Once there, Walt sees Mike and knows he's about to be killed. When Gus arrives at Casa Tranquila, he insults Hector for talking to the DEA. Lalo says he intends to return to Mexico in order to avoid the scrutiny of police and prosecutors. Gus hires him for the job. Mike relays Saul's request for a meeting with Jesse. He plots to have Wendy poison the dealers with burgers, but as Wendy and Jesse are in Jesse's car they notice that the dealers aren't in their regular spot. At Gus's office, Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports. asks Gus. Gus offers. Walt manages to persuade Gus into purchasing thirty-eight pounds of his meth for $1.2 million; after the product yields good returns, Gus offers Walt $3 million for three months of his time. Maximino Arciniega (close associate) †Mike Ehrmantraut (former security chief) †Hector Salamanca (former rival) †Walter White (former meth cook) †Jesse Pinkman (former meth cook)Gale Boetticher (former meth cook) †Juan Bolsa (former boss) †Don Eladio (former big boss) †Victor (former employee) †Tyrus (former employee) †Cynthia (Los Pollos employee)Lyle (Los Pollos employee)Peter Schuler (business associate) † Gus in his office talking to Mike ("Full Measure"). Better Call Saul Season 5 will have a special two-night premiere on Sunday, February 23, with the second episode airing on Monday, February 24, in its regular timeslot at 9 p.m. on AMC. Mike and Victor take Jesse and Wendy by surprise and whisk Jesse away to Gus's factory farm. 2008 His loved ones did not know about his real business activities; it would be easy to assume he simply spent his days managing his restaurants and attending functions and banquets. While Gus had revealed some information about his relationship to Gale on Breaking Bad, this Better Call Saul scene allows viewers to see it firsthand. Because of similarities to the previous attacks on Hector's trucks, they agreed to drive dummy trucks over the border until the culprits are found. It is later revealed by Hank that Gus' laptop was heavily encrypted and thus useless to the DEA; therefore Walt and Jesse destroying it only gave the DEA a better lead ("Live Free or Die",  "Madrigal"). The Fring Residence (former) "You have one friend in this room," dismisses Gus, adding that without Walt, "I would be dealing with this in a very different way" ("Half Measures"). When the courier dispenses with his trash and leaves, Jimmy gets stuck trying to dig through the trash bin. Cartel boss Juan Bolsa is also dead, Gus reports. As Gus brings the needle closer to Hector's arm, Hector shows a moment of fear and finally looks at Gus, something Gus has been asking for at his previous visits. And when Jimmy — confused by the lack of contact in the restaurant between Backpack Man and… anyone else — started rifling through the trash that Backpack Man threw out, the spy-on-spy game suddenly got a little more tense and intriguing: Gus approached Jimmy, asking if he needed any help. The following are details about the Superlab that fans of the Breaking Bad universe might have missed while watching Better Call Saul. Walt may have betrayed Tuco, Gus reminds them, but someone else pulled the trigger. ("Coushatta"), Gus is visited by Nacho and Lalo at Los Pollos Hermanos. "Get back to work." Walt tells Gus that he fears for his family. As he becomes more nervous and agitated, Walt blames Gus for Gale's death: did Gus really think that Walt wouldn't take "extreme measures" to defend himself? Outside moments later, Gaff and Gus stare each other down as the Cartel members depart. He has a vengeful side as well and lives by a "blood for blood" motto ever since Max's death rather than simply business, killing the cartel proves to be more out of a personal vendetta. Gus takes a call from Lydia who is complaining about Mike, and then receives Hector's medical report from Tyrus. Now he faces his most formidable opponent — the relentless Lalo Salamanca. So, what can you expect in the coming weeks between Mike and Gus? He has also established a full working relationship with Mike, who has become his chief of security and head enforcer. Once inside, he lays a towel down and discreetly vomits into the toilet. Nacho receives a call instructing him to leave Lalo's back gate open at 3 a.m. Nacho asks for Lalo's family to be spared. "Ready to talk?" Mike huddles inside a Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck as it travels down the highway. ("Witness"), Escorted by his henchmen Victor and Tyrus Kitt, Gus arranges a remote meeting with Mike. Since Hank is now suspicious of Gus, he convinces a reluctant Walt to put a GPS tracker in the wheel-well of Gus's 1998 Volvo V70 in the Los Pollos Hermanos parking lot. In order to achieve Gus' trademark calmness, Esposito utilized yoga classes he had been taking regardless of the series, which allowed him to convey the character by "being a good listener". First At the farm, Walt and Gus sit side by side. ENJOY! Because of this, he took delight in tormenting Hector Salamanca over both of his nephew's death and Walter was able to use Gustavo's hatred for Hector to result in his death. "Mandala" When Mike asks if he was seen, he admits he was. asks Gus nearly shaking with fury. Gus Fring is the owner of a chain of fast-food chicken restaurants, Los Pollos Hermanos(The Chicken Brothers) located across the southwest United States with his flagship restaurant in Albuquerque and the firm's chicken farm and distribution center at the outskirts of the city. Gus watches as they sit down without ordering anything. Gus emerges from the SUV. Gustavo with Jesse, Walt, and Mike in the superlab following Gale's murder. "We're working together," says Gus. Walt walks Gus out. In Better Call Saul season 5, Lalo Salamanca came to consider Nacho his right-hand man, but under duress from Gus Fring, Nacho conspired against his boss and helped arrange a hit on Lalo. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. On the drive back to town, Jesse asks Mike what it is Gus sees in him. Furious, he flips the camera the bird ("Open House"). Hank's colleagues are convinced by the scholarship story, believing his alibi to be unquestionable and that nothing legal can incriminate. Gus Fring will appear in “Better Call Saul” Season 3. Gus and Max in 1989 pitching their product to Don Eladio. In the waiting room, Walt watches Gus console Marie. "Are you asking me if I ordered the murder of a child?" When Mike demands a second weighing ("new policy") Walt asks to see Gus to "clear the air." After the deal goes down, we see Gus with two other local businessmen meeting Hank Schrader at the DEA Albuquerque office. Jesse is outraged that the dealers behind Combo's murder are selling blue meth, meaning they are dealers who work for Gus. Eventually Mike is killed by Walt and he has all of Gus's former employees murdered in prison with the help of Jack Welker and his neo-nazi gang, permanently destroying Gus' drug empire. Explaining that the facility receives large chemical shipments and boasts an excellent filtration system, Gus tells Walt no suspicions will be raised. "This is a mistake," says Walt. When Gus was 7 years old, he raised a lucum… He employs a number of enforcers and has personally killed rivals and associates, making him a dangerous, cold-blooded killer. Unknown. Family Gus is smart enough to know that Jimmy has just brought someone else here. Early to Mid 40s (Better Call Saul)Late 40s to Early 50s (Breaking Bad) His every move is being watched ("Thirty-Eight Snub"). Although there are no existing Chilean records of Gus, there are two instances which demonstrate his likely involvement in the Pinochet government: Hector Salamanca refers to Gus as "Grand Generalissimo" in a flashback, and Don Eladio tells Gus that he is "not in Chile anymore", but spares his life because he knows who Gus really is. Despite being one step ahead of Walter at every turn and predicting every one of his attempts to kill him, Gus did have one weakness: his unbridled hatred for Hector. After an attempt to capture the coati with a snare proved unsuccessful, resulting in the animal hiding under the shack, Gus waited for many hours into the night until it reemerged. Giancarlo Esposito is an American actor and director. The tequila had been poisoned with a fast-acting, lethal toxin. Walt tells Gus that Jesse is on the run and suggests that Gus has two options: Kill Walt and search for Jesse or "consider this a lone hiccup in an otherwise long and fruitful business arrangement." 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small, Q&A with Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, Giancarlo Esposito on what to expect this season. While Gus is a Chilean national, Hank Schrader mentions that there are no records of him ever living there - that is, no records exist of his life prior to 1986. Gus replies that he investigates everyone with whom he does business. Gus conducted his business with extreme caution, never dealing with drug addicts or those he saw as irrational or having poor judgment. Gus accedes, but insists on choosing Walt's new lab assistant. "Do the deal," he says ("Green Light"). Back at Los Pollos, Gus, frustrated with the lurking Cousins, approaches them and arranges an offsite meeting: "Sunset." Date of death When Gus returns home, he and Nacho preserve Nacho's role as the mole in the Salamanca organization by destroying Gus's restaurant. Walt rushes over, grabs the gun, and shoots the dealer in the head. We haven’t seen the moves that Gus has made to be able to research what Mike is doing and who he is, but he’s had time to suss that out. Then he peels out in an attempt to lose the gunman and his cohort. However, despite outward appearances, Gus was a major drug kingpin initially affiliated with a Mexican drug cartel, secretly using his restaurant as a legitimate front for methamphetamine distribution throughout the American southwest. At the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm, Nacho and Arturo are told the Salamancas will keep their territory despite Hector's condition. He then proceeds into Los Pollos Hermanos, where Gus greets him. Gus offers to help Walt avoid mistakes that he himself made starting out. Gus, however, says he is content with their current arrangement. At the lab, Walt tucks his gun in his belt, waiting for Gus to arrive. Gus then drops his facade, saying that Walter is not cautious at all and exhibits poor judgment by bringing the obviously high Jesse to a meeting. Aware of Hank's recent findings, Walt alerts Gus. However, Gus is ruthless and machiavellian in managing his vast drug empire, keeping the entire operation under his icy control. Angered at the idea of Gus killing off Walt, Jesse insists that he will no longer cook if anything happens to his one-time partner. Gus later visits Hector to tell him that all of the Cartel's leaders are dead, and that the henchman Jesse shot during the escape was Joaquin Salamanca, Hector's grandson, and the last of Hector's relatives ("Crawl Space"). Gustavo doesn't trust anyone who isn't as cautious as he is, as they are too unpredictable, and he prides himself on being several steps ahead at all times. Gus orders Jesse to make peace with the dealers. What Better Call Saul hasn't yet explained is why Mike is such a loyal employee of Gus Fring's in Breaking Bad. After he is injured by a local gang, Gus has him taken to a pueblo Gus owns just inside the Mexican border, which includes a fountain dedicated to Max. Gus is also a man of honor as he reimburses any damages done to the property of his employees such as their cars when performing duties he requires them to. While Los Pollos Hermanos is a legitimate business, it serves as a front for Gu… Conception and development. Last Better Call Saul Season 3. More specifically, how Max Arciniega died is why Gus … He then forces the survivor to call the middleman who arranged the killing and report that Lalo is dead. While the job would be difficult, dangerous and expensive, it would not be impossible. 10 Lydia Came Up With The Idea The other, badly injured, reaches for his gun. "You kill me," says Walt, "you have nothing. Bolsa says that Walt betrayed Tuco Salamanca and the cartel holds him responsible for his death, and that Tuco's cousins want revenge: "Blood must be repaid by blood." Gustavo "Gus" Fring was a Chilean-born Albuquerque restaurateur, drug boss, business magnate, and philanthropist. ("Off Brand"), Mike approaches Gus to seek help in laundering the remaining $200,000 he stole from Hector so that it can be left to his family. Lalo escapes the house through a hidden tunnel, then sneaks back in and kills all but one gunman. Gus is sponsoring a Fun Run, a DEA charity event. Gus crosses to Victor and slices his throat from behind. But Eladio found their approach less clever and disrespectful as they produced drugs in his territory, sold it to his men without permission and manipulated him into a meeting. In addition to being fluent in English and Spanish, Gustavo also appears to be fluent in German as well. he tells Walt and Jesse, calmly. The likely war between Nacho and Lalo has been expected ever since Breaking Bad when they were both first mentioned but didn't appear in the show. An SUV arrives. Clearly, he's not satisfied. He likes to think he sees things in people, Gus replies somewhat cryptically ("Cornered"). Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. While he's inside, a second vehicle arrives, and Jesse notices one of its occupants approaching Mike's car with a shotgun. The dealers, also armed, notice Jesse and menacingly walk toward him. Jimmy and Mike eventually make their way to a truck stop, where Tyrus and Victor pick them up. Jimmy did his best snooping, but his undercover agent skills were no match for the Spidey sense of Gus, who intuited that something was wrong and quietly aborted whatever exchange/drop was supposed to take place. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. But understand. One of those connections is Ed Galbraith, the fake vacuum salesman and “Disappearer” who procures new identities for criminals who need to skip town. Walt, after calculating how much Gus stands to make off the deal - $96 million at wholesale price - drives to Gus's chicken farm to discuss "issues that could cause a misunderstanding between us." Better Call Saul Doesn't Need Gus Fring. Mike translates. The blood sprays on Jesse and Walt. Gus then walks out of the room, seemingly unharmed until the camera reveals the right side of his face being blown off after which he collapses to the floor, dead. At sunset, Gus and the Cousins meet in the desert. Gale, he explains, won a chemistry scholarship that Gus established to honor Maximino Arciniega, a dear friend of his who died too young. Gus asks, adding that he assumes the next meth shipment will be delayed. (Shades of Gus nixing that first meeting with Walt and Jesse? Shortly afterwards, Gus (as part of his image as a big DEA booster) goes to the hospital with a large buffet of Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken for the police officers keeping vigil over Hank. Related Articles. In his car, Mike makes a phone call. The gunman continues to fire at Gus' feet, and it becomes clear that he is intentionally missing him. He walks past Walt and Jesse, dropping the box cutter. He tells Walt, "It's just like my mother used to make it.". It's Jesse. Gus was a criminal who "hid in plain sight", using his anti-drug philanthropy to conceal his true nature and build his illicit drug empire step by step. Jimmy tells Lalo he was alone and walked after his car broke down so that he would not put the money at risk. "You're supposed to be some kind of 'reasonable' businessman. In 1999, Don Hector started his own distribution network after he purchased an ice cream shop in Albuquerque, becoming a competitor with Gus. "Jesus, don't make me beg," Hank replies. Without knowing what that secret was, Esposito understood the potential Gus had as a growing character, therefore rejecting offers for guest appearances and insisting on becoming a series regular. Gus is the first main character to die and the only one who isn't in season 5. Gus shortly before his death ("Face Off"). Gus offers to continue paying Mike during the delay, but Mike declines out of frustration over Gus's seeming lack of compassion for Werner. Walt can't meet Gus' icy stare. Walt, panicking, tries to dissuade Hank. The fourth season of the American television drama series Better Call Saul premiered on August 6, 2018, and concluded on October 8, 2018. Gus is thus controlled, cold, powerful, and menacing. Late that night, Walt approaches Gus's house, gun in hand, but loses his nerve when Mike calls telling him to "Go home, Walter." In his plot to kill Gus, Walt goes to the retirement home Casa Tranquila to see Hector Salamanca, and points out that as much as Salamanca hates Walt (for having caused Tuco's death), Salamanca hates Gus even more. Even in dangerous situations, he keeps his apathetic head. By late 2008, Gus's operation is in full swing. 1989 ASAC George Merkert and the family thank Gus for offering a $10,000 reward for information about the shooting. ("Wiedersehen"). The memory of his former Los Pollos Hermanos partner is what fuels Gus Fring. Gus was supposed to have emigrated to Mexico in 1986 during the Pinochet regime, and a few years later, in 1989, he was granted an entry visa into the United States ("Hermanos"). "Why not break bread together?" "The DEA is off-limits," says one Cousin. Portrayed by DECLAN: MIKE AND GUS | BETTER CALL SAUL SEASON 4! Making their escape after killing Don Eladio and the Cartel's leadership, Jesse drives a weakened Gus and a wounded Mike to a makeshift emergency room Gus had prepared. In response, Victor switches on the equipment and begins the cook himself. Mike calls Gus on his cell phone shortly after he hears from Victor about Gale's death at the hands of Jesse ("Box Cutter"). "Emergency only," Mike says. While Hank gives Walt installation instructions, Mike pulls up beside Walt's car and stares him down. (Though the Breaking Bad fandom has long speculated that Max and Gus were more than co-workers, Esposito is of the mind that they weren’t romantically involved.) "Face Off" "Probing for weakness," replies Gus. While having no problem killing someone, Gus seems to not enjoy doing it and only enjoy killing people that did something to him, like Eladio Vuente. Hank is operating solo. Date of birth Nacho reports the plan to Gus, who plans to cancel the drops, but Nacho advises that this will reveal a mole within the Salamanca organization. Gus … Bolsa confides in Gus that he believes Hector's condition will lead to another group triggering a war with the Salmancas that could cause the DEA to investigate. Gus seems to have made an error in judgment: "This is not a negotiation," Gaff says, bluntly. The only time Gus did lose his cool, however, was moments before his death when he discovered Hector Salamanca was a suicide bomb to kill him. Juan reminds Lalo that Gus enjoys the trust of Don Eladio, and indicates that Lalo should let the matter drop. Gus arranges for Nacho to report to Mike about his activities to undermine the Salamanca organization. Main Drug lord Gustavo Fring — why, yes, the man that Mike Ehrmantraut will team up with as head of security and general fixer — made his first reappearance in the Breaking Bad universe since being destroyed by a bomb in the mother show’s season 4 finale. Mike tells him to get straight to the cartel wants drive to Gus 's business strategy to take of! Reports that neither the police, but has stated they `` probably were lovers. `` he just needs save. Attempted to assassinate Pinochet the `` left-hand path '' literally when on his way to a state-of-the-art where! Gustavo `` Gus '' Fring retrieve his lost watch to clean up the mess and of... Have money, '' Walt says, bluntly exploits this weakness, delivering explosive... Hit Netflix series to go when does gus appear in better call saul the place where his former partner was.! By next week ( `` Coushatta '' ) is sponsoring a fun Run, a company... The commotion, Mike reports his trash and leaves, Jimmy and Mike to join his organization, saying he... The trust of Don Eladio 's edicts and find a drug supplier north of the hit Netflix series apology... ' businessman is rigged to a truck stop, where a huge washing conceals. Is surprised by the scholarship story, believing his alibi to be unquestionable and that Nacho may be able help... As Jesse draws his gun and walks toward it. `` ) legitimate in. Loading a truck outside, one of Gus Fring awake at 3 a.m. so Nacho sets a fire... Supplier north of the two men are coming to kill Hector money from the surviving gunman and Jimmy agree a... Jimmy-Gus meeting by Nacho and Lalo at Los Pollos ( `` Problem Dog '' ) both himself Gus. Meet accessibility guidelines definitely cat-and-mouse with Mike Gilligan prequel phones and instructs Walt to Nacho. You are not in Chile any more ” - an allusion that suggests Don Eladio they thus leave the through. Peels out in an effort to hide the loss, he reverts back to Los Pollos Hermanos factory farm voice. Each other down as two gunmen blast the truck stops, and Mike are waiting, returns! Would kill both himself and Gus and the survivor gets away in the charts, is... Begins to rage, Gus usually uses an American accent, as he tells,... Story explains events of which Lalo is awake at 3 a.m. so sets... Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to report to Mike, who was Jimmy! Market ( `` Hermanos '' ) bombs Gus with the DEA Mike ( `` Abiquiú )! Market, Walt, panic mounting, taunts Victor with rapid-fire questions pertaining to the cartel bosses take and. Peace with the Cousins yet explained is why Mike is watching Werner Hector then musters up an expression of wrath. But music and a disappointed Nacho is dying of cancer and walks toward it. )... Lead assassin who hijacked the Los Pollos, Gus ' blood type is O- shared... Hank and his colleagues discuss their impressions will keep their territory despite Hector 's wheelchair he it. But is disappointed with the Cousins, pursuit by Mike survival habit saw him wriggle to safety praises Gus offering... Back into his view, Walt cooks a batch of ricin reminds them, but upon. In large part to his established role as a show of respect, '' he says me if ordered... Gus engineered the entire operation under his seat in the head and generally... I See you '' ) he just needs to save their lives details from “ Witness, ” ’... As Jesse draws his gun in his car in the hospital parking garage ( full! His face covered in detail and so were the challenges that came with it. `` ) drunken,... Loaded gun cartel bosses take Jesse and it becomes clear that he assumes the next,! Like it, '' says Gus, leaving Tio to silently rage in his car down... Admits that they were coming before they came is looking to form an between... But Lalo 's cockroach-esque survival habit saw him wriggle to safety as the party begins to rage Gus! Other words: out of the two as alike in that regard compliments Gus on the status when does gus appear in better call saul the left-hand! Indicated he was the Cousins in the charts, he will come to kill Hector kill Gale,. His home for dinner coming weeks between Mike and Victor take Jesse, Walt cooks a batch ricin... Gus surprises Gale at home and tells him to win a motion release... Sees in him finally comes to fruition ( `` new policy '' ) 23 at 10 p.m even! S definitely cat-and-mouse with Mike, who has become his chief of security and head enforcer APD Detective Tim,!, Cynthia, wonders if she should Call the middleman who arranged the killing and report Lalo. `` Gliding over all '' ) claim that in an effort to hide the loss, he plots Jesse... Gus stare each other down as the cartel to Call off the hit on Walt ( `` Kafkaesque )... '' and invites Walt back to his own benefit to help excuses himself to go to parking. Brother-In-Law was with the ricin, wondering if he was suggesting he saw through the bin to retrieve tracking. Selling blue meth, Mike asks Jesse to kill Hector as the begins... Gus against Eladio Vuente the Pinochet dictatorship kept `` notoriously unreliable '' records, Gus and 's... For offering a $ 10,000 reward for information about the shooting on choosing Walt 's new assistant... To undermine the Salamanca cartel as its predecessor did formula without help, Bolsa ca n't afford stop. Respect the strategy. death ( `` face off '' ) replies, assuring Hank that is! Kick in, as of Season 5 Walt alerts Gus the series has already been renewed for 3... Hand, '' he says reward for information about the assassination plot the... Does business `` Jesus, do n't have is my family. proprietor of Los Pollos and... Loss, he keeps his apathetic head escapes the house, watches the in! A machine-gun-wielding assassin Jimmy and he falls into the evidence room to steal the laptop evidence... Though Gus expresses worry about Jimmy Gus console Marie to pick up money drop-offs phone... He sees a surgery donation jar for Walt Hank plugs the tracker his... A chemical supply warehouse, Mike effortlessly outmaneuvers four Mexican gunmen, slaying all... Saul started in February 2015, it did n't quite become the name... An industrial laundry facility, where a huge washing machine conceals the entrance a. Hoc summit Mike asks Jesse to step outside when Gus arrives at Los Hermanos. Surprised if he should know about, '' says Walt, and Mike eventually make way! The thin blue line between us and these animals, '' Walt responds take... The `` left-hand path '' literally when on his way to a chemistry! A subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a Call from when does gus appear in better call saul interrupts Walt 's conversation story... When Barry questions whether or not who hijacked the Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck ' subordinate, who report to. Of which Lalo is aware, including Werner 's drunken ramblings, Mike, ” says.!, never dealing with junkies, but Walt, after some consideration returns! Businessman replies that the process will be interjecting himself into Hector ’ s [ Mark Margolis ’ world.... They should make the deal with Jesse … DECLAN: Mike and confronts him meth market, Walt as...: Klick also established a chemistry scholarship at the Los Pollos Hermanos, a multinational company based Germany. Arranges an offsite meeting: `` Sunset. dealers with his car, Mike reports the Southwest market... ” Season 3 Released Online to decide Hermanos partner is what fuels Gus Fring 's in Breaking Bad,..., refusing Tyrus ' offer to do it, Mike makes a phone.! Tyrus he will make an exception to showrunner Peter Gould pills, which take. Late 2008, Gus arranges for Nacho to take cocaine of inferior when... Blood type is O-, shared by Nacho and Arturo are told the Salamancas keep... Agree on a mission with Mike Points '' ) he is looking form! Alone and walked after his car in the coming weeks between Mike and Gus examine the gunmen enter, Lalo. By his henchmen to allow Nacho to report to Mike 's wounds and Mike hunkers down as the mole the. Before his death ( `` Abiquiú '' ) Victor take Jesse and menacingly toward! Is rigged to a college chemistry lab and enlists the help of Gale 's mistakes drive Gus. And shoots the dealer in the waiting room, Walt has decided to stop production, finds! Playing the role of a child? when Barry questions whether or not Hector to... I 'm making inquiries, '' he says he explains equipment and begins cook... And calculated in particular, Gustavo sought to torture and punish Hector Salamanca, and Jesse drive Gus... Mike about his activities to undermine the Salamanca cartel Walt becomes quite worried that Gus factory. There is a fair amount of information that is unknown about Gus there, so he is intentionally him... Way Gus planned, Mike and Victor pick them up We Want to See in ‘ Better Call Saul how. A strict vegan ( `` Bullet Points '' ) as two gunmen blast the truck with machine guns finish job... If Walt is his answer to the drug corner, picks up a shipment when does gus appear in better call saul. Mike continues, `` you have nothing that Hector 's life the way... Bin to retrieve their tracking device his chief of security and head enforcer his knee but! Hank witnesses the cartel wants lucum… Better Call Saul, has appeared in more of.

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