VI. From post-classical Latin sub specie temporis from classical Latin sub + speciē, ablative of speciēs + tempōris, genitive of tempus. The work is the result of a two month solitary trip to the high arctic of Svalbard, inspired by the psychological concept of the Overview Effect. This series reflects the process of seeking a sense of scale in contrast with human-centrism. 100 examples: If there are hiccups, we shall help the schools and the county councils to sort… As such, it will be prudent to note what philosophers generally take the concept to sub specie aeternitatis /sʌb ˈspiːʃiː ɪˌtəːnɪˈtɑːtɪs/ adverb 1. viewed in relation to the eternal; in a universal perspective.. Tags: sub, specie, eternity's, point, view, there, reason, believe, anything I encountered sub specie aeternitatis for the first time only just recently and have since fallen in love with it.While many, like Bernard Williams, have interpreted the mantra negatively, I find it empowering. T he Latin phrase Sub specie aeternitatis, which was coined by Baruch Spinoza, translates to “under the aspect of eternity.”. sub specie aeternitatis. 9 For a fuller explanation of the changes in canonization procedure for the period see: Ditchfield, Simon, ‘ Tridentine worship and the Cult of saints ’ in R. Po-chia Hsia ed., The Cambridge History of Christianity. The Sub Specie Aeternilatis Perspective 607 2 Sub Specie Aeternitatis and Accompanying Pessimistic Worries SSA, or a perspective that is very similar, often finds its way into the meaning of life literature. Examples of hiccup in a sentence, how to use it. Example sentences with "sub specie Dei", translation memory add example la Hoc verum detegimus iam in primis Sacrarum Litterarum initiis, in libro videlicet Genesis, ubi ipsum creationis opus exhibetur sub specie alicuius « laboris » a Deo « sex diebus » (28) completi ut « requiesceret » (29) septimo die. What I would like to know is how one might write: not "under" the gaze/perspective of God (which traditionally includes creator/ion, the world), but the idea that the world is "above" (coming out of), nothing (nihil). Sub specie aeternitatis definition: from the standpoint of eternity ; from a universal perspective | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples If sub specie aeternitatis [from eternity's point of view] there is no reason to believe that anything matters, then that does not matter either, and we can approach our absurd lives with irony instead of heroism or despair.. thomas nagel — "The Absurd" in Mortal Questions, Cambridge University Press, 1979, p. 23 . So less a sentence that contrasting world-views summarized in terms: sub specie … Late 19th century; earliest use found in Journal Speculative Philosophy. Most people chose this as the best definition of sub-specie-aeternitatis: From the standpoint of et... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. In answering the main question “what is/ought to be a good architect?”, I’d like to discuss the Wittgenstein’s thesis by which “the work of art is the object seen sub specie aeternitatis; and the good life is the world seen sub specie aeternitatis. Vol.

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