SpenceCore provides out-of-the-box software and hardware solutions which we can then couple with custom software enhancements – i.e. reports, dashboards, cross-platform information sharing, etc.  In addition, we provide cost effective consulting services which focus on working with your existing staff and resources to address projects you may have been struggling with for years.  As a specialty of our consulting services, we also work closely with you to refine, redefine, or just plain document the associated processes and procedures that are crucial to the implementation and success of the software and hardware solutions presently available.  By providing tighter integration of all the aforementioned business concerns, the benefits are typically several multiples over that achieved when considered independently.

Our goal, as much as possible, is for our services and advice to pay for themselves as we proceed.  SpenceCore achieves this by taking small steps at first, which address the most crucial issues, provide the greatest return, and set the foundation for future successes as we partner going forward.  What SpenceCore doesn’t want is for you to shell-out large sums of money and sign contracts before any services have been rendered.  We don’t tie you to contracts and will provide an initial period of consultation at no cost.  This puts the risk and onus squarely on SpenceCore to demonstrate that we, working as a team with you, can speed your company towards greater success sooner. We believe this is the most altruistic way we have of convincing you to move forward with SpenceCore into the foreseeable future – and maybe never look back.

Spencer Burroughs, founder of SpenceCore, has over 30 years of experience helping craft innovative solutions and jumping technical and procedural hurdles confronting businesses today. He is passionate about bringing simplicity and efficiency wherever undue complexity and expense hide. SpenceCore helps target the areas which most confound, frustrate, and obstruct a company from achieving a brighter future.  Please Contact Us if you believe we might be of assistance.