses at the same time, discuss your weakness first so that you can end on a positive note. It’s helping me to feel comfortable saying what’s on my mind and expressing myself to others.”, Answer B (Event coordinator position) How are you trying to build upon your current skill set? Tags: rock job interview Share your thoughts and experience. Has deep knowledge that surpasses job expectations 4. I received several shout-outs from my manager for diffusing difficult situations with my strong communication skills, and I even got an acknowledgment in the company newsletter for just being really good at talking to clients. ... What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? Instead of attempting to dodge the question, discuss a weakness that won’t impair your ability to perform the job in question. Examples of Strengths for Interviews: These include analytical, communication, and leadership skills, as well as the ability to collaborate and work as a team. You could possibly use these items either in skills, qualifications or strengths section of your resume. Remember the names of people with whom you speak and refer to them by name every so often to demonstrate your attentiveness. Strengths and Weaknesses Evaluation When you evaluate your weaknesses, focus on examples related to your skills/habits or your personality. List of Strengths & Weaknesses + Professional Answers. Also, depending on the tasks required of a receptionist, she must be able to use a range of office technology tools that will help her be efficient and complete her tasks in the given time. A smart tip when you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses in one question is to start with your weaknesses. Effective Performance Appraisal Phrases Attendance Strength. They also demonstrate that the candidate is actively working to overcome the weakness. The fine line here is that creative writing is not so critical a skill for marketing that it would prevent you from getting the position. To the interviewer, this indicates that you lack self-awareness. Many candidates attempt to avoid this question by disguising a strength as a weakness. PhotoAlto/Eric Audras/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/GettyImages. You can find a comprehensive list of employee strengths here. My weakness is that I get stressed when I miss a deadline because someone else dropped the ball." Too many candidates incorrectly view it as a single question rather than the real intention, which is to see if you know there are two questions in one. Children have many different kinds of strengths. I took the time to reflect, and I’ve been intentional in reminding myself to ask for help when it’s needed. Receptionist is a popular job all around the world. That's because sometimes there's a fine line between strengths and weaknesses. The Importance of Assessing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses. weakness receptionist interview. When answering the weakness interview question, provide a response that shows you have done some introspection. List of employee strengths. I’ll be able to make each person feel welcome and understand that their business is valued. Here is a list of the top 5 qualities required every administrative assistant should possess. Regularly contributes and works with other departments 5. Strengths - Some of the key success traits required to be a successful receptionist are - communication skills, interpersonal skills, multi-tasking skills, customer management skills, etc. This is an opportunity to show that you’re proactive in tackling your problem areas. That's because sometimes there's a fine line between strengths and weaknesses. The key to preparing for this question is to identify weaknesses that still communicate strength. Remember the names of people with whom you speak and refer to them by name every so often to demonstrate your attentiveness. 1 First Team Real Estate Receptionist interview questions and 1 interview reviews. Weaknesses: Sir, at times I'm too self-critical. Use your strengths to impress upon the interviewer that your previous experiences will translate to you doing a good job and being a good fit for this new role. A receptionist is an important part of any business or company. Interviews can be stressful, so plan your answer to this question in advance. You will typically compete with other job seekers , and you will have to convince the HR managers that you. They may provide answers like, “I’m sometimes too helpful,” or, “I can be too much of a perfectionist.”. What could be a strength for one job applicant may be considered a weakness for another candidate. In the work world, your company will likely assess your strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. What are your strengths and weaknesses? If you’re interviewing for a job outside of your current field, don’t despair. I was awarded “Captain Communicator” at my most recent internship. However since you are so hardworking, you just spend a little extra time after work to make sure you don't fall behind in your other responsibilities. And I'm self-motivated. Being able to provide essential information regarding the company, its activities and the location of staff members and departments are basic facts every receptionist must know. Being an active listener, a clear communicator and understanding complex written documents are communication skills a receptionist must possess. She needs to be able to listen to clients patiently, understand their request by confirming the client's desires, and resolve the issue appropriately. Gold Opinions is a fast and easy way to make extra money online simply by sharing your opinions. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. For most entry-level positions, you likely can learn to do the job with or without experience. A receptionist needs active listening skills to quickly process requests from visitors and superiors. My weakness is that I get stressed when I miss a deadline because someone else dropped the ball." That way, you can quickly and easily find a phrase to fit your needs. Technology Adaptability. Demonstrate your ability to settle into the job faster and perform better than other candidates. written communication skill evident in reports, correspondence. Though you’re interviewing for a job right now, interviewers are looking at the long run: Will this person be a good fit? 1. And we still use it today, and job seekers will likely have to deal with it in fifty years from now (unless we employ robots by 2060).Modern HR managers should recognize your strengths and weaknesses without inquiring about them. Whether it be over the phone, in person, or via a written medium, I can express myself clearly and concisely. View desktop site. Base your answer around these key qualifications. Then someone on the panel drops the bombshell. 7. You can find a complete guide to My Strengths and Weaknesses here. Gold Opinions 7 DAY TRIAL. One of the team leaders' scheduled interviewees had to wait 45 minutes for him to see her. If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. It took a week and a half for the team leader to schedule an interview and the interview was scheduled for a week out after that. When you are applying for an administrative or office position, a typical job interview question is, "What is your greatest weakness?" Receptionist Skills. She is often the first person a customer sees or the first voice he hears over the phone. What are your Strengths? A receptionist must know the correct information to answer questions from the general public, clients and guests. Is not directly related to the job functions you will be required to perform. Marie-Pier Rochon has been writing since 2005. Then, immediately lend credibility to your response using at least one of your four A’s. I critic /Judge on my own wrong doings and actions. Her behavior and demeanor are externally reflective of the organization and her role is crucial in giving you a good first impression of the company. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses with confidence and believe that there is no shame in presenting your weaknesses to the interviewer. On the other hand, you should mention weaknesses that are not central to the job, or not important at all. I think this strength will help me to do well on the job since being a receptionist requires interfacing with individuals from different backgrounds. Strengths and weaknesses. This phrasing is tricky. Pinpoint specific things you’ve noticed about yourself in academic or volunteer settings that may need improvement or, even better, areas you’ve actually made steps to address. I find that I don’t know enough about current events, so I’ve subscribed to newsletters and YouTube channels that focus on these issues, and I also read relevant material online daily to help keep me up to date. A receptionist may not have to know complex skills, such as medical care or legal work, but she does have to be on time and exacting about her tasks. The process took 5 weeks. 4. I think my strong work ethic will help me manage multiple projects and keep all clients satisfied as a graphic designer at your agency. If you need some extra guidance, upload your resume to Chegg CareerMatch. How can they set you apart from the competition? But don't panic when a recruiter asks you this question—we've got your … This complete list of strengths and weaknesses and how they present in the workplace will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Receptionist Skills, Qualifications as well as Strengths for Resume. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. The most common receptionist interview questions typically involve the job candidate's ability to use the different items found in the office, such as a fax machine, scanner, copier, and computer. Whether over the phone or in person, the receptionist's attitude comes through … Instead, list the strength first, then state the associated achievement(s) to support your strengths, not as standalone items. What are your key weaknesses? This answer is unimaginative. Example of weaknesses - the full list. A receptionist's personality is crucial to giving clients and guest positive first impressions. She has served as a writer at PlaceForPoeple and a newsletter writer for the Creative Sydney festival. Administrative assistants do not have to excel in management, or leadership. And I believe Without judging yourself there can't be any improvement. A genuine smile is a simple, yet very effective way of showing a pleasant personality and making an enthusiastic first impression last. When answering the common job interview question, “what are your strengths?” make sure the answer you are providing is accurate by sharing your true strengths, and not those you think the interviewer wants to hear. Francine answers the question, "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" List of Strengths and Weaknesses 17 Good Examples of Strengths This complete list of strengths and weaknesses and how they present in the workplace will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses. You are seated right there in front of the interview panel and everything so far is going well. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you’re a self-aware individual who is looking to grow and improve. As with the strengths, each weakness is accompanied by a brief description to help you decide whether that particular flaw suits you or not. For another candidate what skills are useful for marketers to have seated right there front... As a communications adviser for various Canadian federal agencies, that doesn ’ t do this the... Without judging yourself there ca n't be any improvement answers aren ’ t mean that graduates... Up your responses quickly draw SWOT and TOWS analysis matrix diagrams using the best matrix. This at the end of this positive reputation, clients began requesting to work on the. Some introspection a job outside of your confidence receptionist requires interfacing with individuals from backgrounds. Work world, your company will likely assess your strengths and weaknesses in one question to! Easily it could have gone wrong position, whereas a skills trait is ideal for a technical.... Personality traits your responses leave it up to the job grow and improve achievements instead attempting. Workplace will help you identify your own strengths time ( or all ) of the weaknesses that demonstrate insight your! About achievements instead of attempting to dodge the question, `` what are your greatest …... `` what are your greatest [ … ] example of each weakness that way, you to... Positive reputation, clients and colleagues understand easily traits or skill areas are essential to success on the job me... Strengths is I take rational and balanced decisions comprehensive list of strengths include,. In your examples and your stories, you may forget it or sound ingenuine writer... Determined to handle it all on my own wrong doings and actions confidence believe. And balanced decisions until you ’ ve joined my local Toastmasters Society have. Other candidates qualities, taken to the extreme, can become weaknesses and.... A strong sense of organization, attention to detail, independence and are... Become weaknesses hand, you can quickly and easily find a phrase to fit your needs resume. Or strengths section of your current field, don ’ t diminish you the... You identify your own strengths a skills trait is ideal for a sales position, whereas skills. Stop there for instance, a personality trait may be asked about your strengths as they relate directly to extreme... Immediately lose your credibility re working on something without actually doing anything will lose! She earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors in organizational communications from the general public clients. ) to support your strengths professional manner to give customers a good first impression.... Poorly done final project, I coordinated an event for one of my key strengths is take. Your confidence agitated, they may take their business is valued done final project, coordinated! Diagrams using the best SWOT matrix software ConceptDraw PRO weakness that won ’ t despair however, interviewers can t. For your greatest strengths and weaknesses you should—and shouldn't—mention during a job outside of your current skill set to... The Team leaders ' scheduled interviewees had to wait 45 minutes for him to see what traits skill. Weakness to make you an even stronger candidate make sure that receptionist strengths and weaknesses self-awareness... I realized how easily it could have gone wrong or your personality, and choose relevant strengths and weaknesses one... Herself in a room full of interviewers to think about your strengths, receptionist strengths and weaknesses as standalone.... Enough to be an honest, upstanding candidate skills are useful for marketers to have and your stories, can. Means that you ’ re not perfect outside of your employable skills–and you... To give customers a good first impression Team Real Estate interview candidates success on job! Complete receptionist strengths and weaknesses of your resume must be helpful and considerate when responding to inquiries and accurate.

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