Anosmic to the tobacco aroma chemical that they use but to my nose it smells very similar to Bond no.9 New Haarlem. Serge Lutens The character of the Serge Lutens Tarab eau de parfum is best explained by discovering the meaning behind its name. 5 with If you like only one of this type of fragrance, it will be this one. The opening is unpleasant wet hay but the remaining life of the perfume is the perfect dry fall fragrance. I've had a decant of Cherguifor a while and just finally tried it. Ordered sample based on love and comments here, glad to know they are reliable as this is a new love to add for me !!!! Lucky me! If you go, bring a ladder. I had high hopes but really did not care for this (at least not in this price range!) Smelling it is walking into myth, wearing it is becoming a legend. Serge Lutens Feminite Du Bois Eau De Parfum Spray/Splash for Women, 1.6 Ounce by Serge Lutens. p>Serge Lutens, a sokoldalú tehetséges művész, leginkább az egyedi parfümök készítésének köszönhetően vált ismertté. Unisex in the same way. Worth a try if the notes sound interesting to you. Unfortunately I have no one to hose down with this and that is the bitter part. Save your money. So, at least 21 hours of longevity. The notes-voting of Fragrantica are extremely illusive in this one, as tobacco and honey are only here to assist the star pair and give the fragrance its oriental character (SL dna), also laying a sweet but light and smooth background that in no way tries to "steal the spotlight" of the aforementioned stellar duo. Serge Lutens Clair De Musc Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 10 $77.95 $ 77 . And it is so realistic! I hate tobacco, I hate incense, I hate hay, but I LOVE this. I am in love with it since the first sniff. Based on the notes and rave reviews, I expected a little more from Chergui. Anyway, its a wonderful scent, but an absolutely lousy performer. I can't say about the sillage, since until now I've received no comments about from people around me, and it surprise me because I've sprayed it four times (on neck and chest and both wrists). On my skin, it opens up like Coca-Cola, with a base that's very similar to Fahrenheit le Parfum. I was at once curious and trepidatious about trying Chergui. This one is lovely though!To my nose I am getting the tobacco and a bit of the honey. A true masterpiece of modern perfumery. Worth every dollar and a stone cold bargain if you get it at a discount. It feels like a movie set where everyone behind the scenes is running around trying to keep the production on schedule and under budget. When combined with the other (background) notes (tobacco, musk) you get something that is akin to the smell of a bedroom after sex. More on this later. Nothing juvenile, but very elegant. Gris Clair 2006. SERGE LUTENS began his professional career in the world of hairdressing although he tried with makeup becoming the responsible of Carita brand. In my first experience w/ Chergui I was not impressed. out of The only fragrance Serge Lutens wears himself... Morocco in a bottle! $230.00. However, nothing beats testing perfume to skin. Cooler days is the best environment for this one. La primera edición se creó en 1991 y la más nueva es de 2020. Reminds me of Tom Ford TV but not as good. Maybe it's all the heavy, resinous amber oil I wore when I was younger, I don't know. Thankfully only bought a tester . Masculine leaning unisex perfect for evenings or a crisp day. The brand emerged at a perfect time, when the internet made e-commerce and social networking available and allowed exclusive and unusual perfumes to be obtained and discussed--the "cult" and "niche" fragrances of which Serge Lutens fragrances are a perfect example. The tobacco note here is similar to that in Versace Dreamer - a bright, sweet scent reminiscent of "cherry flavouring". I am in love. … and it is suitable for anybody, a baby girl, her loving uncle or her great-grandmother. I will always have this in my collection. La Couche du Diable 2019. The best one word description would be "warm." I received a 5ml bottle from Luckyscent with a recent purchase, and I am completely blown away by it a few hours in. As I am a girl, I don't like the scent to be too smokey, which makes it very masculine. Serge Lutens ha realizzato le sue fragranze in collaborazione con i profumieri Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens e Gilles Romey. This makes me smell like a sexy barrel museum and I mean that as a compliment. Well done Serge! I wish I loved it because the note pyramid seemed right up my alley but it left me let down and sad that I traded an excellent perfume for Chergui thinking it was the holy grail of niche tobacco scents. Il primo è stato creato nel 1991 e il più recente è del 2020. Other perfumes by Serge Lutens. All creaminess and depth has gone. I can't remember such intense flowers marrying so well together in a perfume! More on this later. I thought it smelled like wet diapers, actually, so I gave it away. I thought it would be a bit more challenging, which is the Serge I prefer. Clashing, torturing the raw ingredients until they reveal their inner truth: for Serge Lutens this is not a job but an art! Legend has it---the petroglyphs tell a story of the falling man. Дизайнер Serge Lutens представлений 93 ароматами в нашій енциклопедії. Remember to look up, because high on an outcropping is a bird of prey nest. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vitriol D'Oeillet by Serge Lutens EDP Spr… This scent is the stuff of dreams, exotic yet never overwhelming. I was barely able to smell it off my skin. It smells about as close as I could hope to the smell of summer in the country. Great tobacco scent, really good stuff :). Not sure what's changed, but on this time around, I get a powdery, honeyed hay and tobacco vibe, but not a dirty diaper in sight! Smells expensive, distinctive, and weird - not necessarily a compliment getter, but certainly memorable. Not my cup of tea tbh. Maybe it is the setting of a department store which confused my senses. I've only experienced this deep-but-unidentifiable nostalgia response to perfume a couple of times. A slightly spicier, more unique Dior Homme. Arabie 2000. It just smelled like menthol and hay to me. IMO . Fille en Aiguilles 2009. Brought into existence by the legendary photographer, makeup artist and director of Shiseido’s international image, Serge Lutens, this is the world of exquisite dreams and pure emotions, the world where the most precious, most authentic and rarest essences are woven into unique harmonies. The trick is not to over apply but target the chest and pulse regions. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I wouldn't recommend blind buying this one. This is the scent that got me back into perfume after a 2 year hiatus in which I was fragrance free. Lutens and Shiseido partnered on another legendary fragrance, 1992's Feminite du Bois. I love the opening, it smells so enveloping and powdery. All told very good, but not great. Yes, I can smell the tobacco, the sweetness that I assume is honey (but is so well-blended it doesn't smell like any honey I've ever smelled in a perfume), the smokey note that drifts under the tobacco and sweetness, and the fleeting powdery-ness that drifts past occasionally, almost like someone opened the door and a faint bit of the cold outside made its way to the fireplace. He worked with top photographers and models of the period, and in 1967, Lutens was commissioned by designer Christian Dior to produce a line of cosmetics. Designer Serge Lutens has 94 perfumes in our fragrance base. Im guessing it comes from having used Johnson's baby oil in the bedroom at some point in the past. There is a sort of spice to it but watery as well. My grandfather was a serious smoker, and he lived with us since I was born until he passed away. Find all perfumes of the Exclusive Bottles collection and appreciate their exceptional fragrances : floral, ambery and more. This is one of my two favourites in Serge Lutens while another being La Fille de Berlin. Performance: projects nicely for 2hs or so, sitting close to skin for just another 3hs or so - not very good longevity. I only tried three, all on cards, and picked Chergui to skin test because the other one I really wanted to try had a greater risk of bothering those around me. From the depths, I have cried out to you, O … I remember the hype train on this in Fragcom beautiful fragrance done right. Ralph Lauren Salvatore Ferragamo Serge Lutens Shalimar Eau de Parfum Tom Ford Van Cleef & Arpels Versace Victoria's Secret Viktor&Rolf Yves Rocher Yves Saint Laurent Zara περισσότερα Haha. Think Dior Fahrenheit mixed with YSL Kouros mixed with TF tobacco oud ! I do not get honey or tobacco. I couldn´t even wash it off. Sweetened by the honey and smooth incenses without an ounce of harshness of vulgarity. Sure, it has tobacco in it. At first I didn't get much tobacco, but some sort of spicy oriental sweet something. $2.47 shipping. $150.00 – $230.00 (3) Arrives by Christmas Eve. Iris is sort of the centerpiece, but not in the beginning. One of the most delicately beautiful amber blend fragrances ever created, and one I have had the privilege of always having a bottle in my collection since it was introduced almost two decades ago, this Serge … I ❤ the dry down, i found myself sniffing my wrist every minute, . Very sweet with no trace of tobacco or leather at all. This is the richest, warmest tobacco scent you will ever smell. Super strong, like tobacco and burning hay with a tiny drop of honey on top. This experience lasts for about 14 hours with only one spray. This is a really beautiful niche fragrance that smells to my nose of the scent of honeyed amber with sweet tobacco and the unique note of hay, and also cinnamon. I put two dabs on each wrist and immediately heard Jim Morrison crooning in my head. I want to love so many of Serge Lutens' creations, but they never preform on my skin like how they smell in the bottle. This is a perfect companion for walking in the chill of Fall. Just blind bought a 50ml bottle of Chergui but it's not quite what I was expecting, it's actually really nice and wearable. Today is my first wearing of this fragrance. I do love me a good spicy fragrance, but this is spicy like a curry. For a fragrance named after a Moroccan desert wind, Chergui is surprisingly full-bodied in its abundance. Chergui went home with me. A great one , that more people should try out. I will keep testing... Baby powder, honey and tobacco. This was jarring to my nose at first, like the rest for this house, Nothing smells like Chergui ... nothing! Serge Lutens Fragrance. See more of Fragrantica on Facebook It ended up being the one fragrance I tested on my wrist, I thanked her and told her I would be back if I liked it and left the store to grab some lunch. It truly deserves to be famous: a masterfully-controlled blend of spice and honeyed tobacco with enough class and sweetness to work on almost anyone, with almost anything. Today I decided to wear it again. Chergui is very versatile and it's like they call it: a very good entrance into Niche perfumes. It took a few wears for the strong hay opening to grow on me but now that it has, it gives the warm tobacco such interest, and the honey really rounds it out without getting cloying. This gets a lot of love but honestly to my nose it’s just not that interesting. Got 40 mls for 50 pounds on ebay. Other perfumes by Serge Lutens. It starts off a bit medicinal... with some sweetness, which has to be the honey . Also if you find Herod to be a tobacco dominant scent you’ll most likely love this. Chergui is the first Serge Lutens I've tried that I don't want more of. It's long lasting, but soft, almost imperceptible to the wearer, while apparent to passers by. brilliant, lovely and cosy fragrance for fall. And the baby powder was an unwelcome surprise. Honey is preeminent in the opening then the iris kicks in and the incense extinguishes the scent towards the end. It's always noted as being the better of what I consider a favorite. The hype is absolutely justified here in my book. Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane Eau de Parfum. This week I ordered another batch of samples and, spur of the moment decided to throw it in the basket again. The Birth of Liquid Fears by Salvador Dali 1932. Serge Noire Perfume By Serge Lutens Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex Tester) FOR WOME. But I thought this would be a lot richer, and warmer than it was, based on the notes. I would classify this nice frag as a gourmand tobacco. Hi guys more of an ask then anything else.... is it worth trying to find an older bottle/batch rather than forking out for the newer plain label/new formula bottle? For Serge Lutens, “perfume is illuminating, affirming, the ultimate final touch ». I love it from the first red and orange leaves all the way to the last snowfall, and with its spot-on longevity and sillage my little decant has lasted a year or two of regular cold-weather wear; you'll never need to re-apply. Most tobacco fumes run spicy, but Chergui runs sweet and smooth. Last year I had ordered a sample to try and didn't like it. Fils de Joie 2020. This scent is just wonderful. Tennis balls, sweat, and white t-shirts. This is stunning. Shops Tags: Gratte-ciel collection, PÉRILLEUSEMENT VÔTRE, black collection, fils de joie, palais royal, serge lutens, serge lutens boutique As promised in yesterday’s post, here are the two new fragrances created by Serge Lutens … I am being slowly seduced by Chergui. That's what I get some from this one. Fille en Aiguilles 2009. There is a reason that this is one of Serge Luten's best selling fragrances, it brings on the feeling of home and family. I love it, because it is so complex. Tarab predstavlja interpretaciju 300 godina starog parfema iz Indije koji se zvao "Shamama", kao i Serge Lutensovu verziju kombinacije agar drveta i ruže. Chergui is one that I forgot. Edit: the reformulation in new style bottle is a far cry from the original. Quoting Serge Lutens about Chergui, he defines it as "a fire spread by the wind" referring to the eastern wind that blows from the Sahara desert, hot and dry like the perfume. Daim Blond 2004. off. Free shipping in the US on orders over $59. Serge Lutens Chergui Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce – Probably the most popular Serge Lutens fragrance and somewhat reminds me of Pure Havane. This is definitely a fragrance that you have to allow to dry down on your skin to judge. De luxe. It has Iris in it and warm sun-sweetened hay, as well. Some of my favorite childhood memories happened in Kentucky so the smell of tobacco leaves being cured is a comforting scent for me. This is such an intriguing fragrance. You make me feel like Tantalus. Chergui is very well balanced, an inspiration for the new perfumistas generation! $84.00. Wow. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Love the sweet tobacco in this perfume , absolute gem, will definitely be adding to my collection, projection and silliage great, 10 out of 10 chergui. Anyway, she was impressed about how I knew all of the fragrance names etc. This is my perfect tobacco fragrance. Ambre Sultan 1993. They lived on an old tobacco farm out in the country. That day, my intention was to test A La Nuit...did not like it at all despite of the rave reviews and recommendations. A sticky, powdery, sweet, cozy beast of a fragrance. You'd never ever be wearing "the wrong thing" with this on. Though, I find Chergui much more pleasing than Fahrenheit. Serge Lutens las fragancias se hicieron en colaboración con los perfumistas Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens y Gilles Romey. Are you out of your mind? Like sitting in church after services are over, there lingers something resinous in the air but it's faint and passing. But it does not last. Too much of the honey- at least on my skin, such a shame :( It ´s not for me , but I highly appreciate the longevity & sillage of this fragrance. This one just makes me feel something special. After drydown I think it ends up almost like a sweet, soft, hippy type of scent- like a clean, lovely, flannel shirted, long haired mountain man who might be managing the fireplace on an early fall day and the smoke lingers on him. Beautiful opening 15 minutes followed by Musk overload for the remainder of the drydown, the Musk is similar to the Musk in Ravageur and unfortunately dominates all the other notes. One smell and I knew that he's the one. Some florals also. Honey/tobacco (giving an impression of hay), with a noticeable supporting vanilla and a hint of incense. Watch Queue Queue So, so ephemeral on me. Sprayed one on one wrist, the other on other wrist. I agree. Love at first sniff. If you’re searching for tobacco you won’t find it. I enjoy it quite a bit. Wonderful Chergui. You usually can't go wrong with a Lutens and Chergui is my favorite of them all. This NEEDS some wind to spread the "Saharan fire". Can not see myself reaching for it too often, but I'm glad I own it. Doubt, anger, fragility, joy (too)... each of these represents a moment of our existence. Lutens also designed and conceptualized a luxurious perfume house, Les Salons du Palais Royal, for the exclusive marketing of Shiseido … More like pure honey melted on hot rocks and dried leaves outside in the sunshine. Too savoury for me I'm afraid. To top it off, all the aroma is heavily greased by amber along with a silky and slightly animalic but subtle musk. Not sure but for me it wasn’t worth the money spent. This isn't the east wind that picks up spices, dust and heat. Serge Lutens – drabužių, dizaineris, parfumeris, plaukų stilistas, fotografas, režisierius. I don't get any powdery scent at all. Chergui is everything I wanted from Tabu, Obsession, Toujours Moi, and other orientals...but didn't quite get. This feels like the solution for people who like Dior Homme but feels like it's just missing something. I have just sprayed one, measly spritz of Serge Lutens’ Muscs Kublai Khan… and HOLY COW! Easily the best tobacco based fragrance I’ve ever smelled. Sillage is moderate while longevity is quite good at over 6 hours. It’s blended well and difficult to pick out individual notes. Lasted all day on skin. It's weirdly minty to my nose, and the opening reminds me of a kid's sweet mint toothpaste I used to use when I was maybe 5 years old! It’s popularity at the onset of the decade led to a price drop on Chergui, facilitating my entry into niche perfume. Ironically similar cheapie with huge sillage and longevity. The DNA in the opening is very similar. Fragrance Review: Serge Lutens, Chergui (2005) See more of Fragrantica on Facebook My only problem is that it’s not very strong and doesn’t last long so will need to continue to spray throughout the day, but maybe that’s the nature of this beast so never mind! That one came across as much more powdery. Pick Up: Set location. Beautiful, beautiful scent that was one of my early forays into niche. The first time I smelled this, it reached right into my chest to a very emotional place, like it was twanging my heartstrings. Later, I get honey, amber, tobacco, sandalwood. It smells like tobacco vanilla baby wipes. Not much change in my impression of FeA, however feeling the tobacco more in Chergui more now. OFFICIAL WEBSITE. i love this, but lady friend doesn't. In reality it is a tad less exotic and mysterious. As it begins to settle once notices a honey, incense and ambery centre. There is definitely tobacco, a hint of hay and some honey but the tobacco is never too much and thankfully I find that element of it does get muted down once it has been on the skin for a while. De Profundis by Serge Lutens is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Des Clous pour une Pelure 2020. I understand why you are popular, but I just can't join your legion of fans. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Plus the bottle design of the old version is prettier as well. oh my god. plastic-smelling. After 4 hours the hay has muted, the tobacco matured and mutated into the smoke note. I finally got around to trying this and I really enjoy it. Chergui invokes the scene of being outdoors on a cool night at a countryside property and starting up a raging bonfire with flintstones then settling down on a haybale with a glass of whiskey in hand and an unlit cigar in the other. I blind bought Chergui out of sheer hype and here I am, underwhelmed and disappointed. A luxurious version of Eau des Baux; creamier and smoother. The Scoop. The dominant tobacco note has a hay-like quality that is sharp and dry, and makes me a little sneezy on initial application. This is a outstanding fragrance. I have used a single spray, bottle arrived today, 3/22/18. (How do you do that unnoticed?). Serge Lutens fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens and Gilles Romey. Chergui 2001. The ultimate dark fairytale perfume. I'm no expert, but there are few fragrances I've ever tried that I would consider to be a work of art. Ambre Sultan 1993. It just has a great deal of body. Amazing! @smellsbells yes, they both smell a bit old lady in the classic sense. I've never heard about Chergui. The rose and iris are listed because of the nice baby powder vibe. See full size image. Everyone goes with curiosity and leaves with respect. ("Well, show me the way, to the next whiskey bar....") I looked at my Doc Martens moto boots in the corner...not the black ones, the brown ones...and wanted to put them on with the dark brown riding jacket from Westley Richards that my beloved Mate surprised me with a few years ago. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Outstanding quality and blend. Serge Lutens представлен 94 ароматами в нашей энциклопедии. The best of the best Serge Lutens and one of the best fragrances of all time. Serge Lutens online store. I wear it to work and get many compliments. Borneo 1834 2005. Eric Buterbaugh Florals fragrances … But, it was too sweet. I initially found it smelt of laundry detergent. I tend to change my fragrance daily, yet I find myself wearing this for days at a time. But, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. All in nice proportion. Find out all perfumes of the Collection Noire range of Serge Lutens. I kept checking in with it on my arm, sniffing the area that I'd sprayed it to see how it developed. Slightly sweet, slightly powdery with a backbone of smokey incense. I will give it a shot tomorrow and update. The first time I wore this I was really unsure. Chergui is the only one of the lot I would consider pursuing further, though I admit it took me several trials to make up my mind. Unfortunately, Parfums de Marly Herod continues to be my most favorite tobacco perfume in the world! I feel like Indiana Jones would have worn Chergui. With my chemistry this smells like a grownup baby powder. The perfume … Your ambery goodness is alluring, potent, and compelling, but unfortunately I am testing you on one wrist while I am testing Ambre Sultan on the other, and Ambre Sultan wins. The nose behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake. To me, it comes across as super synthetic, i.e. Now, I'll admit Spice Bomb projects, but Chergui is a much more pleasing scent. I got my 3 bottles in 2012. I can tell you that the reformulation(s) have not hindered the performance with this in any way whatsoever. “Beautiful” is the only way to describe it. Love the churchy incense aroma in FeA. It is so famous for a reason. Good sillage and staying power. To my nose it has a bit of an Interlude Man vibe, but nowhere near the smokiness of that and it's a lot softer. Very alluring scent. Tobacco and incense in sweet union on a dry grassy bed of honeyed florals. It smells delicious and warm and comforting; very sweet but not in a baked goods way. I just got a new bottle of this and it's just barely sweet, which is interesting because I sniffed it back in 2018 as well and all I could smell was a very animalic, very sweet honey-oud scent (like pee! It lasts the whole day and goes into the evening. Chergui выпущен в 2005 году. In Filles en Aiguilles, the powerful resinous smell of pine is compounded by the camphor blast of vetiver and a wisp of gunpowder incense. As a niche fragrance neophyte, I sensibly acquired a few samples from the house of Lutens to see what it's all about. Borneo 1834 2005. It has some greeness that reminds me of pickled veggies. Perhaps it's a vice, and maybe I need an intervention, but it's a joy to do and I'll continue doing it with a lot of researching and review-reading preceding the blind buying. Test on skin before purchase. It is a nice ,cosy,very unique scent,that’s hard to describe but I ‘ll give it a shot. It is a tobacco honey scent that is very smooth with none of the notes jumping at you, they all blend into each other. It has everything I like in it. This is one of them. @ Ansarit It's just the hay, tobacco, and honey notes combining to give you that sweet illusion of cinnamon. Subjectivity and opinions is what makes fragrances so great. Not the kind of tobacco I like, unfortunately! Okay. Nothing stands out maybe I’m asnomic to it? Maroussia does in fact have better longevity. Lutens creates his perfumes in close collaboration with perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. Forgive me for being so so chatty as I blabber on about my first perfume by Serge Lutens: Datura Noir (2001, nose: Christopher Sheldrake). Certainly not a blind buy. The hay note is not as bad as I would think it would be. I like my scents strong, but man oh man, this is something else. I really want to revisit it when it's warmer outside. My first reaction was "aah awesome! Great for the colder months of the year. This fragrance has earned something of a cult following and has, in my opinion, the character, performance (longevity more so than projection) and uniqueness to warrant such. Este diseñador Serge Lutens tiene 94 perfumes en nuestra base de datos. I understand now why this is one of SL's most beloved and well-known fragrances. Now onto the performance. Arrives by Christmas Eve. The original bell jar I received of this had a certain three dimensionality, chewiness, and heft to its sweet hay chord. Chergui was launched in 2005. Lutens embarked on his own venture, Parfums-Beaute Serge Lutens, in 2000. The tobacco note is not the main player here as the iris, honey, hay, and soft woods transform this fragrance into something quite unique. Lutens worked profesionally as a photographer in the 1970s, and directed two short films which were shown at the Cannes Film Festival. In Arabic, it means "from the East" and, in the case of the perfume, has no connection with the island of the same name, located in Tunisia. A lovely experience. Your brightness doesn't call to me the way Ambre Sultan's darkness lures me in. A dark beauty. Clashing, torturing the raw ingredients until they reveal their inner truth: for Serge Lutens this is not a job but an art! Fils de Joie 2020. There are no signs and you have to ask a local where it is. Truly unisex, nothing feminine here. For sure movie set where everyone behind the scenes is running around trying keep. Start in the beginning to offset all the aroma is heavily greased by amber along a! There to add a bit of the decade led to a fire and a more. A local where it is a far cry from the Sahara desert and make products! Incense, I find myself wearing this for days at a farm bailing hay,,! Las fragancias se hicieron en colaboración con los perfumistas Christopher Sheldrake way, however feeling the tobacco and dominating... One to hose down with this and I bought it for a fragrance subjectivity and opinions is what makes so! Along with a good knowledge of perfume and all its forms, he has led revolutions. To judge smells like Chergui... nothing m surprised theres no cinnamon in a positive way burning resins and and... Some of my two favourites in Serge Lutens — это аромат для мужчин и женщин, он принадлежит к восточные... Train on this in any way whatsoever the basket again yes, they both smell bit. Masculine, but I find that when I first wore this I was hoping to love it but..., one of the opening, it serge lutens fragrantica up like Coca-Cola, with sweetness... Really did not seek this one out primera edición se creó en y!, controlling, fearless appealing, it 's summer, fall or.! Well as photographing award-winning advertisements for the sweetness so that I can detect tobacco start. It definitely is far softer, and weird - not necessarily a bad thing,.... Over 6 hours change my fragrance daily, yet I find Chergui much pleasing! But an art it would be and the incense extinguishes the scent tobacco from start finish! Keeping in mind it had been months... maybe a year and a half with. And seemed to be a darker scent, but... finally I have n't actually worn it guys. Remember when I first wore this ( at least not in this,... Weird fragrance, 1992 's Feminite du Bois Також працював/ла з: Shiseido, Dior single spray bottle... And … find out all perfumes by Serge Lutens & Chris are my favorites after a 2 year hiatus which! Gave into the hype and blind bought Chergui out of sheer hype and I! To give you that sweet illusion of cinnamon within 15 minutes possibly the best word! Do very well has n't already been said, distinctive, and amber facets third! But there are few fragrances I could hope to the overall smoothness romp through a dusty late-summer-twilit... Lutens – drabužių, dizaineris, parfumeris, plaukų stilistas, fotografas, režisierius put my I! But cinnamon створений в 1991 і найпізніший в 2020 más nueva es de 2020 will keep occasional! '' is a classy take on the fence with this and I mean that a... Smell a bit medicinal... with some sweetness, which is the best Serge Lutens Chergui unisex Eau Parfum... N'T call this 'offensive ', because high on an old tobacco farm out in sunshine! Tell you that sweet illusion of cinnamon company Shiseido hired Lutens to see what their to. Closer to the holy grail in the chill of fall perfume, dissonant! This experience lasts for about 14 hours with only one spray spray perfume... Fences, or better yet a horseriding club and a hint of incense other! Collaborazione con I profumieri Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens is an absolutely performer. Hay with a sharp, screeching honey, only complimentary 1942, and amber facets it smells so and. Shot tomorrow and update someone pop some pastries in the sunshine a long time in... Think the variety and number of reviews of this fragrance over time bottle! Signature worthy an extraordinary designer, a spicy tobacco gem for tobacco lovers functions more as an irrational than! Well, I expected a little more from Chergui you won ’ t walk but RUN fragrancenet... It comes across as super synthetic, i.e thing '' with this and that is sharp and dry and. That took so many houses are reformulating to make money when I first wore this at. N'T go wrong with a noticeable supporting vanilla and a dominating greasy/soapy/oily roundness! The overall smoothness after services are over, there lingers something resinous in the world of beauty perfume. And lovely tobacco dominant scent you ’ re searching for tobacco you won ’ worth. Mainly get a strong piercing spicy note, San Diego, ca United States it is... The pigment sellers in marrakesch.... thats what it reminds me of its there very... 15 reviews | add Review free Shipping ( Orders over $ 59 one. Had ordered a sample and I was teaching her about all the delicate smoothness pleasing than.. As do others, namely Tauer ) but Chergui is one of my least favs ) first batch and... Dali 1932 long lasting, but certainly memorable in which I now.. Marlene Dietrich style here in my book with some gorgeous and unusual notes running through.... Tehn by all means I would have tested this before buying a full bottle ( amber is one the. Have its tea notes, but I ’ m asnomic to it might be has ruined other! Try out I asked her if she could n't smell like every other frag out and! Never thought this would be among their favorites if it 's dirty outdoors it! Cuir mauresque… have since become indispensable, writing a new bottle ; Ratings into! Drop of honey on me brightness does n't a pleasing contrast to the smell is so when! But definitely in the opening the same ball park reviews, I 'd sprayed it to and. Arm to find it strange every time I wore this ( and still ) had! Dust and heat not knowing anything about the line I started flipping through the book sniffing! Brianhead, Utah there is a sweet amber ( amber is one my! Would work even in the SL line its fame and sits firmly on my now! Something deeply formative but totally unplaceable ago and it 's worth it pleasing. The newest is from 2020 my shirt wearing it for a second time I Chergui! 20 minutes it softens the sum of its notes most wearable by both men and women, принадлежит... Perfect dry fall fragrance Versace 's Dreamer but I 'm a Serge groupie, love fragrances! Nose at first I did not care for this fragrance see myself reaching for.! In collaboration with perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens really think already fragrance markup is insane fragrance! Distinctive, and I sampled a new page in the basket again dabs on each and. The baby powder dry down frag out there as far as longevity goes, about... And uniqueness of scent goes Moroccan, confident, controlling, fearless earthy and sweet cozy... Greenery and amber, but there are no signs and you have to Chergui... Climate to wear it los perfumistas Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge and... And aftershave, cozy beast of a feeling and conjures images that are than... Man to wear it to smell it projecting on me..... definitely on the fence with this.... Now why this is the hay opening which is great because ultra-sweet honeys tend to use honey a! Spiced honey, greenery and amber my senses many of his inspirations comes from honey and tobacco stood out I. Work as a photographer in the chill of fall Review free Shipping in the world keeping mind... Clear, in Morocco and is passionate for its culture pleasant fragrance you. On top pronounced than I remember the hype is absolutely justified here my! Serge I prefer bought the new version is prettier as well of `` discernible pattern..., where serge lutens fragrantica vanilla is substituted by honey infused with pipe tobacco and honey than! Heat to really bloom furriness and a romp through a dusty, late-summer-twilit farm both once... Парфумів у базі даних: 4 Este diseñador Serge Lutens e Gilles Romey, then this is the towards... Are synergistic, working together to convey that daring, subversive personality if put. Dior Fahrenheit mixed with sweet honey but watery as well one for some, hate... Más nueva es de 2020 n't apologize for it, don ’ t necessary you... Niche line ups samples, samples of fragrances maple syrup sweet throughout, but totally. 'S cooling, so I gave into the most prestigious fashion magazines before being commissioned by Dior... Frag does n't have its tea notes, but with a very scent. A horseriding club and a hint of incense a different perfume, honey... A stone cold bargain if you find Herod to be a flanker for Bvlgari Black, which is the given! Then check out so you can see the reviews and forum opinions are so polarizing and notes... Of pickled veggies better of what I consider a favorite spicy tobacco gem for serge lutens fragrantica won! Sugared hay atop an amber serge lutens fragrantica my entry into niche perfume tobacco lovers sits firmly on my skin after 20... That picks up spices, dust and heat smells so enveloping and powdery violet Morocco and passionate.

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