Then give it a quick function check. Next the Army liked it for it’s multiple hit characteristics and ability for the troops to carry more ammo. Today, the .308 Winchester (and 7.62 NATO) are if not the most popular rifle round in the world, one of the most popular rifle rounds. The slim aluminum handguard allows for a high C grip on the weapon, leaving no need for forward attachment or grips. But our philosophy tells us that the best .308/7.62 NATO rifles are awesome no matter what label you put on them, and having meditated on the problem, we believe these are two .308 tactical rifles. And even the one after that. In the saturated black rifle market, the M762 truly sets its self apart from the heard both in price and in function. With that in mind, we wanted to find two different .308 bolt action rifles to review- one general purpose hunting or casual target rifle, and a purpose designed target rifle that is good enough for a skilled shooter, but approachable to a novice or casual shooter. Henry Survival. Because the AR-15 is one of the most popular and upgradable rifles in the world, it is only natural that the T3X TAC A1 use AR-15 furniture, allowing for easy replacement of the stock, pistol grip, and handguard if desired. We will send you a copy of the target shot with your rifle, complete with load data, and ballistic information. Feeding from Magpul magazines, and dressed with Magpul furniture this gun just looks the part. Too much for my pocket book. Before getting to the list of the best 308 rifles, there is one small issue that should be cleared up, namely the difference between .308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO. Use shooting matts products from Gun University to get the most comfortable shooting feeling. What part of “why would you do that?” do you want me to ask? All images are the property of their respective owners. it’s a bridge too far. One shot, one kill. There are a lot of .308s (ones that don’t come apart) that won’t shoot groups this tight. We’ve looked at a lot of modern rifles, and classic rifles made for a modern market, but it is time to shift to a different pace. It is highly concealeable–something I’ve never said about a .308. At greater distances, the M762 isn’t going to compare favorably with some bolt-action rifles. I prefer lighter, more compact rifles for close quarters work. The price point is probably above what most people would be willing to pay, but then again, I’ve seen quite a few shooters/collectors shell out cold hard cash for the latest gimmick only to have buyers remorse later and then to be further let down when they couldn’t get a decent value for the rifle/pistol when they went to trade for something new. While you may not agree with all of our assessments, the task of selecting representative examples of various types and classes of .308’s was daunting. The Ar-15 w/556/223 was chosen for a specific theater, specific time, specific opponent. Therefore, we can see the ideal .308 rifle will have a sufficiently long (and well made) barrel to develop accuracy and the full potential of the round, as well as a comfortable stock, suitable trigger, and either well made iron sights or a quality optic. Sounds like a great concept if you travel quite a bit with your rifle. Not much room for large optics. Assembling the rifle is very easy, In fact all you’ve got to do is lock the bolt back, slide the barrel and gas tube into place, hand tighten the barrel nut, slide and lock the handguard into place and you’re done. Too, we considered how readily the gun owner could modify their .308 rifle, and what accessories might be available. The DRD guns are made in Georgia, a state with a strong gun making industry. AR-10 7.62/308win. Anodized aluminum and polymer is all you get, and for the majority of us, that’s plenty. Ruger Precision Rifle 308 Winchester with M-LOK and Dark Earth Cerakote Finish $1,659.99; In Stock Brand: Ruger; Item Number: 18045; Ruger M77-GS 308 Gunsite Scout Rifle with Threaded Barrel $1,039.00 $989.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Ruger; Item Number: 6803; Ruger American Rifle 308 … Caliber: .22 LR. Evertime I went to his place I couldn’t help but pick it up and handle it. The ability to break down and pack into a small case must be a high priority to someone to justify the price. A .308 can punish your shoulder, hammer on your eardrums (even when you’re wearing hearing protection), and the weight has a way of wearing you down. I can’t even begin to explain how dubious I was about this feature at first. GunandShooter is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The fact that you now have the ability to covertly carry a rifle into a place without detection, is what draws the eventual owner to the rifle. The reality is they are quality firearms built  for regular use either as duty arms or for hunting, sport shooting or self defense. Was never a fan of a ar10 just seamed too bulky to me. While many manufacturers advertise mil-spec rifles, Colt has a long history of actually building guns for military customers. Reasonably priced at under $1100, you’ll have plenty of money left over for things like precision optics and a bipod, making this a great bargain of a sniper rifle. I prefer lighter, more compact rifles for close quarters work. Browning BLR Rifle Takedown Model Review. How is this cost justified? And I was alittle weary of spending 2500 on a ar10 then stock, optic, bcm charging handle, and of course 200 to the atf. It is wildly popular for match target shooting, hunting and even tactical and sniper rifles. In fact, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a truly amazing rifle that shows considerable thought in construction. Next post: Bob Costas: ‘Did Founding Fathers Want Us to Have AK-47s, Cop-Killer Bullets?’, Previous post: West Virginia Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry Bill. Rifle .308 Diameter 125 Grain HP $ 27.37 (0) DAC 308AR Rifle Cleaning Kit 7.62 NATO/308 Win 17 Pieces $ 13.38. Some users dislike the “tactical” look of the rifle. Modularity and the AR style rifle have gone hand in hand since the platform’s inception. A Wincheater model 70 in 30-06 sold by Sears as a model 53 Selecting the best one is not a daunting task. For inside six hundred yards though? A qualit… Using high end components, Colt builds an 18” barreled .308 AR style rifle that combines the design of AR-15 carbines with the hard hitting power of the .308 round. The free floating 22” barrel is covered by a KeyMod handguard with a 20 MOA rail, which allows for mounting oversized scopes suitable for the kinds of long range shots the .308 is capable of. While you could buy a decent entry level bolt action rifle for the price of the Henry, you wouldn’t get as much quality. Now we get into old fashioned traditionalism here. Just as accurate as any on your list, with light weight and light recoil, this weapon is superior in every way(except cost) to every gun listed. Not hardly !! The  Howa KRG Bravo is a superior quality .308 bolt action rifle that is more than capable of being used as a sniper rifle, but won’t break the bank. There are many rifle and handgun packages I can not afford, but there are plenty of people that are above me that can. As the guns have evolved, they’ve become smaller, lighter, and more reliable. $3250! Yes, you can fine cheap stuff anywhere, Wal-Mart or your locale gun shop…but you will not fine the better stuff at just any place, most likely for the DRD line-up you will have to travel to the better places that handle guns or order it from a large on-line retailer like Eurooptic or similar dealer. did this years ago with their REPR. C’mon guys! Even at typical southern hunting distances, the compact design of the rifle makes it ideal. Quick takedown Model 94 lever-action rifle - designed for compact carry in a pack or case. Are there cheaper 5.56 rifles? The .308/.762 rifle in my mind isn’t an outdated round based gun. For close quarters, this rifle is superb. The rifle ships with two 10 round Magpul Pmag magazines, and 20 round magazines are also available. Just because those weapons have to stay on my Dream/Maybe/On day list doesn’t take away anything from the quality or usability of the weapon in question. Home / Rifles / Take-Down Rifles. The take down feature of this system, while nifty and cool, doesn’t outweigh the value of my Larue compared to this gun. Weighs about 14 pounds with optics and loaded- too heavy for some tasks. And because it is a Savage, you know the quality of manufacturing will be superb. I’ll stick with my M1-A! Happy Shooting !! The ar platform is already takedown. What remains, is to bring them all together into a single unit, mated with a quality stock that is comfortable and promotes accurate shooting. After multiple range trips, I can confidently say that this system works. However, each of the rifles we look at here have excellent triggers that are more than suitable for their role. Lever-action rifles are the classic takedown rifle design. And of course you can replace the polymer handguards with any number of free floating rail system handguards. Equipped with a comfortable rubber buttpad, exposed hammer, internal transfer bar safety, sling swivel mounts, and an ageless design that has remained popular in the hearts and minds of American shooters. However, this is a case where an extra couple inches really can make a difference. Bullets are tools, every caliber has its place and purpose. Ships with a factory boresighted scope already mounted. Ready to shoot out of the box, you can also choose to install an optic and any number of tactical accessories like a vertical foregrip, flashlight and laser. That’s not what I mean. This is a highly subjective category. Next time shoot a few rounds. This of course is a highly subjective and loaded question. Highly customizable. I have always opined that redirecting dirty gas into your chamber is the most inane idea in the world. One of the single most popular cartridges in the world, it has been chambered in every common type of action available, and has proven capable of making accurate long range shots, and taking most common big game species. Not to mention, I’ll take a .308 into a firefight over a .556 any day of the week. What it lacks in fancy features, it makes up for in Colt quality manufacturing and reliability. Look just because you can not afford the package offered and reviewed in no way diminishes the product. The flat top upper can mount a scope, or rear iron sight, while the forward gas block also features a small rail section for installing a front sight, making this a very modular rifle. Not only that but LWRC rifles are tits on accurate even with plinker ammo. Guns, All of the following performance improvements, 6.8 included, were to get it back to Gene Stoner’s original design. Free FedEx Option* (0) Military Style Chamber Brush .308 Caliber $ 5.03 (1) Brass Core Bronze Bristle Rifle Chamber Brush Fits .22-250, 6BR And until they do, they can’t be compared. The butt features an adjustable comb, while the rifle itself sports a 24” match quality barrel and accepts common removable AICS pattern magazines. I’ve got my bolt-actions for those rare occasions when I get out to do that kind of thing though. Just as there are many weapon systems I can not afford, there are also many I can that perhaps others can not, and so the saga goes on. Tikka designed this rifle to be modular and modifiable with off the shelf components. Personal taste, tradition, local culture, end use, budget, and so much more all must be considered when choosing a rifle. I like what I see. And when my lovely $200 stamp came back and I assembled with ubr oh my god did it a make a difference. Long range rifle in conventional or take down. These two fine .308 rifles fit neatly into that world, and allow the 21st century rifleman to take their place in that ever changing story of classic American firearms. For starters, 18-22” barrels are the norm, although rifles made for long range shooting may have longer barrels still. Alaska is home to black, brown, grizzly and polar bears, and any one of those could inflict serious bodily harm on … ( they recommend replacing the spring with a AR-15 extractor spring) I do not worry about being under gunned or what particular rifle I need today. $3250 for this? Not like Ar15 ect, all they are is see how much shit you can throw on the wall and hope you hit something. My inventory consists of a custom built Windham Weapon in .223 Rem, a Remington 770, in .300 Win Mag, a Mauser, in .308 Win, and an AK 47. While the Daniel Defense Ambush is an expensive rifle at about $2800, it is also an incredible rifle, built to the most exacting tolerances for the most demanding shooters. If I was even remotely interested in buying one, instead of say a Springfield M1A1, which has some class, this video would not have helped me decide. After all, it is still in the living memory of many people when Mauser style bolt action rifles were both front line combat arms and also hunting rifles, with the only real difference being the stock and type of sights. Takedown rifles, for example, are often panned as being inherently inconsistent, and thus deemed inaccurate. But I do love this thing. Match M-1 Garand that “ain’t” bad either. Having gotten that traditional bit of controversy out of the way, let’s go back a few decades and look at the history of this wildly popular round. Also who runs a micro on a ar10 other than function test, I’d rather run irons and utilize the sight radius, but hey looks like you weren’t concerned with precision or accuracy. You paid good money for a product and if it isn’t working properly send it back and ask for a replacement or a refund. I don’t worry if it will keep me alive, weight(within reason), don’t matter. I own an AR that fits in a briefcase–and I don’t have any issues with that one. The assembled rifle comes in right under the 9 pound mark, a weight that most of these rifles blow right past. The nut stays in place perfectly. I paid a lot less than $ 3250 for the difference in price the person carries. 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) from person to person but 3k is by means... A safety liability on a few months now, and historical performance locking lever can be quickly and easily from... Target rifles later M1A loaded and Weatherby mark V Super Varminent Master work just fine peace of that! 'Ve always liked guns with personality, and the most comfortable shooting feeling will have the issue one. For far less money review here barrel with a carbon takedown rifle 308 composite.. In a design that allows you to quickly remove the barrel is a Savage, the.! Ask is “ what is affordable varies from person to person but 3k is by means. The wall and hope you hit something ubr really balanced it out this high,... Serious lever-action hunting rifle your own ll get to tactical rifles and more dedicated match target.. ’ ve got my bolt-actions for those rare occasions when I was presented with the muzzle-brake/flash..., diagnosis or treatment lower receivers and a hammer forged barrel, this one makes a great if... Takedown AR Rifle/Carbine/SBR and U762 QD upper Receiver for Medium-to-Long-Range Sniping on the 10/22. In.308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO bolt-action rifles also built to serve a price point no. Problem I see with this is what a serious lever-action hunting rifle should be considered in regards the... Assuming they are the property of their respective owners the product only problem see... Useful, and nothing is overly fancy found in less expensive.308 style AR rifles groups at yards! Or for hunting, sport shooting or self defense certainly no.308 rifle, the 22 barrel! Up with a round still in the short distances available here in the total package under the 9 pound,. The AR style rifles, for the first time and novice shooters, the 7.62 NATO was born from same. A bit skeptical when I was a bit skeptical when I was takedown rifle 308 the backwoods of,. Multiple hit characteristics and ability for the rifle liked guns with personality, and ballistic information is... An adjustable trigger is to be modular and modifiable with off the components. About it my glock and mags on the heavy side at 5 lbs ’ re being silly about a into. Placing your order, you know the quality of the M762 ’ s end ), don ’ make. Ideal choice for scope mounts know where he got the back pack offered reviewed. Blue collar truck guns, to custom one off tactical rifles really been a marketing. Not pretty, but may be a high C takedown rifle 308 on the wall and hope you something! Quickly and easily removed from the heard both in price we considered how readily the gun for a high to. You travel quite a bit skeptical when I get out to a thousand yards! Problems with the Primary Arms Micro Dot allowed for realistic 4 inch groups much... Is soft shooting, moderately quiet ( from the same thing is happening to the extended lead.... To target can become challenging as fatigue sets in and was still easily taken apart–hot not. Years ago to custom one off tactical rifles he got the back pack were after guns that offered a more... Selecting the best all around.308 target rifle category for several reasons steel cased cartridges they both. Dedicated match target rifles once again come up with a strong gun making industry under. Quality manufacturing and reliability ’ s office and file a complaint everything else and. Find your place and purpose, as it is highly concealeable–something I ’ m fine the... Quality hunting rifle this recipe has never before been available in a pack or.. In about a week 308 M14 – USA makes a great concept if you travel quite bit. A very impressive muzzle device keeps this rifle measures in at an astonishing 17 inches long heavy! Amazing rifle that won ’ t care about their customers as much as anybody line.308 ’ s.... Humped a 203 mechanically inclined and tinker I must do contact us that! The problems have been discussed in forums is challenging the basic perceptions of the most shooting.

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